I love all the ‘Best of 2017’ lists that appear EVERYWHERE at this time of year, in almost every publication and website you can think of.

It’s not the albums or films that I’ve heard or seen that I care about seeing on these lists…

It’s the ones I’ve missed – or the ones I never even realise existed.

As a copywriter, editor, marketer and web developer (I’ve a LOT of hats) I don’t get time to keep on top of all the cultural news and reviews. So at the end of the year I scoop up all the films and albums I’ve missed and spend time with them over the Christmas break.

Well, this year I want to do the same for you…

Because I’m sure you’ve not had time to see every piece of online marketing advice we’ve offered.

Which means you might have missed THE crucial piece that could have really helped you out.

So let me give you a rundown of my top 10 Digital Upstart highlights of the year.

1. A Lazy Way to Get Traffic from Old Blog Posts

This year we introduced a simple technique for getting a traffic boost from an old piece of content that you’ve already created.

It takes very little effort to get results and Google loves it.

Take a look at this: traffic from old blog posts

2. Powerful Split Tests You Can Try Right Now On Your Website, Landing Pages and Emails

Split testing can dramatically increase your conversions and sales.

You take two different messages or offers and send them out at the same time to see what works best.

If that test is successful, you keep it in place and try to improve on it. Overtime these small, incremental improvements can make a difference to your bottom line.

Click here to find out what kind of split tests you could run

3. How to Give Yourself a Free Boost in Leads, Sales and Customer Buzz Using Facebook Live

You’ve heard of Facebook, of course, but were you aware that you can get a HUGE free coverage boost on Facebook by using one of their new features?

In 2017 Facebook really pushed their new ‘Live Stream’ feature. They were keen for this feature to take off so they’ve given it an unfair advantage over ‘normal’ posts.

So why not try and use it yourself?

Click here for more details

4. How to make a ‘boring’ product funny, engaging and popular

It’s easy to be cool on your blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if your product is photogenic, you hang out with celebrities, or your customers are all young and trendy.

But let’s face it, we don’t all run health food stores, funky, wallpaper companies or barista workshops.

So what if you work in an area that’s a little less sexy?

Well, this year we shared some content marketing techniques that will help even the most ‘boring’ business have an interesting website and social media feed to  attract buyers and keep existing clients engaged.

Click here to find out more

5. Eight ‘stepping stones’ that turn website visitors into customers

Thanks to blogs, YouTube, Podcasts, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages it’s never been easier to get your content out there…. but in a noisy, saturated online world it’s now very hard to get noticed and even harder to convert casual visitors into buyers.

This is why we came up with 8 ‘stepping stones’ you can use to pull in the punters once you’ve grabbed their attention. Stepping stones are those points of contact you make every day through your platforms, channels and networks. Put together in a strategy, they can lead prospects top where you want them to go.

For more information, look at this

6. How to use the ‘Innocent Formula’ to retain customers

One of the best ways to improve your online marketing is to nick ideas from businesses who are smashing it out of the park.

Innocent, the fruit smoothie company, is a good example They sell over 2 million smoothies per week and much of their success is down to the way they behave online… quirky, funny, and individual.

Let’s take a look at what they’re doing here – and see what inspiration you can take from them.

7. How to seduce your hungriest customers on Twitter

This year we shared a neat little strategy that’s perfect for Twitter, but works on other social media channels too. It’s easy to do and well worth testing to see the results.

When it’s done right you can…

  • Find qualified new social media followers to turn into website visitors, subscribers and customers.
  • Get your social media posts shared more widely.
  • Tap into hot, topical subjects to make you more relevant and useful to followers.

Click here and we’ll reveal all

8. Five persuasion hacks that you can copy

This autumn we analysed some of the methods that petition-based business Sumofus.org uses to get money from their prospects.

We found that that they employ 5 different techniques to persuade strangers to hand over their money. If you want more direct sales from your website and emails, this is how to do it.

Find out what they are here

9. Copywriting secrets for email marketers

We love a good podcast at Digital Upstart. So at number two, we present the founder of Digital Upstart, Nick Laight’s, with an episode about getting people to open your emails.

Click here to listen

10. Instant Blog Mastery

This year we’ve created special mastery blueprints for some of the key areas of online business. We’d encourage you to become a premium member and read all of them, as they show you how to build websites, sell via email, launch products, manage your social media and many other essentials.

One of the mastery blueprints was about attracting traffic and sales using a simple blog website. If you’re a premium member of Digital Upstart then you should have received a free copy of Instant Blog Mastery.

However, if you aren’t, then you can get instant access to it when you take up a trial here.

So that’s it for the 2017 highlights.

There is so much more to come next year, so please keep reading and don’t hesitate to ask questions, either by email or by leaving comments beneath posts on the website.