Most businesses and start-ups aren’t aware of this yet…

But it can give you a HUGE free coverage boost on for very little effort.

Right now Facebook are massively pushing their new ‘Live Stream’ feature.

I’m sure you’ve seen it appearing in your newsfeed from time to time.

“So and so is live” or “So and so was live”.

Here’s the thing…

Live streaming is easy and the best part is this…

Facebook boost your coverage when you Live Stream.

They really want this feature to take off so they give it an unfair advantage over ‘normal’ posts. The idea being that it’ll become more widely adopted.

This is basically free advertising (and it’s really easy to setup)

Anyone can tap a button on their phone and appear live instantly on devices around the world… Internet-connected TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops…

This is the way things are heading.

Live streaming will get bigger and more popular as a way of promoting your business and reaching larger audiences.

Here are 7 concrete ways it can benefit you…

1. Powerful, direct communication

A live video stream is a new and direct way to help potential customers. Whether you’re passing on tips, demonstrating a product, speaking at a seminar or concert, it’s immersive and immediate and is easy for customers to watch.

2. Exciting free content that’s easy to make

When you stream live video a recording of it is saved so that people can watch it later (if you want people to have access). This gives even more exposure as well as content you can add to your website, Facebook feeds, Twitter and other publishing platforms.

A collection of live videos could even form the basis of a free gift to new email subscribers or an information product for which you later charge.

3. Increased credibility

Live streaming shows you in action. They also work really well at events where there are customers, product demonstrations or shots of your premises. It makes you very real and credible.

4. More personal interaction

Live streams are another way to get in contact with prospects and customers. People can comment or “like” your feed and feel like they are getting to know you personally. It’s far more up-close than an email, social media update or blog post.

5. Another mobile marketing opportunity

The more you can engage with customers on their smartphones, the better. The good thing about live streaming is that it’s totally mobile. People can watch the stream from wherever they have internet connectivity on their phone or tablet.

6. A chance to stand out

Right now, while live streaming is relatively new, you have an opportunity to stand out from your competitors by offering live video feeds. Who else is doing this is your field of business? If the answer is “nobody” then get in now!

7. Premium level services

On some platforms you can create live broadcasts to closed (private) groups. This allows you to create higher level or privileged content to members of premium services. Or by offering live broadcasts to private members only, you can make promises to them in exchange for email addresses, helping you built a list.

Of course, I can understand if you think this might not be a relevant idea for your business…

But try and imagine some of the ways you can use it…

• A shop opening event or relaunch event – You could stream the party as it happens to generate a buzz amongst customers who couldn’t be there.

• A product launch – Customers across the UK can see the demonstration, hear the talks and feel part of the event.

• Research trips – Perhaps you’ve gone somewhere to get inspiration or product ideas. You can send live feeds from various locations so that your audience feels part of it.

• Live reactions – You can offer your personal opinion and reaction to big news events.

• Reports from conferences – You can go to big conferences and seminars in your industry and become a roving reporter.

• Speeches and presentations – Get someone to live-stream your next event.

• Go behind the scenes – Do a tour of your factory, office or premises. Take viewers into a meeting, or interview a big influencer or CEO. Or show them your work in progress if you’re an artist, designer or product developer.

• Feedback from customers – After someone has been to your event or used your product, why not interview them?

• Reviews – Review a fantastic product that’s of interest to your customers. You could make it a regular feature.

If you fancy trying live streaming, there are two main free options to try…

Tool #1: Facebook

First up is Facebook’s in-built live streaming service. You’ll need to have an account to do this.

• Simply Tap What’s on your mind? at the top of your News Feed.
• Next, tap Live Video.
• Now write an optional description and tap Go Live.
• During your broadcast, you’ll see how many viewers you have.
• You can respond to comments live.
• Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.

One of the big benefits of using Facebook’s live streaming is that they are really pushing this now, in order to make it popular.

Why is this beneficial?

Well, when you do a live video, Facebook will get it in front of a lot more of your Facebook followers and contacts than you’d get for your regular post…

And according to some users, you can even reach people who haven’t even ‘liked’ your page, meaning you could get new leads for free.

Tool #2: Periscope

This is a live streaming service that’s owned by Twitter.

Got to and sign up. That’s really all you have to do. You can sign up if you have a Twitter, Facebook or Google account, and you can stream Periscope on any of those services too, so it’s a very flexible option.

There may even be an income stream in it soon…

In the USA, Twitter is testing something called ‘super hearts’, which is a way for viewers to send a little bit of money to a Periscope creator in return for the service.

Once the video creators accumulate $175 worth of super hearts, they can then cash out!

I’ll keep an eye on this and let you know if it comes to the UK.

And if you do already use live streaming, let me know and I can share some of your videos with other members.