Now, in the unlikely event you’ve never heard of the Warrior Forum, let me say it’s a place where Internet marketers, new and experienced, hang out to share ideas and give advice to fellow members. Some members are even making money using the Warrior Forum as a sales platform for their products. As an example, I read today about “George Brown” who “… ran a Warrior Special Offer for a little product of his called Google Sniper some time ago. Within two weeks he had made over $22,000 from that one little WSO. He went on to launch it through ClickBank and it became the #1 product in the Marketing & Ads section making him a veritable fortune. Not bad for an 18 year old kid.” (Source)

Ten easy ways to make money using the Warrior Forum

#1 The obvious way to make money is simply by availing yourself of free advice and encouragement offered at the forum from experienced members and newbies alike, including many really well-known marketing gurus. Some of this advice can be far superior to any paid-for product on a similar subject and you’ll get it all for free! And that advice covers just about every aspect of Internet marketing. So you’ll find sections at the site entitled:

– Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum

– Warrior Special Offers Forum

– Warrior Products & Services

– Offline Marketing Discussions

– Ad Networks


– Millionaire Makers

– Mind Warriors

– Success, Power, Self-Improvement

– The Copywriting Forum

– Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum

– Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings

– Articles

– Affiliate Program Database

– Member Contests & Challenges

– The “War Room”

– Private Discussions

– Programming Talk

– Website Design

– Test Forum

– Plug-In Profit Site Support Forum

– Make Money Online

– Warrior Reciprocal Links – Buy – Sell – swap!

– Warrior Joint Ventures

– The Off Topic Forum

– Local Meetings, Mastermind Groups and Forum Events

– Warrior Forum News

FOOTNOTE: Just read that list again, and you’ll find more than 20 places to make money at this one site alone! And there are numerous other opportunities I haven’t even touched upon yet!

#2 By purchasing what are called “WSOs” or “Warrior Special Offers”, and which represent many of the very best guides to making money online from some of the world’s most successful Internet marketers, and at a big discount on the usual price. So you can use WSOs to reduce the cost of otherwise buying the same products outside of the Warrior Forum. But, more importantly, once you know how it’s done you can create your own WSOs and make really big profits of your own. And on a regular basis!

The front page at tells us the Warrior Special Offers section is “ a place for making Warrior members a Special Offer. A Special Offer means making Warriors a deal like no others get. Usually that comes in the form of a much lower price. No junk offers will be approved here.”

Currently there are more than 1,800 people studying the Warrior Special Offers Forum – even though it’s early morning here in the UK and the forum’s main population, the USA, is fast asleep – so imagine how many people will be online studying those offers late evening in the UK and daylight for most forum members.

It won’t be long before you realise that information is what really sells at the Warrior forum, in the shape of eBooks and special reports, also courses and software programs. The most successful offers tend to relate to ways to make money fast and with proof to back up the claim! So you’ll find Warriors promoting eBooks about making money on eBay, for example, or ClickBank, and providing screenshots of their own earnings from whatever the money-making idea involved.

So offer a good book, with proof it makes money for you and preferably for other people also, offer a big discount on the normal price, give a sound guarantee. Then phone your bank manager to warn him about an influx of money coming soon into your bank account!

#3 By actually using advice given freely in the forum or in paid-for WSOs. I know it sounds obvious, but long experience as a writer of business opportunities convinces me that very few people actually use the information contained in hundreds of guides they purchase over a lifetime of trying, and usually failing to make money online.

#4 In the “Warriors for Hire” section you’ll find experts to help with various aspects of your business, such as writing articles and content, or building and uploading websites. You’ll have to pay for their service, of course, but the beauty of this section is, if a Warrior to Hire offers less than exemplary service you can bet someone will make their dissatisfaction known in the forum.

So because the forum acts as a kind of reviewer for whatever services are offered, you get to forego shoddy workmanship in favour of superior service and quality aftercare. Well, that’s the theory at least, and usually it works that way in practice. Also, because so many people are vying for business at the site, you’ll find some highly qualified individuals offering superior goods and services at really low prices.

Then, on the flip side, there’s the chance to become a Warrior for Hire yourself and make money selling your own skills as a writer, or consultant, eBay seller, website designer, photographer, alongside other skills you can offer to many thousands of people visiting the site at any one time. Proving how profitable this idea can be, while researching the feature you’re reading right now, I came by several article writers confessing to having their order books tied up for weeks in advance after placing one small Warrior for Hire posting.

#5 By studying fellow Warriors you’ll find individuals whose advice is held in very high esteem by their peers and whose WSOs and other offers are always super successful. These are the people whose ideas and actions are worth emulating in your own business. Without breaking copyright and other laws of course! I’ve read postings today from Warriors who say they spend their entire business lives looking for new ideas at to locate and expand on for their ventures.

#6 Say nothing, do nothing, and use the site purely to locate problems shared by forum members and solutions provided by others. The fact a good many questions are asked about a particular subject, as where a specific forum posting attracts follow-up postings – called a “thread” – from numerous other people, is a sign of a potentially very hot market for you to target.

Where do you get content for your new information product? At the Warrior forum of course, from comments and answers provided by marketers more experienced than you are right now. Then when your product is ready, you begin participating in the forum threads yourself and mentioning your new product at the end of each posting. If all goes well, consider placing a Warrior Special Offer for your product as well as seeking joint venture deals with fellow Warriors. Then continue looking for more problems, with more freely available solutions, and more new products for you to create.

#7 At “Warrior Products & Services” you can buy and sell websites and place classified ads for countless very different goods and services. These products do not have to be your own, and you could just act as a broker promoting other people’s products and services, also their skills and expertise. Then all you do is take orders and pass the work to someone else!

#8 In the “Articles” section you can place articles that look to be offering free advice to fellow members but which are actually reviewing products and services that earn you money on every sale.

#9 “Make Money Online” is the place to upload your own free eBooks, to grow your mailing list, and to promote products and services from links inside those books.

#10 Use the “Warrior Joint Ventures” section to find partners to promote your products, or to locate product vendors seeking affiliates and joint venture partners and offering high commissions on their own goods and services.

Not forgetting, at “Internet Marketing Product Reviews and Ratings” you can place reviews for products you are promoting as an affiliate, or for your own products – save embarrassment and criticism by writing the review yourself and have someone else post it in their name! At “Member Contests and Challenges” you can run your own promotions or participate for profit in other Warriors’ submissions. At “Warrior Reciprocal Links” look for ways to grow links to help your sites and blogs feature high in search engine returns.

Getting started

It’s free to open a basic Warrior account, where you can ask questions in forums and provide answers, as well as downloading freebies and taking advantage of WSOs. But free membership restricts you to various sections of the forum, and severely limits your money-making potential at the site. Serious marketers need to take out paid membership, costing $37 which confers specific privileges that include, but are not restricted to:

– Post Warrior Special Offers

– Get Instant Access to the War Room

– Create a Thread in the Warrior Joint Venture Forum

– Create Your Own Warrior Forum Blog

– Create Your Own Warrior Forum Social Group


Some of those special offers will incur a fee, but from reading comments at the forum that payment is almost always worthwhile!

NOTE: You need to participate at the site by making comments and offering useful advice before you’re allowed to post your own offers. So it’s a good idea to post a few comments and learn your way around the site prior to taking out paid membership.

How to find super-warriors to learn from and “copy”!

There is a very easy way to find these people, but it’s time-consuming, though always worthwhile. You do it by joining the forum and becoming a Warrior yourself and asking a few questions, as well as offering advice. But be sure to offer really valuable advice, don’t ever guess at answers. That’s because, not only do you want to find super-warriors to learn from, you need to establish yourself as a wise Warrior also.

Then, once your learning curve is complete, once you’ve gleaned all you can from your currently more successful Warrior counterparts, you’re going to offer your own products and services at the site and make more money than you may previously have thought possible.

Now back to finding those role models, which you do by visiting the various sections of the forum, and spotting members who post messages on a regular basis and whose advice is always well received by fellow members.

There are two reasons why this information will benefit you:

i) The majority of people with thousands of postings are probably making money at the site! “Probably” I say, because some people say a lot and convey little or nothing of value, and so make little or no money as a result. The next tip will help identify prolific posters to follow from those to ignore.

ii) Prolific posters with lots of automatic and personal “thank you” comments are well-respected at the forum and cashing in big time, compared to Warriors with lots of postings and no “thank you” comments.

So you’ll spot the most successful Warriors from their number of active postings (subject to (i) above); and from members leaving messages saying how useful their advice was, how much they liked whatever they bought from the Warrior, also how many ‘thank you’ statistics appear after postings.

These “thank you” statistics are the result of members push-button voting on the usefulness of a particular posting, compared to physically keying their comments into the forum. So, obviously, the more automated “thank you” comments there are, the greater the number of people physically keying in their compliments, the more likely the expert Warrior is turning his advice to profit at the forum.

Another good source of role models are Warriors whose threads have high ratings attached to them. These ratings are indicated by stars, from one to five stars (five representing the highest accolade) and they’re based on votes by fellow members indicating how helpful a posting is. It’s a bit like feedback on eBay where members assess one another according to ability and helpfulness. So the more high star ratings a Warrior has to threads originated by that person, the more influential he or she will be to fellow Warriors and the more money they’re likely to make. Also the more likely these threads will suggest high profit products for you to create.

Problems to contemplate, and to avoid!

• With so many low cost, high content value products available from fellow Warriors, you could find yourself continuously forking out for new promotions at the forum. So unless you’re careful you’ll end up spending more money than you’re ever likely to make! Very unfortunate, especially when you could find more quality information – cost free – in forum postings and free reports, than in paid-for books and products offered at the site, as long as you don’t mind putting time and effort into finding them!

• Another potential problem is one of buying goods and services that subsequently prove inferior, which is a problem you can avoid by reading fellow Warriors’ comments about products and suppliers, both good and bad, and sometimes indifferent! So a product with lots of negative comments is one to avoid, compared to another with hundreds of glowing testimonials.

• There can be a lot of bitching in the forums, usually based on jealousy and downright nastiness. Not to mention “failed” Warriors still working hard to sell their wares by discrediting another person’s product and reducing competition against themselves! I gather also that refunds are quite high at the Warrior site, usually because, as everyone knows, if you don’t give a refund your name will be mud in the forum.

And if you’re not particularly good looking that can cause problems too! No kidding here, because I recall a very talented and hugely helpful Warrior who just happened to post a very unflattering image of himself in the forum. For the record, this man is not bad looking, but the image he used made him look like a zombie! And that’s when more than a few Warriors began discussing the possibility of someone so ugly being able to write good information products! Yes, totally ridiculous, but it happens, and I just want you to be aware of the fact! So the more successful you are, the more nastiness you might face, and the thicker your skin has to grow.

• Warrior Special Offers are paid for and get featured top of the WSO list where they can receive hundreds of page views in less than an hour. So to maximise your visitor count your WSO should go live when your target market is most active at the site. That’s because your offer falls down a slot every time a new WSO is added to the top, although you’ll still be making sales until your offer drops from page one to subsequent pages.

But here’s the problem, with so many WSOs being uploaded each day it can take just two or three hours for an offer to leave the front page and begin generating far fewer visits.

And that is why you can pay to have your offer “bumped” back up the listings, to the top spot where it achieves maximum viewing again before dropping as new offers arrive. Bumping this way can mean a good offer is seen by tens of thousands of people every day, compared to much lower viewings when it features several pages back in the rankings. So you’ll find some Warriors paying to bump their WSO several times a day, every few hours if necessary, and paying $40 a throw.

Now that’s not a big problem, it’s just expensive, but it can generate incredible profits for you. The “problem” is knowing when to bump your offer or, more succinctly, knowing when the WSO section is buzzing with members, especially people most likely to want your product.

So, if you’re selling a book that’s targeted mainly at the Australian market, then you’ll probably want to bump your WSO at a time when Australian Warriors are most active at the site.


So now, even with just a brief knowledge of what the Warrior Forum is and how it can help you make money online, you’ll be keen to get started placing WSOs and uploading your free list-building eBooks. You probably can’t wait to place a few classified ads and upload a couple of articles to the site; and maybe you’re dying to get into the joint venture section to have the world’s leading marketers promote your eBooks and courses!