Today I have something a bit special for you… a public domain opportunity whereby we get expert writers to make us money without paying or giving anything in return for their work… work that could drive hundreds of visitors to our promotions.

Those articles will be taken from what’s called the ‘public domain’ and if you don’t know it already, the public domain is a mammoth storehouse of valuable creative works available completely free of charge.

This idea is hugely effective, cost free, works incredibly well and can generate a very good living for you, as you’ll read about soon.

The Public Domain: opportunity on a plate

Typically ‘public domain’ describes literary, musical, artistic and other creative works that are no longer protected by copyright, alongside others that never were subject
to copyright. As such those items can be picked up and turned into valuable commercial products such as books, films, postcards, prints, calendars, and countless other
high profit products.

The fact is there are many millions of articles in the public domain, covering a massive range of topics, and not as some people think featuring just old and long outdated articles. In fact, especially in the United States, there are articles printed as recently as the 1970’s packed with valuable up-to-date information and no longer subject to copyright.

The articles we’ll use were first published in the United States, they’re written and researched by experts, and are likely to make a good deal of money for us.

But wait a moment, didn’t I say these articles you can pillage and plunder for profit are located in the United States?

Doesn’t that mean they could still be copyright protected here in the UK?

And doesn’t that also mean any of our readers using those articles for profit this side of the Pond also run the risk of being charged with copyright theft?

Yes, yes and yes!

I really do want to stress that you could face legal charges for using those wonderful US-based public domain articles…

UNLESS of course you don’t actually use those public domain articles in the UK, you use them instead outside the UK! Easy, very easy, and today I’ll tell you how it’s done.

You do it by marketing and promoting your public domain articles via American sources, using American-based companies, and targeting American readers.

So you’ll use US-based article directories, you’ll choose US-based affiliate products, you’ll target US-based buyers. And that means every single aspect of your business is US-based – as indeed are the articles you’ll steal from the public domain.

Even better you can pick from millions of very high quality articles, on countless different subject, and you can even add your own name as author to those articles, and use them to promote tens of thousands of very different products… without ever having a website of your own.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Of course it does. But actually this idea really is as good as it sounds; perhaps even better!

How it works

All you do is locate products likely to make you high affiliate commissions – try ClickBank, they even tell you which products are most popular with buyers and fellow affiliates – then you locate public domain articles that are so up-to-date they’ll be ready to upload to article directories with your name as author literally minutes after you download them from the websites mentioned later in this eLetter. What more could you ask?

All you do to make this business work is choose a subject to write about and promote, then you study the ClickBank marketplace to see which products are currently most popular and generating regular sales, finally you determine what competition exists against you for those products.

Once you know lots of people might be interested in buying your chosen product, once you determine competition against you is low, you set up what’s called a ‘forwarding’ site that takes literally seconds to create and which lies at the heart of today’s easy exercise.

Once done, you make a few simple changes to the articles you’ve just taken from the public domain, which you then place on the world’s leading article directory where quality articles frequently show high in search engine returns.

The more articles you upload, the more articles you’ll have ranking high in search engine returns, and the more traffic there’ll be coming your way

Additionally, using what’s called ‘forwarding’ you do not require web design skills, you need never know how to upload a web page to the Internet, and you do not require hosting space either. And all this business will ever cost you is about $10 each year or maybe less for every one of your income streams.

Forwarding allows your raw affiliate links to be hidden behind a conventional domain name, so when someone keys that domain name into their browser he or she will be forwarded to the sales page for the product you are promoting with your affiliate details already embedded.

Following on, your domain name is used in promotions for products you are promoting as an affiliate, in today’s case as part of the resource box in articles you take from the public domain and subsequently upload to Ezine Articles (

Using the forwarding technique and uploading a few short articles to Ezine Articles, you could be receiving hits on your domain name and taking orders the very same day… without you ever having a website of your own!

Once you take your articles from the public domain, those modern day ones I told you about, you make a few simple changes, including adding your own name as author, and you use those articles to drive traffic to your forwarded website.

Within days, you’ll find just one article can drive hundreds of visitors to your promotions, and that article can take just minutes to perfect.

This is where all that traffic will come from:

  • From visitors to the directory who read your article and click on the link in your resource box, and who subsequently visit the site featuring your promotions.
  • From publishers visiting Ezine Articles’ directory to obtain articles for their own sites, and who are obliged to include your resource box with active links at sites where your articles are published. Some of those publishers receive millions of page views every month, and that means major traffic travelling from your articles’ resource box to whatever you are promoting!
  • From people keying words into search engines that match keywords and phrases used in your articles and which help your articles rank high in search engine returns.

So now you know how it’s done, now you realise there’s lots of money to make promoting other people’s products, using other people’s articles, it’s time you knew where to go to steal those articles.

There are three main places I use to locate articles:

  • Google’s digital library which features books new and old, copyright protected and in the public domain, and where you can search for and download many copyright-free titles.
  • eBay, where you can find physical copies of magazines published at specific times and which you can check for copyright status literally in seconds, even before you pay pennies for those publications.
  • – it’s the world’s largest online source of information and downloads for works in the public domain.

When you have your title, there’s a very simple way to make sure it’s in the public domain, and this goes for very old titles as well as articles by expert writers published as recently as the late 1970s.

Simply go to:

And that is where you’ll also find links to other sites offering valuable information about public domain works that are perfect for promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate – as well as turning into unique articles with your name as author.

Isn’t that wonderful? I’ll tell you it is, because I use those ideas myself every day, and I’ve also turned the whole concept into a 100-page report that’s part of my Maverick coaching and mentoring course which is currently open to new students.

Now you don’t have to join my course to put the above ideas into practice, I’ve given all the information you really need to get started right away. But if you prefer help and you want to see how I use public domain articles to make thousands of dollars every year from ClickBank, then you might find my coaching course is exactly what you need.

For more information about this easy business idea just contact me via the site, because like everyone else at Canonbury Publishing I’m always here to help!