Robert Lynch’s sales page for his ebook entitled ‘How to Make Massive Profits from Your Ebook’ has something that I’ve rarely seen before. Amongst all the usual stuff about earning six-figure incomes and the fact (I use the term loosely) he could be selling his product at $197 is a short YouTube video of a pretty American woman’s testimonial about how Robert taught her how to successfully get her cookery ebook to the market. Only, she’s definitely reading the words at one point. Far be it from me to doubt the validity of this testimonial – maybe she wanted to write down and read exactly what she was going to say – but it did make me smile.

Robert Lynch’s ebook is, in his own words: ‘a step-by-step blueprint with seven information rich chapters that guides you from nothing to earning a six-figure income. Nothing is left out and you will be able to write an e-book, create a sales page and a download page, and effectively promote your e-book.’

His sales-page is minimal and refreshingly short, and gets to the point quickly, but I was left wondering why I should pay $49 for Robert’s information. Paying just shy of $50 is a lot for a subject that has been covered hundreds of times – and is often available for free, or a fraction of what Robert is charging.

On top of this, I could find no proven track record from Robert – the only other thing I’ve found him doing on the net is writing the occasional article on website about affiliate marketing.

The actual ebook is an instructional manual of only 20 pages. It proffers to cover everything from research to writing to creation to selling and marketing. Sometimes it goes into too much detail – for example the instructions about creating PDFs (although, I suppose it is needed in an ebook about ebooks, but unless you are really a beginner on such things, you’ll probably already know how to create a PDF) – and sometimes it does not give enough detail. I was expecting something a bit more in-depth and up-to-date for my fifty bucks.

He mentions quite a few times that you can earn six figures from following his guide, but I think you’d need to have a massive learning curve of your own, and put in a great deal of hard work and time to do this. You’d need much more experience and learning than you’ll find in his ebook. I’d love to see, just once, a sales-page that says you could make a nice four or five-figure income from selling ebooks.

My last bug-bear is that Robert’s sales-page is dated 2012, but his product seems dated: it does not take into account the changing face of ebook selling. Kindle and other e-reader platforms accessible through Smashwords are currently a massive element of selling ebooks, and this is only going to grow in the future. Robert’s ebook mainly focuses on affiliate sales – other people selling your ebook for a commission – and is therefore in dire need of updating, especially if he’s going to continue to sell it.

Ultimately $49 is far too much for a product that contains the same information you can get for free, or significantly less, in other ebooks. For $49 nowadays, I’d want an in-depth guide to selling ebooks on Kindle and Smashwords. Robert’s information is too dated, redundant and poor value for money.