Audacity – au·dac·i·ty/ô?dasit?/
Noun: 1. The willingness to take bold risks: “her audacity came in
handy during our most recent emergency”.
2. Rude or disrespectful behaviour; impudence: “she had the audacity
to pick up the receiver and ask me to hang up”.

The second definition applies to Jaz Lai simply because he has a good reputation for Internet Marketing but this product feels like a quick money-spinner – but only for him.

There is much online to suggest that Jaz Lai is an authority to be trusted and has genuinely made lots of money through Internet marketing (he has shown his PayPal accounts live at various seminars for people to witness money trickling in). Maybe he had an off-day when he created this little money-maker but he has the audacity to direct you to a sales-page (after an annoying squeeze-page) that is over-long and hyped up and that does not tell you one iota of information about what the product actually is or does, other than it’s a method of getting traffic to your website. He urges you to sign up for ‘FREE’ in shouty capital letters multiple times, but when you do, you’re given the ‘generous discount’ of paying a $10 monthly membership (usual price $67 as the $10 is supposedly limited to 200 people). More audacity comes in the realisation that I do not know what I’m getting on a monthly basis for my $10 a month. He lists all the things I have immediate access to – but what else do I get for my recurring membership fee?

All this is bookended by the audacious claim of ‘You’re About To Discover How To Send An Extra $3,876+ Income Daily *Risk-Free* Into Your Inbox Using The Legitimate Proven System Which I’m Going To Show You For FREE!’ with the supposition that this is all achievable ‘at the push of a button’. Nuclear holocaust is achievable at the push of a button, but getting thousands of relevant visitors to your web-pages and earning a resultant $3.8K daily is not.

When you do sign up, you finally learn what the answer to all my Internet Marketing dreams is: essentially promoting your products through Warrior Forum.

The audacity!

For those that do not know, Warrior Forum is a huge forum dedicated to Internet Marketers, their successes and their failures. It is a great place to market your products. But to charge someone $10 a month to repeatedly tell them that is outrageous.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, because you do get more than that nugget of information for your money. You also get access to many video tutorials including: an introduction to Warrior Forum (WF); the costs of promoting your product on WF; writing a sales letter for WF; how to inspire the creation of your system; pricing of your system; headlining your system (Jaz is no master at this, I can tell you!); how to market your product in WF; how to instantaneously deliver your product; how to build your list through WF; the importance of original products; and how to offer various up-sells (including yourself as an expert – which is maybe what I’m getting from Jaz for my monthly $10). Additionally, you get four videos about gaining traffic from outside of WF, guides about affiliate networking, a 24-part video series that documents Jaz’s life and success, nine residual niches for your own use, lessons on how to break into and dominate ultra-competitive markets, and guides on the importance of good emails.

Yes, the information is informative and I’m sure you could learn a lot from Jaz. But he’s let me down in the audacious sales page, the audacious monthly membership fee and the blatant refusal to show what exactly you’re getting for your money, even after you’ve exhausted the learning materials. Plus he needs to learn exactly what the word ‘free’ means. The audacity!