I’m on a mission to bring you all the tools, blueprints and strategies you need to make a success of your online business.

But to do this properly I need your help.

There’s no point in me hurling any old advice at you, hoping some of it will stick and you apply it to your business.

To make sure you reach your goals, I need to make sure any obstacles in your way ‘permanently disappear’.

So today is a simple request for feedback.

Just tell me about your single biggest challenge when it comes to getting the results you want online.

The more specific and detailed your answer, the better I can focus my efforts on what’s most needed.

Just click here and let me know.

I won’t be replying individually, but instead I’ll use this info to make sure absolutely every point is covered in the coming weeks and months.

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And now for a story to inspire you…

How an inexperienced first-timer earned £4K a month from an ‘old hat’ blog topic

I truly believe it’s possible for anyone to take the amazing online tools that are now available and use them to make money.

But I can understand if you have doubts…

Perhaps you think you’re too late to the party and all the ideas have been done.

Maybe you think blogging is old hat, or that nobody reads this stuff anymore.

Or that you have to completely reinvent the wheel and come up with some amazing new idea that nobody’s ever had.

Well, tell that to Johnny Ward.

His story was splashed all over The Daily Mail and other tabloids at the end of last month, as if he’d done something miraculous.

And yet the secret of his success was quite simple.

It was nothing that you as a Digital Upstart reader don’t already know how to do.

Johnny Ward loved to travel more than anything and wanted the freedom to do it without being bogged down with a 9-5 job.

So he started blogging about his passion.

He started OneStep4Ward.com with no experience or technological skills.

“My tech skills were on par with my grandmother’s”, he said.

And as for his writing abilities…

“I just publish the same way I talk.”

And let’s face it, travel is hardly a unique topic is it? He hadn’t stumbled onto any big secret or plundered a hidden niche.

If anything, it’s ‘old hat’ – been done before!

Except there’s an appetite and a demand for this kind of information, if it’s done with a bit of honesty and personality.

Simply publishing blog posts about travel, in his own chatty style, Johnny Ward soon started making £4,000 every month.

At the same time, he continued to travel.  To make this income he worked 10-20 hour weeks using only his laptop.

There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it – and use the tools I give you in Digital Upstart.

As Johnny puts it:

“If you’re reading this on your smart phone/laptop/ipad then you’re luckier than most people on the planet and you can live the life you want.., my advice? Start a blog, from there doors will open.”

Since then Johnny has gone on to create a digital media company, earning the equivalent of over £600,000 a year.

Which shows you what happens – success leads to even more success.

However, the key is to start with the absolute fundamental basics.

  • Find something that interests you
  • Set up a website
  • Post regular blogs about that topic
  • Be yourself, with all your flaws and strengths
  • Promote your blog posts for free on social networks

That’s all you need.

If you have your own products, an offline business, professional skills or saleable expertise then even better… you have a massive head start. But they’re not essential.

Whatever stage you’re at, I can give you everything Johnny used to make a success of his first business. But you need to help me.

Click here and let me know what I should cover next.

I look forward to hearing from you.