Last weeks response to my email about me building a business for you was crazy. I’ll tell you more later. But first…

Big time marketing guru Mike Filsaime has recently launched a new web site at Mike promises to save the newbie from cost per action oblivion. So does he deliver?

Cost Per Action product review – Affiliate Jump

Well let’s back up a little. What is cost per action, and why is everyone in the industry going nuts for it?

Cost per action marketing is essentially affiliate marketing. You send visitors to a web site and if they carry out an action, which can vary from inputting their post code or email address up to ordering a trial version of a product, you earn cash.

The reason why this is such a cool business is because you don’t really need to work hard for this kind of money. As people are only filling in a form, rather than making a purchase, conversions are higher and the cash is easier to get.

Hmm… that’s what the gurus would have you believe. But they’re talking balls.

The reality is that cost per action, or cpa, is a hell of a lot harder than most would have you believe. Firstly you have to get accepted into a cost per action network. And that, quite frankly, isn’t easy. Not for someone who hasn’t got a decent proof of income online anyway. It can take A LOT of work to get accepted into a network and a lot of time. And that’s just the beginning.

Cost per action, like any other online business, all depends on whether or not you can send visitors to the offer. Without you being any good at traffic generation you’re going to struggle. Most courses preach to use Google Adwords to send visitors to the cpa offers. And you know my feelings about adwords. It’s bloody hard to get them right.

So all in all, cost per action marketing is a no show right? Not necessarily.

Mike Filsaime launched Affiliate Jump last week and he promises to remove all barriers to online CPA success. By paying a two hundred dollar fee, and a recurring seventy dollar plus a month subscription you can gain access to a ton of cost per action offers to promote. You are automatically accepted which means that even newbie’s can now start promoting CPA offers straight off the bat without having to prove they are super successful marketers.

Once you log in you can find offers on all sorts of products to promote. From acne related products, to tax relief, colon cleansing (nice!), dating and many more. Three hundred plus offers you can promote in all kinds of niches.

So it is great news that Mike has set Affiliate Jump up so that anyone can promote CPA offers regardless of experience online.

All you need to do is click a few buttons and you will have a blog ready that you can use to promote the CPA offers. The blogs already have reviews of products on them and you’re all set for CPA success.

Erm. Not so much.

How are you supposed to send traffic to the blogs? Well in Mike’s preview videos and launch videos he explains that in the “learning area” of the site there is everything you need to know about generating traffic to the CPA offers. In Mikes view, “everything you need to know” is a 25 minute video on the dreaded Google adwords. Other courses dedicate over a dozen hours to adwords, Mike thinks that twenty five minutes is “everything you need to know”. It is, if you want to fail. Miserably.

As I said, without being able to send visitors to the CPA offers this product becomes a bit pointless. Mike sets it up to be perfect for the newbie, and in one sense it is. Because you can get immediately accepted into CPA networks it’s pretty cool. However that becomes redundant if you don’t know how to send visitors to the offers you have access to.

On top of that you don’t have much control over the “sites” (read – simple blogs that you could set up yourself anyway) that affiliate jump creates for you. You can’t really change them in any solid way so it becomes difficult to make them worthwhile. If a site doesn’t convert visitors into filling in an action again, it’s a pointless business. And the blogs that are created by affiliate jump aint too pretty if you get my drift. They won’t convert that well.

So what’s the bottom line here? Well I think the idea behind this is a cracker. However Filsaime has missed the boat a bit by not teaching you how to get traffic. Without traffic the whole business is pointless. And as this is aimed at newbie’s who need to know about traffic, rather than experienced marketers who could get accepted into the networks anyway, I can’t recommend this to anyone. Not for the price it is.

If Mike makes any changes to the Affiliate Jump site I’ll let you know because with a few tweaks the site could be awesome. Without it, steer clear.

Does that mean cost per action is a dead duck? Hell no. Over the past few months I have been beavering away and investigating it in a big, big way. You’ll know more when my results are proven.

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It’s coming…

Last week I mentioned that I’d snapped. I’d had enough of the empty promises my subscribers were constantly being bombarded with by ‘experts’ around the world. I explained it was time I did something about it, put my money where my mouth is and built you a business where I create products, answer customer service emails, create marketing materials for you and we share the profits (well, actually you get pretty much ALL the profits!).

Well to say the response was good would be somewhat of an understatement. And I’m sure you can see why. If you’re yet to make any serious cash online having a business built for you by a guy who can make six figures in a day is a pretty nuts offer.

The one thing that everyone kept emailing me was “I want in. But is it going to be expensive?” I hear ya! Too often programs are priced out of the reach of those who really need them. And that’s why I’ve made this very, very cheap. In fact, it’ll be less than one hundred quid to get started.

I’ll say that again. One hundred quid and me and my marketing geniuses will build a business that you can promote, keep nearly all the cash, and we handle everything else.

Another question I got a lot was: “Jon I’ve struggled to get visitors to web sites in the past. How do I know this is going to be any different? Are you going to generate traffic for me?” Well actually not far off that. And when I replied to emails saying “Near enough”, I always got the reply: “I want to sign up now. Can I book a place?”

Unfortunately not.

You see this is unlike anything anyone on the planet has done before. And if I balls this up and get the wrong type of people signed up to work with my reputation is screwed. And I’m hardly going to do that after building it for the past four years. Without bragging, I don’t need the money. This is something unique that I feel I need to do to help people.

Next week all will be revealed. But I want to reassure you of one thing. You don’t need a lot of money (less than a hundred quid to get started). You don’t need experience, marketing expertise or any of the ‘normal’ stuff. The only thing you need is motivation. And next week I’ll be sorting out those who genuinely want to change theirs and their family’s life from the pie in the sky dreamers that annoy the hell out of me. Those that moan about not being rich but do sod all about it.

The question is which category will you fall into? We’ll soon find out…