At the end of last year I released a video that uncovered a whole new world of online marketing for a lot of internet marketers. Before then the UK Internet marketing crowd hadn’t been exposed to the HUGE power of banner advertising.

Ad banners are the graphic ads you see on websites all over the internet.

The reason you see them everywhere? They work. Big time! But there is a very, very specific technique to it. Something that the “gurus” are keeping under their hats.

Me, well I don’t even have a hat, so you’re going to get all the good information in this issue.

Also you’ll be able to read a pretty startling review of UK-based information marketer David Anderson and his Cost Per Action workshop. It’s a must read for anyone who is interested in the area.

We’ve got a lot to get through this month, so let’s get cracking…

How to send any person on the planet to any website for a penny

Last year’s business opportunity that EVERYONE wanted in on was learning how to market Cost Per Action offers. This year the biz opp that will be huge is going to be buying media.

The huge potential of ad banners

“Media traffic” online comes in a number of different forms. The main one being banner advertising.

Now one thing that the gurus won’t tell you is that getting into banner ad networks isn’t easy. In fact it can be a right royal pain in the a**e. If you’re already established it’s pretty easy to get into the big banner advertising networks but if you’re a newbie without a proof of an online income you’re going to struggle.

Last year everyone was promoting cost per action offers. I have held back because I know how hard it is for newbies to get into cost per action networks. If you can’t get in, you can’t make any money. That’s why nearly all the cost per action courses promoted last year were B.S. They left out the fact you’ll find it virtually impossible to get into a network.

Well, the same can be said for banner networks. And again, I guarantee that the gurus gloss over that point as well.

Whilst it’s not impossible to get into the banner ad networks as a newbie, it is MUCH easier to get into them when you have proof that you have bought media before. And that is what I’m going to help you do today. This month I’m going to show you how to get some proof behind you by getting into the Google network and making big commissions as an affiliate. And then next month I’ll show you how to ramp it up by getting into the bigger networks.

A banner ad is a simple image ad to be placed on other people’s websites. For example, let’s say that you were promoting a product about anxiety. You could create a banner ad on anxiety and plug it into the banner ad network. In fact I am going to use that as an example today. All the hard work has been done for you all you need to do is fall in front of a big pile of cash that is about to be spent.
Once your banner ad is in the network, the network will place it for you on websites related to keywords you choose. So if you were promoting an anxiety product you would want your ad placed on sites related to anxiety. Don’t worry, as I said, it’s all been done for you you just need to put a few things into place.

The google banner ad content trick

Most people know how expensive it has become to place a text advert on the Google search network using Google AdWords. With AdWords you bid on keywords related to your offer and the more you bid the more chance it has of appearing on the first page of Google search results when someone types in your keyword. You then pay only when someone clicks on your advert and lands on the web page you are promoting either directly or as an affiliate.

This is what pretty much EVERY guru will teach you to do. But there is so much competition and the prices are so high it is very, very hard to stand out and make some cash. Below, on the right-hand side, you can see an example of people advertising on the Google search network using classified “AdWords” ads.

The cost per click (CPC) is often anything from 50 cents to four or five dollars for a decent keyword. I recently used Google AdWords to generate leads and I worked out it was costing me nearly $20 to generate a single opt in. Rubbish!

So, as always, I decided to do some digging around and a couple of days later I had worked out what the gurus were really doing to generate monstrous amounts of traffic on the Internet. It wasn’t AdWords. It was all about banner advertising. I discovered that the CPC is much, much cheaper for image (or banner) adverts on Google’s content network than for text ads on their search network. What’s more, hardly anyone’s doing it.

Here’s how it works, instead of your text adverts appearing on the side when someone types in your keyword on Google, your image adverts appear on the content network. Google’s sophisticated software displays your advert on someone else’s site (so long as they are signed up to Google’s network) when it thinks it is relevant to the context of what a particular person is searching for at a particular time. And it all happens automatically without you having to lift a finger. Clever eh!

I set up a campaign, did some testing and sure enough I managed to cut my cost per lead to a fraction of what it previously cost. I was amazed how quick and simple this was to do. Then I quickly realised that I could put a clever twist on this forgotten technique to enable anyone to profit quickly online.