Now that’s an interesting email subject line… Having immersed myself in online businesses and opportunities over the past few years, I wanted to stop a moment and define some of the distinct advantages of Internet marketing.

Passport to a killing – the advantages of Internet marketing

In a few weeks time I’m off with eight of my friends on holiday. Due to the fact they put up with my slight insanity I am taking them to stay in a luxury villa in Spain for two weeks. All on me.

Last week I nearly soiled myself when I realised my passport was out of date. Off I went to the post office for the usual passport shenanigans where they make you jump through more hoops than a Crufts champion.

I think it was around the fourth hurdle when I found out that you’re not allowed to smile in passport photos any more. I wondered if that’s purely for those who worked behind the check in desks at airports. The last thing you need when your miserable is someone turning up with a pair of armbands all smiling because they’re about to leave the country for a week in the sun. You’d probably feel a lot better if you could hold up their passport and say “Stop smiling please sir I need to make sure this is you”.

Miserable so and so’s.

In thinking about this I then got thinking about planes. And within a few minutes I was thinking about what people’s reactions must have been like when the Wright brothers said they were going to invent a machine that could fly through the air. They were going to call it an aeroplane. “I’ll have what those two are having, barman” I imagine it was.

But then look what happened. They did invent the plane. And all of a sudden everyone’s reality had changed. It was no longer an impossible concept to fly through the air. Now let’s go back a few years from now and think about time before the Internet. Imagine someone had said to you “One day you’ll be able to take this little thing, called a laptop, anywhere in the world with you and earn a living from it. You won’t be selling anything. You’ll be pretty much making money from thin air from people all over the globe”.

You’d probably have heard someone say “You’re better off getting a job in a check in desk mate”. No one would have thought it possible. “Get a ‘normal’ job and stick to reality” they’d have said.

Well now the reality is here. And we are incredibly lucky to be able to experience it. Entrepreneurs from many years ago would have given their right arm to be in the position you and I are today. So don’t let it slip you by.

All you need to do is make one measly pound online, even by fluke, and all of a sudden your reality changes. It can be done, you’ll think to yourself. But you have to be in it to win it.

Through the power of a little computer I can connect with the entire world. I can make a fortune without ever meeting a customer. I can earn enough money to look after friends and family and give them all they want. I can run this business from anywhere on the planet.

On top of that we found out that Shane Ritchie tried renting the villa about an hour after I had made the bank transfer to pay for it. For me this has made the holiday all the more enjoyable. It’s revenge for his mind numbing Daz Doorstep Challenge adverts of the nineties. And his leather jacket.

Start an Internet business. No other opportunity in the world can offer you the luxury of freedom, looking after friends and family, and screwing over Eastenders characters all at the same time.

The verdict is in on Chris Cobb

Last week I spoke about what I thought of Chris Cobb’s CPA Arbitrage course. It was distinctly average and if Chris was pulling in that kind of cash he promises on his sales letter he certainly wasn’t telling anyone else about it

I got quite a response from my subscribers about this guy. I was unaware that he’d been marketing for a while through direct mail and mail order (at least that’s what a number of subscribers have said).

The general consensus was that this guy is just in it for the money and doesn’t really give two hoots (I toned that down) for his customers and the quality he provides. It appears he was selling a lot of rehashed stuff for quite a while.

In fact, I didn’t receive one comment about him that even came close to being positive. It was all from people who were none too impressed.

Now to be fair that doesn’t mean the guy is all bad. If someone does have something good to say generally they won’t feel the need to come forward. It’s those with a gripe who will generally come out and say it. But it was such a consistent view in all the emails I got I’d be very wary of this guy, especially after seeing how poor his arbitrage product was.

It looks as though him and a guy called Latif are doing seminars together. Latif’s been behind a number of ClickBank products, from good to not so good, but they’re trying to see if they can fill out their seminars.

His CPA Arbitrage product was less than sixty quid and he didn’t deliver. So god knows how he thinks he’s going to be able to give quality content in a seminar which will probably cost thousands. Maybe he’s holding the best stuff back for the seminar? Doubt it though. Don’t get sucked into this one when he launches the seminar something’s not quite right.

Guru mastermind

Today sees the launch of Eban Pagans Guru Mastermind. All of the big boys are going to promote this one from Stompernet to Mike Filsaime and so on. Type “guru mastermind” into Google and you’ll see just how many of them are gearing up for this launch.

For me Eban is at the top of the tree. I actually see him as the greatest and most honest marketer in the Internet marketing community. His information businesses make twenty five million a year. Sweet Moses!

His guru mastermind course promises to pull back the curtain on how to run an info business like his. For me information publishing and selling info products is the greatest way to earn online. It’s fun, pretty simple and the start up costs are so low.

Eban’s course is not going to be cheap. I’ve never seen him launch anything under a grand and that’s because his stuff is top notch and he has positioned himself this way.

I am yet to see it, but know the quality of his work, so know it will be worth the cash. However if you’re not someone to take action steer clear of this like the plague. There is always so much info in his courses it’s much easier to sit back and not do anything. And that’ll leave you a couple of grand out of pocket.

If on the other hand you are serious about starting a solid publishing business with a long term future this might well be worth a look. Expect to put a lot of work in though. It won’t be for pie in the sky dreamers.