If you’re anything like me, your mind always has a department constantly whirring away trying to come up with new and original ideas to increase your income. Sometimes the results are great. It can be a lonely working existence earning an income online, and believing in the power of reciprocity, I like to share my ideas, so indulge yourself in the following money making tips.

Five sure-fire money making tips

Offline Advertising For Online Riches

So many people forget that offline advertising driving traffic to a website is a way to get some serious amounts of visitors for the price of a small advert. Business opportunity publisher Tim Lowe does this to great effect in the back of the Sunday national papers. There’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same for websites you own or are an affiliate of. To find publications to advertise in go to Amazon and search for “Writers Handbook”. This has a list of tons of UK based niche magazines you can advertise niche sites in.

For example let’s say you found an ebook on “How To Potty Train Your Pooch” at clickbank.com and signed up to be an affiliate of it. You could search for publications related to doggies, place a few offline ads sending people to a squeeze page where you giveaway a free report (i.e. more info on the dog training product). You collect their email address in exchange for the information and then send them either straight to the product page you are an affiliate of or to a “review page” where you outline the product and what they can learn.

Too often these days people class themselves as “internet marketers” and forget they should be marketers full stop. Don’t just concentrate on online marketing; take things offline too there’s a whole other world and big profits to be made.

An Unusual Online Money Maker

In the Digital Upstart I always try and bring you as many ideas for online businesses and income streams as I possibly can. One that I have somewhat overlooked is freelance work where you can hire out your skills to companies and earn money on a freelance basis.

The reason I bring this up is because my brother in law is a journalist and writer and wanted to earn some more money. I told him about sites like www.elance.com and www.rentacoder.com and you really can earn a nice little income offering yourself for hire.

Jobs such as writing ebooks, researching subjects, proofreading, copywriting, graphic design and much more are constantly in demand at the above websites and if you have a specialist skill that you could hire out it may be worth investigating.

If you haven’t got any specialist skills go to www.dummies.com and type in whatever you are looking to learn about. “Proof reading”, “programming” and so on. Buy the book up, read “freelancing for dummies” and you could start earning an income on the side within the next few months that could turn into a full time income freelancing from home.

A Serious Ebay Idea

I’m way too busy at the moment to be able to start selling on eBay. However my friend’s cousin recently emailed me asking for ideas on how to start an eBay business. She’d had a little success but was looking for something a bit more concrete that she could get her teeth into rather than selling a few bits and bobs from around the house.

I told her the key to success in any business is to find an online niche and profit from it. Aim products and sales pitches at a highly targeted and passionate group of people and you’ll do well. Here’s the idea that I gave Leanne…

Using the web site www.cafepress.com create products like t-shirts, mugs, baseball caps and teddies aimed at a very passionate group of people. For example you could create personalised Elvis teddies or Buddy Holly mugs. This will take a little thinking and make sure you don’t infringe on any copyright laws but it’s a very real opportunity. Personalised baby clothes would be an amazing niche market to enter on eBay.

I fully admit that when it comes to eBay I’m not an expert. However when it comes to ideas for niche markets I’m pretty much bang on the money. Trust me on this one if you want to make a killing on the world’s largest auction site unique products like that will sell very well indeed.

Start Your Own Forum Today

Here’s an idea. Why not start your own niche forum and online community that will enable you to build an email list and be able to promote affiliate products or earn an income from ad sense.

You can set up a forum without spending a penny at http://www.myfreebulletinboard.com/. You could set one up, then go to www.groups.google.com and start making posts in your niche markets online forums. Have a link back to your own forum in your signature file and after a few months you can have your very own thriving online community you can generate an income from. Create an online e-letter or maybe even up sell them to a membership site.

Marketing legend John Reese says “in order to be successful you must be willing to sacrifice time and profits early on”. Starting your own forum won’t make you any real money from the off, but if you build up a community you can turn it into a nice little part time income after a few months.

An Ebay Business Idea For You

I typed in “resell rights” into ebay.co.uk (not .com) and found there were 839 listings for this search term. Now obviously people are buying these listings or there wouldn’t be so many for sale. But to me, that’s too much competition. Also some of these guys where selling packages for a measly pound etc. That was never going to happen – I’m all about big profits.

Then I searched for “website for sale”. Hey up, there were only 193 listings, the majority of which were for adult sites that a lot of people wouldn’t want to get involved in.

This got me thinking in a way that could be a great little part time earner for you. Here’s how…

I have showed you tons of times how to create a product in one day, and then turn it into ten or more products. You could then list all ten sites in the website for sale section. But here’s the key point, you are NOT selling resell rights. You must explain that this is an exclusive product that only ten people will ever be able to buy. You are offering a licence to the site. This one simple phrase, licence rather than resell rights, will increase sales dramatically I assure you.

So how much could you sell these sites for? Honestly I don’t know. At the moment I’ve got too much on my plate to really give this a good go. But I believe this could sell for at least £19.97 per site IF you do it correctly. It will take some tweaking but I have no doubt this could work well. If you sold all 100 (ten websites x ten licences) at £19.97 you’d make a tidy £1997 (not including back end sales, more on this shortly). Even if this took you a year to sell all 100 you’ve still made two grand for a few days work.

Another way to differentiate yourself from everyone else is rather then selling the sales letter and ebook as a download is you could bung it onto a CD rom. Add an extra £5 to the sale and £3 postage and packaging and you’ll really be standing out from the crowd.

You could even buy a domain name and web hosting and add another £15 to the sale. The more value you give the customer the better. (Although you’d have to transfer the details of the owner of the domain name over which isn’t that hard but may get a little tricky) Sign up as an affiliate to a course about how to market a web site so you can try and make sales on your backend by saying “hey you’ve got a web site, you’ve got a product, and now all you need are visitors to your site. And there’s no better course out there than the one found at (your traffic affiliate link)”

Give it a go. I’m sure it could be a winner,