I get a lot of emails from people asking me how they can sell info products like manuals, CD’s and DVD’s online and worldwide. The general grumble is “I don’t want to ship them myself or order them in bulk and be out of pocket if I can’t shift them”.

For a long time I had to point people in the direction of fulfilment houses who would happily print on demand… only they’d also ensure you donated and arm and a leg to get started. Thankfully though there is now hope on the horizon.

Some cool little finds: selling info products just got easier

I came across www.kunaki.com and after some research realised this little gem was used by a hell of a lot of the big guns online. Kunaki will enable you to have CDs or DVDs printed up and shipped out for under two dollars per item. You upload your artwork and files and they turn it into a product and ship it out to customers as and when you make a sale. You can also sell directly through them. You are going to be very hard pressed to find a company who even comes close to shipping for you at that price.

I know I have a lot of people who read this email who own licences to CD products from the licensing gurus here in the UK. Kunaki might just be a lifesaver if you’re looking for a decent shipping company who will do all of your hard work and still leave you with enough profit to make it worth your while.

Even if you’re selling a downloadable product it could be worth your while using Kunaki. Let’s say you were selling an ebook on building self confidence. You could read the book out and have it as an audio program.

Upload it to Kunaki and you’ve got an audio CD set. When people buy your ebook offer them the CD package for an extra ninety seven dollars. I can guarantee a lot of people will take the up sell and you’ll make a hell of a lot more money from that simple addition to your sales funnel.

So what about manuals and spiral bound books? Unfortunately Kunaki don’t deal with manuals. If they did they would be perfect. But you can use www.lulu.com instead. They also have a stellar reputation in the industry.

Now I have to admit these two sites are only for when you just starting out and selling a few products. If you’re business really takes off I recommend www.speakerfulfillmentservices.com

Finally I get a lot of questions about graphics for your web site and who to use, if anyone. Well the truth is you do want your site to look “pretty”.

The more professional it looks the better you as a marketer will look. I recommend http://www.digitalblissdesigns.com/wso.html That’s actually a special discount page that should be kept quiet. So shh!

Don’t let flashy graphics get in the way of what your site is out to do though. If your site is there to sell make sure it sells. If it’s there to direct traffic to another site as an affiliate make sure it does that.

Whilst good graphics are important, your ultimate goal is to earn money and not wow people with any spinning logos.

And now…

A review of Dominating Clickbank 2

Andrew Fox is back (again) with yet another product that promises to show you how to make a fortune from affiliate network clickbank.com.

I’m not of the Commission Blueprint guys a lot more than Andrew. Andrew isn’t lying, he does earn massive commissions using clickbank, but he has done it because he’s spent the last few years building a huge afraid to admit this. I’m sick of the guy now.

If you’re a member of my printed Digital Upstart newsletter you’ll have read my guru review of Andrew. His first real success was with a course called Dominating Clickbank and it was a good course. At the time. Now though, as I said in the review, Andrew seems to release the same product over and over and over again. The ideas in all of his products are pretty much exactly the same. Unfortunately with Dominating Clickbank 2 Andrew has just confirmed what I have said about his products all along. There’s only so many ways to skin a cat. And Mr Fox is right down to the bone.

Andrew released a product called “The Guru Slayer” last year which was essentially just a basic eBook version of the original Dominating Clickbank.

Then he releases Affiliate X Factor which was pretty good, but still extremely like the original Dominating Clickbank. Now he’s released Dominating Clickbank 2 which is so much like Affiliate X Factor I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same videos just under a different name.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying any of these products are bad necessarily. What I am saying is that once you have one of Andrew’s products, you pretty much have them all. He’ll come up with a new gem of a tip every now and then in each course but so far I have seen nothing but the same information recycled.

So how can he get away with selling the same kind of thing every few months?

Simple. He has a huge email list that he can make money from. That’s how you see the big numbers he has earned on the sales letter for DCB2. Ignore what he says about pay per click. It’s simple. If you have a huge email list you can make a fortune. I have said the same thing about Andrew every time he launches a new product which promises to “change marketing online forever”.

Last week I told you how great Commission Blueprint is. It still is. Far, far better than this product. Whilst it is a tad more expensive, it’s much more comprehensive and quite frankly I believe the claims email list from creating products and all the other click bank folk promoting it. That’s the “secret”. A huge email list. And I don’t even think the course teaches you how to build a list in the way he did it.

Let me wrap this up. Dominating Clickbank 2 is not an awful product providing you have never bought from Andrew before. If you have you’re in for a real sense of de ja vu. Commission Blueprint wins hands down every time.

That’s it for this week. I’m off to don some scuba gear and go for a swim in my living room.