Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who emailed me messages about my predicament with my landlord. I was overwhelmed with best wishes and even people offering me a room in their house! Thank you to everyone who emailed in. You’ll be glad to know it’s all sorted and I’ve got an even bigger apartment with the same view!

I got a few emails asking me why I didn’t buy my own property. Firstly in the current financial climate, I feel that wouldn’t be a wise move. Secondly I’m somewhat of a nomad. Thanks to my internet businesses I’m not tied down to any one place. Buying to let just doesn’t interest me. At all.

As long as I have my laptop I have a way to earn cash from anywhere in the world without the hassles other ways to make money offer. So I plan to experience as much as I can all over the globe before the inevitable of having to settle down with some lucky young lady who I’ll end up driving insane.

Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to be able to just up and leave and go wherever you want to whenever you want to without being tied down? Great!

You’re in the right place. This newsletter will always bring you only the most cutting edge tactics and honest reviews that will help you achieve your goals and your dreams with regards to online ventures.

With that in mind let’s begin…

Here’s a little idea for you. Self help, personal development, personal growth or whatever you may call the improvement niche is huge, huge business online. In fact it’s probably one of the biggest industries on the internet. You can’t click around on Google for too long before coming across some sort of self help product.

Many people would love to start a business helping others in the self help industry but just don’t know how or where to get started. If this sounds like you I have some very good news.

Online there is a little known secret that allows you to pick up royalty free licences to such audio tracks as hypnosis MP3s, relaxation MP3s, subliminal messaging CDs, sounds of nature and so on. These are always big sellers.

Cashing in on royalty-free audio

In order to find these all you need to do is visit and type in “royalty free (niche) CD’s”, replacing ‘(niche)’ with hypnosis, relaxation or whatever kind of product you want to create. You can also type in “stock free (niche)” and find more products. It may take some time to find the right site for you but you’ll get there, it just takes a little effort and digging around.

This is a little known money generator that I’ve known about for quite a while. You can purchase ready-made products such as software, CD tracks and video to create your own unique products. For example you can buy royalty free licences to hypnosis tracks and you can start your own hypnosis CD or MP3 download store.

Or why not cash in on the online video boom and buy licences to hypnosis tracks coupled with a relaxing video of the seaside as the waves come in and out. This is the kind of thing I’d love to do, although you might be responsible for a few broken noses as people fall asleep at their desk!

When using this technique and digging around Google I came across This was three or four months ago now and the web page still says that there are limited quantities available like it did then so don’t take any notice of that. What this is though is a great way into the subliminal messaging, hypnosis, relaxation business. You can use the CDs to create your own CDs (if that makes sense). It is software that has relaxing tracks on them and shows you how to create subliminal messaging CDs, gives you tracks for affirmations to use on the products and so on.

With a bit of motivation you could really start a nice little business with software like Subliminal Studio or royalty-free licensing tracks. You could sell these types of CDs on eBay. You could also cater for really specific niche markets. For example you could create a “stop smoking” package and sell a subliminal CD, hypnosis CD, relaxation CD and maybe a manual in a complete package. You could aim at any market with this kind of thing: “The Improving Relationships Software Package”.

One word of warning. More often than not when you buy a royalty-free licence you can only sell the product on if you add another track to it. So for example let’s say you bought a product with a music track on it that was the running water from a stream. You could hire someone at to create affirmations or a hypnosis track to go over the top of that stream sound track. Now you add them together and you have your own unique product.

Do people buy this kind of thing? Yes! I’ve seen ads run successfully selling relaxation CDs in the national newspapers, in local newspapers and online. My father is addicted to Centerpointe and Bill Harris products and my mother is the same with Paul Scheele and his Paraliminals CDs. People love CDs and MP3s that will help them relax or expand their mind. You just need a little creativity in your marketing and ideas to position yourself in the right way.

On a side note, the creators behind Subliminal Studio are Bradley Thompson of If you want to check out a business doing really well selling to niche markets look at these guys. Seemingly whenever I’m looking through Google for some information I come across this business and their niche markets. One day I was looking for hypnosis licensing and found them, the next I was looking for information on writing film scripts and found them again. Great business and a great example of how marketing to niches should be done. Check them out.

A really cool recommendation

A few of my subscribers have now made me aware of a new site called which will allow anyone to build a web site without having to fork out on Frontpage, Dreamweaver or Microsoft’s latest web-building incarnation.

Now I haven’t used this myself I’m still using my FrontPage as it does all I need. But this free service, on all accounts, does everything perfectly if you’re looking to build a basic web page with little experience. It is a WYSIWYG (‘What you see is what you get’) editor, which makes the process of building the site as easy as typing a letter or email and adding a few graphics.

For some reason building a website is the one thing the majority of newbies fear the most. People think that creating a site is only for techies sitting at home eating doughnuts whilst hacking into the Pentagon. Trust me it’s easy once you try it and just give it a go. The problem is most people never try and then scream and shout to the world how difficult site building is. How can you do that without trying it?

This new find makes building a site extremely easy. So check out Thank you to Robin and the people who told me about this site.

It’s a little quiet on the review side of things at the moment because end of July and August are the “holiday” months and in general the real big marketers don’t promote due to the fact people are either off on holiday or saving money to. So if you were planning a product launch of your own, probably best to hold back a little.

One last thing. A few weeks ago I told everyone they should check out and John Reese’s latest incarnation of his Traffic classic. If like me you’re still waiting for your course to arrive don’t panic! You haven’t been burned. John had trouble with the casing and CD’s falling out so stopped shipping and sought other package methods. These things are annoying when you’re waiting excitedly for the course but I can assure you when it arrives it will be worth the wait.