Over the next few weeks I am going to reveal to you some of the coolest and most unheard of strategies for generating insane cash windfalls from email marketing online. We’re talking a completely legit (in fact people will love you for it) way of generating tens of thousands in a few days starting from scratch in a way that ANY Internet newbie can follow. Nothing technical or hard to get your head around.

I’ll show you how to build an email list literally as big as you want. And you can do this all part time, or even hire someone else to do it all for you.

And yes. As I said, this is my gift for you. No charge.

We’ll start slowly this week with something very, very simple. May sound a little wacky and weird but trust me this works in a big, big way. Every single successful person I have met has used this positive affirmations technique and they’ve lived their dream. You will do the same.

The power of the subconscious with positive affirmations – gearing up for success

I want you to get a piece of card and write the following on it:

“By the 30th of March 2009 I will have an email list of seven thousand people who will trust me, read my emails and buy anything I promote. I will be able to generate 10K in sales as an affiliate – as and when I want to”.

You can change the date or the amounts if you wish.

Now I want you to carry that piece of card around with you in your pocket. No one else has to know about it.

Every time you feel that piece of card in your pocket pull it out, look at it and read it (preferably in your head or people in Sainsbury’s might think you’re nuts) ten times. Every time you feel it. Every. Time.

You’re thinking I’m crazy right?

Well… so did everyone who read Napoleon Hill’s classic book ‘Think And Grow Rich’. By all means dismiss it, but bear in mind that this one simple concept has created more millionaires than anything else in history before you think I’m a loony.

I did it. I can make as much as 30K in a day.

You do it. I am going to train you how to do the same.

You see what you are doing is training your sub conscious mind to keep you on track for your success. If you just say to yourself every now and then “I’ll be rich one day” trust me it won’t happen. You need to set a date and reaffirm that date in your mind over and over again. Think of the “auto pilot” system on a plane. If the plane gets blown off track by turbulence or something the autopilot will put it back on track. Your sub conscious will do the same for you without you even realising it.

When you first learnt to drive a car you had to think about every single thing you did right? You had to think about changing gears, indicating and so on. Nowadays it all happens “automatically” through habit and your sub conscious working in unison.

My best ideas come when I am in bed or relaxed and not thinking about business or marketing. That’s because my sub conscious is in the background ticking away and keeping everything going without me even realising it.

Here’s something weirdly fascinating. I am reading a book by Maxwell Malz called Psycho Cybernetics. I always read books like this because you get one shot at life and I sure as hell am going to give myself every chance of being successful. One of my friends laughed when he saw I had a shelf full of self-help books from Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor etc…. he’s broke and depressed. Go figure.

Anyway in the book Maxwell talks about the fact there have been studies of people put into a deep state of relaxation through hypnosis. Then they are touched on the head by a pen and told that it is a hot piece of iron. Amazingly they develop a sore as though they have just been touched with a hot piece of iron. How crazy is that?

This is happening because your sub conscious mind is the driving force behind your entire self. It cannot tell the difference between an actual situation that happened and an imagined thought handed over to it. So by getting your card and constantly reaffirming this date and thought process upon your sub conscious you are setting up yourself for something spectacular.

But that’s only stage one…

Believe you can do it because you bloomin’ well can!

When anyone asks me what one attribute I feel made me successful I don’t say it was my “marketing experience” or my “techie ability” because I never had any. In fact, I only learned how to use the Internet in 2004, a year later I started my own online business.

No, the number one factor I attribute to my success is the fact I have always believed I would one day be a millionaire. From the day I started my first t-shirt printing business (it failed miserably), I just knew I would be rich. I’d lay in bed imagining the flash car, huge home, being able to help my family and friends if they needed money… I’d lay in bed every night and just feel what that would feel like. I’d imagine actually having the nice car (I didn’t even drive back then) and the respect I’d have from people knowing I was a successful entrepreneur. And it made me feel pretty damned good.

I want you to do the same. Imagine what you would feel like to see tens of thousands hitting your account in twenty-four hours. Write down what you’d feel. Relief? Excitement? Joy? Blessed to be alive?

Ask yourself what you’d spend that kind of money on. Getting out of debt? Maybe a flash car? Mortgage repayments on a new home? Imagine how you would feel if you actually had those things in your possession.

Nothing is out of reach if you believe it will happen. You can create your own reality by following what I teach you. I’m not some insane self-help guru with teeth whiter than the stars in the sky who’s going to come round your house and high five you. I’m someone who has been there, done it and got the t shirt. I am going to teach YOU how to do the same. I know unequivocally that anyone who follows my system will be able to live their dreams but you do need to actually follow it.

Imagining wealth and reading from a card something that hasn’t even happened yet probably will feel weird. When I first did it I felt a bit dumb. Then I made twenty grand in a week. Now I’ve worked it up to thirty grand in a day. Next year I’m certain will be a hundred grand plus in a day and after that…

All of a sudden it’s not so dumb is it?

I assure you that over the next few weeks I leading up to Christmas I am going to give you some cracking videos that show you how to set up in the amazing business of email marketing. I’m going to show you things like the live video of my 30K launch. I’ve never seen anyone do anything like this. Probably because they might not be making the money they say they are. You’ll see I do and you’ll see it live.

I’m going to give you audios from my chat with a guy who has made over a million in a week from email marketing where we teach you some of our “underground” tricks.

I’m going to give you a live easy to follow video that shows you how to set up this business for twenty quid. And it shows you everything. Step by step.

Every week for the next month or so I’m going to give you a new blueprint that leads on from last week showing you how to make serious cash in this amazing part time business that can make you more in a few days than most do in a year.

In short I’m going to help you end this year knowing that next year will be the greatest financial year you’ve ever had when finally things start coming together for you.

But you need to hold your end up of the bargain. Or this just isn’t going to work.

So this week please follow what I have said. Create your goals card and read it ten times to yourself every time you feel it in your pocket. Every day, even for just five or ten mins, just imagine what it would feel like to be making the money of your dreams. Imagine whilst the whole economy is going balls up you’re making more money than ever (this will work regardless of the current climate).

I’m going to hold my end up of the bargain by giving you content ten times better than what others charge for, you need to give me a helping hand and do my little “tricks” no matter how quirky.

In 2009 you’re going to surprise yourself. Not me though. Because I know you’re going to do it.