In this weeks eletter I want to pull back the curtain on the monthly membership option if you sign up at There’s a lot of interest in this monthly program about pay per click marketing, so I wanted to clear things up on it once and for all.

Commission Blueprint Monthly – is this pay per click marketing program worth it?

In a previous issue of this eletter I reviewed the fantastic pay per click marketing course Commission Blueprint. At $97 it’s very good value. I’ve seen less quality information in DVD courses going at ten times that amount. The information was not only top notch but the creator, Steven Clayton, comes across as a very genuine guy who dislikes hype and B.S as much as I do.

Once you sign up to the Commission Blueprint course you get a one-time offer that offers you the chance to join their monthly membership site program. At $67 a month this isn’t cheap. But is it worth it? Well rather than review it back when I first signed up I thought I’d give the guys behind it a chance to prove themselves over a period of time. We’re now on month seven so I’ve got a good idea who this is for…and who it isn’t.

Let me first break down what you get from each month in the members area and then I’ll go into if this is for you or not.

Month One

I like the contents of month one. Steve covers writing effective AdWords ads, which quite frankly should have been in the Commission Blueprint course itself, not as a monthly add on. But he does a good job in the 34-minute video.

You get a 20-page report on advanced affiliate strategies. To be honest this is pretty basic stuff like piggy backing on product launches. Nothing really too advanced there.

Where month one really comes into its own though is with the blueprints on article marketing (which I am a HUGE fan of) and buying and selling web sites. Very, very cool information which is top quality. I’ve seen this before in courses like Ed Dale’s Dominiche but it’s top notch and Steve filters out the fluff and filler and only provides the good stuff.

Month Two

In month two you get another traffic eBook. It’s about article marketing and is pretty much a clone from month one. Not too impressed at all with the information in the report it’s very basic stuff you can get elsewhere for free. Month one’s info on article marketing info was much better.

Not to worry though. Steve makes up for it with a nice video on private label rights and a couple of ready-made landing pages and pre sell web sites promoting diet products and Forex trading products. Ok, so you could probably get these made up for you for far less than $67 and it would be unique to you. But this is good value all the same.

A word about the diet and Forex niche. You’ll be competing with the experts in those kinds of niche markets and have to be willing to pay a lot for clicks, or put in a ton of work. Personally I’d avoid them like the plague.

Month Three

In month three’s downloads you get access to the very, very cool hippjaw (where on earth did that name come from?) software. This will enable you track clicks, conversion and much more from your adverts and landing pages. It is so, so important you track everything or you could have a keyword your paying through your nose for that’s not making you any sales eating away at your ad budget.

You also get a video on search engine optimisation, most of which I agree with, some of it I think is a little pie in the sky. But it’s good value and well explained.

You also get a ready-made web site template for the “make money online” niche that promotes the actual commission blueprint product itself. Steve is turning his customers into affiliates here which is very clever. No problem with that as the CB product is a cracker.

Month Four

Month four is… ok. Not great. And this was where I started to get a little concerned. Steve walks you through the service at and and gives you software called “peel away ads” which is a little software script that makes the top of your web page curl away when people try to close your web page. The top peels away and offers them a free report. I’m not a big fan of it at all.

You also get a couple of reports on traffic, including YouTube traffic generation (I told you I was ahead of the game when I taught you that last year!). To be honest I wasn’t greatly impressed with his YouTube techniques. There wasn’t a fraction of the detail I gave you last year.

Month Five

This is more like it. After month four I was concerned the membership was starting to go downhill. In month five Steve picks up the quality again and covers ‘cost per action’ affiliate marketing. This is where you get paid for people who carry out a certain action, such as filling in an email form, on your web site for affiliate offers. It’s a very secretive business so I was excited to see the information.

Whilst the information is good, it’s pretty basic and does leave a lot of stones unturned. But it made CPA offers a lot more clear in my head – and for that was well worth the money.

Month Six

In month six you get the private label rights to one of Steve’s old courses on affiliate marketing. It’s a good’un, but has been sold to death in the past so I have a feeling if you want to make any money from it you’ll need to change it around a little. But it’s a good product all the same.

You get the web site and the tutorials showing you how to set up the site. So that’s pretty good stuff from Steve.

The one thing that bugs me about month six is I thought I’d signed up to this to get information on affiliate marketing, not selling my own products?

Month Seven

In the latest month you get some information about 3 way linking for search engines (again, I don’t completely agree with Steve’s search engine optimisation techniques) and you get access to a course teaching people how to make money by selling herbal products.

This brings me back to the previous question. Hadn’t I signed up to learn advanced affiliate marketing strategies?

Commission Blueprint Monthly – bottom line

I really do like Steve. The information he gives out is top notch and I like the way he gets to the point and doesn’t try to pad things out to make them more impressive.

If the price of this was a little lower (between $29-$49 a month) I’d recommend this wholeheartedly. As it is though, I give it two and a half out of five. Info is pretty good, but it isn’t focused enough on affiliate marketing and the advanced techniques I signed up for.

The original Commission Blueprint course is a cracker. This is still good, but I’d stick with the original.

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