It seems like recently I’ve been bashing one guru after the other with their poor products and empty promises.

Want to know if this weeks going to be any different? Ewan Chia’s new launch tells you how to increase web traffic and Ken Evoy tells you how to build a website. But are they any good? Read on.

Ewan Chia’s Instant Traffic – how to increase web traffic

You’ve probably heard of Ewan Chia. Ewan is a well-known Internet marketer who consistently claims to be the worlds top affiliate. Firstly that’s not true. He might have been the top affiliate in the Internet marketing niche (and I doubt he is any more) but he definitely isn’t the top affiliate in the world. There are many, many more making fortunes that we just don’t hear about because they’re too busy doing it, rather than telling everyone else about it.

Irrespective of that, Ewan does release a lot of products and over the years I’ve seen a lot of emails from people promoting his stuff. A few years ago I signed up to his Super Affiliate Coaching Club. I found his way of training with weekly teleseminars a tad boring and gave up. It cost me over 1K, and this led me to be a bit wary of his courses.

Anyway last week I got an email promising guaranteed traffic without spending a penny. That’s always going to prick up the ears of a marketer like myself so I went to his site ( to check out the goods.

This course is twenty seven dollars and consists of a 121 page eBook. Usually I’m sceptical when it comes to traffic eBooks because so many of them use “black hat” techniques that either don’t work, or won’t work forlong. This book however is well worth the price.

He starts with how to get traffic from the search engines and linking strategies using blogging, testimonials, email signatures in forums and so on. All good, solid stuff.

As the book progresses we are taught about content strategies for the search engines, viral marketing (very interesting section), social bookmaking, joint ventures and offline strategies.

All sections come with relevant screenshots and at less than thirty dollars if you’re struggling for traffic to your web site this is well worth a look.


You knew that was coming didn’t you…

I think that whilst a lot is covered a lot isn’t really covered in detail. By that I mean yes, he covers different traffic strategies but it’s all very brief, which is quite a feat as it’s a 121 page course.

For example the joint venture section is covered in four pages. In one of my seminars I talk about joint ventures and that particular module is over an hour long. So whilst he does cover a lot, there is so little detail there you have to work out quite a bit yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong. For the price you shouldn’t really expect him to give you a huge detailed video course, and there is enough for you to work with if you already familiar with the basics of online marketing. If you’re a newbie though I’d steer clear.

IID Verdict: Four out of five. Great price and good product. Could be a little more detailed though.

Ken Evoy’s Site Build It

So you want to build a web site. Now what?

Web site creation used to scare the bejesus out of me.

When I first started I was absolutely clueless about how to build a site. I literally knew nothing. Then one day I purchased a Phil Gosling product. I think it was called Online Publishing Revolution. It was a little pricey for three DVDs (at the time it was £750) but what I learnt from it has saved me a fortune over the years. For the first time I was shown step by step how to build and create my own web site from scratch easily. I owe Phil a lot for that.

Anyway these days a lot of newbie’s are turning to software like Ken Evoy’s famous Site Build It found at At three hundred dollars for one domain name this isn’t cheap. So I want to give you my opinion on it so you can decide it if it’s for you.

Firstly a reality check. On the SBI site you see a lot of hype about people receiving thousands of free visitors from the search engines all thanks to the SBI software. That’s not strictly true. It is not the software that gets them the visitors. It’s the fact they add content and get links. You can do that with any web site. In fact, you have more control over your search engine optimisation if you build your own site. I personally would never get software of this type just for the search engine aspects that are hyped up in the videos.

What I mean when I say you don’t have as much control, is that you can’t really edit pages exactly how you would if you were building your site using an HTML editor like Dreamweaver. If you ask any of the really, really successful boys in search engine optimisation (I’m talking the crowd over at Stompernet – tens of millions of dollars a year from the search engines) they all say that software like Site Build It should be avoided.

Having said that…

What makes this stand out for me is the training. Whilst SBI is advertised as a website builder, the training that comes with it makes this well worth the price for a complete newbie. It walks you through all the steps needed to go from zero to having a web site online. It isn’t easy, and it will take a hell of a lot of effort, but if building a site intimidates you this could be worth a look.

You get everything from keyword research tools to auto responders and more. And all is explained in a newbie friendly way.

One thing I will say is building a site doesn’t have to be hard. At all. When I knew absolutely nothing about site design I thought only techie geeks could do it. To a certain extent that’s right. I still can’t put together flashy looking web sites, yet I’ve made well, well over six figures from the net.

The point is as long as you can do basic things with web design, that’s all you need. You can watch my complimentary Niche Success videos below and I walk you from start to finish how to get a business online and show you how easy site building is:

SBI Bottom Line: If you’re just signing up to this because of the search engine aspect don’t. It’s not easy and it isn’t a magic button, despite what the site owner says.

However if you’re a complete and utter newbie and are willing to play around with it, overcome hurdles and get stuck in SBI could just be the final piece of the jigsaw that gets you online.

Your Memberlicense video present

Last week I walked you through a really cool new business blueprint you can use to make a killing from the net. Each month you get paid upwards of one hundred quid per person you get to sign up to your member license site.

I had promised to give you a no cost video this week on member licensing. However I want to give you nothing but the best content in this video and I had another idea to add to the model last night. So instead you’ll get a video that’s twice as long next week. Trust me it will be worth the wait. Just by watching the video next week you’ll know exactly how you can get into member licensing by legally “hijacking” a ready made member licence business. It’s really, really cool.

So whatever you do set aside twenty minutes or so next Tuesday to watch the video. It might just help you make this Christmas the best yet.