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My six-year old daughter, Belle, is so on trend…

She loves watching YouTube videos, especially anything to do with mermaids, gymnastics or drawing manga-style cartoon characters.

And just this morning before heading for school she was watching a YouTube channel called ‘Fun Toyz Collector’. It’s run by a mysterious woman (with a rather squeaky voice) whose videos consist ONLY of her unwrapping toys as she films herself doing it.

Yes, really, that’s it.

It sounds odd. And to be honest it probably is. But wait until you see the number of views she’s getting per video…

Her latest was only broadcast yesterday, but it’s already been watched over 107,000 times. And a five-minute video from last month of her unboxing ‘Play Doh Bubble Guppies’ has generated more than 2.4 MILLION views

Her most popular video – first broadcast 7 months ago – has so far had an incredible 216, 243, 928 views

Yes, that’s 216 MILLION!!!!!

And according to OpenSlate, a video analytics platform, the channel would have made an estimated $4.9 million in ad revenues during 2014.

Click here and you can see all the hot action here for yourself.

So what’s going on?

How did unwrapping toys become such a hit?

As I’ve said many times, when it comes to online content, there’s a niche for everything.

What’s more, those niches can garner immense audiences when they go global.

This is the beauty of networks like YouTube, where you can get an audience anywhere on earth with an Internet connection. And also where your viewers are encouraged to share those videos on their other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

I presume that with Fun Toyz Collector it’s kids watching these videos – alone, or with their parents, but you never know.

If there’s someone out there who finds it titillating to watch toys being unboxed, they’ll find these videos; that’s for sure.

As reported in The Guardian last Monday, this channel is now the biggest star of YouTube.

What’s remarkable is that the creator of the videos needs to do nothing more than open a toy while commenting on it.

These videos are by no means creative. She’s not using clever language. She’s not using humour. The camera work is basic.

Anyone could have done this. Anyone.

It’s earning big money too.

With the ridiculous number of views she’s getting, Fun Toyz Collector will be making a fortune. Why? Because YouTube pay you for the ads displayed during their videos. It’s not a lot if you’re only getting a few hundred views; but a seriously huge income if you’re getting a million hits or more per video.

This basic but brilliant success story reminds me of the Million Dollar Homepage business from 2006 where a British student sold off a bunch of pixels on a page to the highest bidders. He made that million in just four months.

But the reason I tell you this isn’t for you to gawp enviously at someone else’s success story.

There are a few valuable lessons in this for you…

1. Making a video for your business could be a powerful way to spread your message

YouTube is going from strength to strength. According to data analytics firm OpenSlate, YouTube’s top 100 channels generated 14.7 billion video views in January 2015… That’s double the number of views they got in January 2014.

Think about videos you could post on YouTube that would interest and enlighten your ideal target customer.

These could be product demonstrations, ‘how to’ tips, tours, educational presentations…

Your aim is to get people to like your video then share it with other like-minded people on their social networks.

If you can get people to post your video on their Facebook newsfeed, or Tweet it to their followers, you can begin to build up some serious viewing figures.

If you think of every video like a little advert for your business, you can see how that might translate into sales.

What’s more, you can put links to your website in the video description and advertise links at the top and tail of your video.

2. There’s money to be made in YouTube as a stand-alone internet business.

Fun Toyz Collector is part of a huge trend for video bloggers unboxing products: phones, clothes, shoes, X-boxes, you name it.

If you can tap into a niche with a strong fan base, you could have a popular YouTube channel of your own, generating a second income.

For instance, there are very popular channels for teaching instruments, advising people on makeup, cooking demonstrations and plenty more.

Do you have an area of interest that lends itself well to informative videos? Then this is a great way to publish your own content instantly, easily, to potentially billions of views.

What’s more…

3. You don’t need to be an expert, writer, celebrity or a film-maker.

Of course, there always a demand for experts, celebrities, business leaders, key influencers and taste makers. But you don’t have to be an authority in the traditional sense to run a successful YouTube channel.

People like to follow enthusiasts ‘like themselves’ who try things out on their behalf. This is how plucky amateurs can become Internet hits, even with no skills or qualifications.
It’s certainly worth thinking about YouTube videos if you are:

  • An affiliate seller in a competitive market – for instance, Internet marketing, weight loss, betting and financial trading.
  • Involved in an activity that requires the development of specialist skills – Examples include cycling, bridge, muscle building, gardening, poker, and photography.
  • Reviewing, testing or developing consumer products – for instance, make up, cleaning products, electronics.

But YouTube would also work well in any field of business: as long as you’re offering something of use to your prospects for free, that doesn’t demand they buy a product, then you can build an audience on YouTube.

Remember that YouTube videos also make great content for your website, giving it variety and catching those people who prefer to watch something than reading yet more text.

So consider turning your next blog post or update into a video instead.

YouTube marketing is definitely something I’ll be writing about more for Digital Upstart subscribers, so watch this space – if you’re not already watching Fun Toyz Collector, that is!

Have you come across any oddly addictive videos on YouTube?

What results have you achieved (good or bad) from your own videos?

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