There are two versions of Tweet Spice that you can purchase. The standard version is $77 and the deluxe version is $127. I dislike too many choices in life and would prefer it that the deluxe version was the sole version. I was inclined to get the standard version, but I soon saw that the only features really worth having were on the deluxe version.

I also would prefer it if the Tweet Spice software was cheaper. You can get free or low-cost alternatives, but I wanted to see if Tweet Spice was worth the money.

Tweet Spice is not a 21st century addition to the Spice Girls. It is a traffic-generating tool that utilises social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to find targeted people that would be interested in your websites.

The sales page is succinct and to the point, and refreshingly devoid of any hype or outlandish claims. But it is not until your sign up for the service do you get anything personable from the creator – like a name, for example. UK-based James Bowling is the author behind it. He pitches Tweet Spice as comprising of three main objectives: to build profitable lists and leads through Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers; to provide you with social media training through articles and videos; and to teach you Twitter marketing so you can have your tweets written for you. The software is currently only available on Windows, so Mac users are forced to miss out (no real need to despair though).

You can either register your interest on the sales-page and get access to a video tutorial or skip the inevitable resultant up-sell and directly buy the standard or deluxe versions of the Tweet Spice software.

The social media training is not that informative – I did not learn anything new. A lot of the information is available within the instructional content of the various social media sites.

The actual software is ok. On Twitter, you can set auto-followers to a predetermined number to increase the number of people that you follow and who follow you. There is an ‘Unfollow’ setting, which is redundant if you ask me, because you can easily do this on Twitter. The ‘Tweet’ function allows you to pre-set tweets to be posted at a scheduled time and date. The ‘Scheduled Following’ tab allows you to preset how many people you want to follow on a specific day. So far, there’s nothing worth the money paid and it all feels slightly like filler.

The most useful function is the ‘Target Following’ button. This allows you to find followers interested in your specific niche. Additionally handy is the ‘Find and Reply’ button that allows you to search for specific people who have tweeted or updated their status with a specific thing relevant to your niche. For example, someone could write: ‘I really want to learn the guitar’. You’d search for such people and target them with your ‘How to play the guitar’ website, or some affiliate link.

It’s all somewhat pedestrian, especially for the high asking-price. The standard version just is not worth having because it does not have the most-desired functions that you’ll find on the deluxe version. Tweet Spice will increase your list of followers, but it does nothing that other similar pieces of software don’t already do. When these alternatives are better priced than Tweet Spice (or in some cases free), then I can only recommend that you shop around to see what other options you have. If it was at a lower selling price then I’d be quicker to recommend it.