We’d all love a slice of the Facebook cake. Patric Chan maintains he has the cake-slicer that will allow us to have our share. Contrary to all the many products out there that tell you how to make money from Facebook, Patric Chan has found what might be a unique and original way: creating Facebook apps to distribute for free which then generate traffic back to your Facebook fan-page.

Patric Chan has been seen around in the world on Internet Marketing. Though I hadn’t heard of him, a quick Google suggests he has lectured about IM in many countries and has published books about making money online. He is not shy in showing off the good words other (more renowned) authors have said about him: people whose books I have actually heard of. There is enough to warrant a decent look at his product with an optimistic mind.

FB Apps Secret is a product that combines software and blueprints that instruct you in how to make money from creating Facebook apps. For $47 you get: the FB Apps Secret Blueprint, ‘where you’ll discover the exact 3 simple steps to make money online by using simple Facebook apps’; the FB App Secrets Software, which allows you to create the apps (one or more a day if you really want to) ‘that will have powerful viral features like “sharing” and “Liking” so that your app can grow on its own’; and the App Fast Cash Guide Blueprint, which ‘shows you the entire system to create income streams from Facebook apps.’

The price ($47) is reasonable for the three things that you’re getting – plus it’s a Clickbank product, so it’s covered if you’re not satisfied.

One thing I did wonder though, was about the origin of the software. I do not know if Chan created it himself, or if he had it created. It’s quite a basic piece of kit, but it does what it says it does.

The blueprints are informative but could do with being re-written or heavily edited by a decent editor or copy-writer.

The whole idea is a fresh way to make money from Facebook, but it is flawed by its inconsistencies. One moment you’re encouraged to focus on niches to create your apps, and the next you’re told that to really make a lot of money from increased traffic, you should create at least one app a day. Chan says: ‘If you could just focus on putting up an app a day, you would have 30 apps in a month to help you make money online on auto-pilot. By doing this consistently for 3 months, you’ll have almost 100 apps that can go viral to 800 million users to make money for you… on their own.’ My issue with this is my old bug-bear with niches. Niches are a lucrative method to making money from a select group of people, but you’re only ever going to interest them if they recognise a fellow enthusiast who evidently knows a lot about the niche in question. A lot of research into the niche could aid this, but this is more work. Chan comments: ‘Frankly, the sky’s the limit of your earnings from the apps — the only question here is how many apps do you want to start creating from today onwards?’ The only answer for me is the stark reality that, because I’m interested in quality rather than quantity, I really would struggle to come up with one app a day.

Additionally, Chan’s section about marketing and creating traffic generation left me unmoved. He correctly gets excited about the potential for your app going viral, but he incorrectly talks about it as if it’s an easy feat and a likely eventuality. His own blog page is liked by only 21 people on Facebook. Not exactly viral. Very few things go viral on Facebook. If I knew the ingredients needed for something to go viral I wouldn’t be writing this review. I’d be writing (inevitably bad) chat-up lines to try on Bermudan women.

However, there is something interesting and intriguing about the idea, and if you are curious about this avenue of money-making, then it’ll be worth a punt. Just make sure your apps are quality-driven rather than mass-produced without any heart or soul.