Charles Mutrie’s PLR Profit Jacker is a video training-course dedicated to instructing you on how to make money from PLR content by repackaging the content and selling it through affiliates on Clickbank and Paydotcom. Creating and selling PLR-derived products is an old tried-and-tested method of money-making that still merits your attention.

PLR – or private label rights – is a term for written content that you can purchase specifically to sell to others. It’s ideal for those who do not want to write, or do not have an adequate ability to write.

There are four good methods of using PLR articles: put your own stamp on them by re-drafting them thoroughly and posting them as articles on various directories (with a link back to your relevant website); combine PLR articles to form one package or ebook to sell; attached PLR content to your email series; and use PLR content in your own blogs.

The video tutorials are in two modules dealing respectively with how to produce products of different medias from PLR content, and how to market and promote your products.

I often think of written ebooks when I hear the words ‘PLR’, but the video tutorial is right to focus strongly on the other mediums available to you when using PLR content – video and audio – and the tools you can utilise to create new products. You’re shown where to find such PLR content and how to change it to make it your own.

I cannot stress the importance of quality if you’re going to make money from this venture. It won’t do to simply rehash PLR content into half-baked copied-and-pasted documents. You really should spend time to maximise the quality and to make it as professional as possible. Only then will your product sell. This training course points you in the right directions but it does little to instruct you in just how to create truly special products that people will want to buy, and will recommend to their friends or fellow aficionados.

Module Two deals with the nuts and bolts of making money from PLR reselling: how to find affiliates to sell through; how to create sales-pages and build your list; the pros and cons of Clickbank and Paydotcom and how to set yourself up with each.

PLR Profit Jacker is essentially as didactic and lecturing as the dramatically-voiced explanatory video on the sales-page. Kudos to them for actually explaining what the product is before you buy it, but my ears were overjoyed when the video ended and that voice went quiet. The actual videos in the course aren’t so bad, but as I said, they’re educational aids that give a good outline of how to start with PLR rebranding. You will need to go that extra mile afterwards and for that you’ll probably want to look beyond the content in this course, and will have to make further expenditures on such things as paying cover designers or voice-over artists or professional editors.

But for a payment of only $27, the information you get is probably worth it, especially as you also receive 600 quality articles comprised of an average of 750 words each. These articles are on a huge range of things and at the very least serve as inspiration for potential good subjects for your new products – providing you have at least some interest in the subject yourself. For example, I have absolutely no interest in cricket. I know it’s a dangerous game – you can die of boredom – but other than that I know very little. (Sorry to cricket fans – I’m only jesting). But because of my disinterest in cricket, I’d find it very hard to write an ebook about it, even if it was comprised of ready-written PLR content. Maybe all this goes without saying, but for a business to continue to make money, you need to think of these eventualities. Your initial products that have been created from PLR sources hopefully will provide a residual income, but sales figures will peak and you’ll need to create new products – and those products must be fresh, professional and of a high-standard in order for you to remain in grace with both your affiliates and your customers.