The Commission Mogul promotion

The idea behind affiliate marketing is as delightful as a sun-rise. You are paid commissions with no need for product development and your own sales, no need to provide support and seemingly no hassle. But you need to create a high-quality site in order to get people clicking on those affiliate links. One way of setting up a site with such value is through a review site centred around a specific niche. You provide people with the answers to their questions about the niche, and they are more likely to buy products from your affiliates. Commission Mogul is a ‘done-for-you’ system that is designed to allow you to earn easy affiliate commissions. For $47 (30-day money-back-guarantee), you get your own niche review site, from which you build a list and acquire commissions. Eliminating the need to do weeks of research into your specific niche, Commissions Mogul claims to remove the trial and error associated with setting up such a website and gives you a customisable niche review site of your own.

It’s wrong to feel so sleepy so early in the day isn’t it? It’s like I’ve taken a herbal tincture that will send me to sleep. I’m sorry, I should explain. I’ve just reminded myself of the overlong sales video for Commissions Mogul. Brett Ingram is the author behind the product and he needs a lesson in brevity. I’m surprised to find that the next Ice Age hasn’t happened yet; it took such an age for him to get to the point of telling us exactly what the product is. In what took me 150 words in the opening paragraph above, he took 150 years. Ok, I exaggerate, and to be fair to the man behind the oft-criticised My Traffic Formula 2.0 and Niche Traffic, when he did get to the point, he really explained the idea behind the product well.

Through Commissions Mogul, Brett will take care of the following for you: keyword research; niche review site installation & configuration; niche review site customization; content creation & management; list building; monetisation; and provision of a ‘backlink bootcamp’ (essential for getting on the first page of Google). These modules that Brett presents you with are informative, especially so for the newcomer. The resultant websites are professional looking and it’s worth the money to not have to worry about the technical trap-falls that are associated with the creation of such websites.

You don’t need to know anything about coding, setting up auto-responders, writing copy, etc. Your only daily tasks are following instructions on where to set up backlinks to draw more traffic to your site. Besides this, you are really left with very little to do. You are even provided with what some people might regard as a neat little plug-in that gives you a few months of auto-updated content for your auto-blog, keeping your site looking fresh for the search engines. However, I think the folly of products like this is epitomised by this plug-in. There’s potentially nothing in the content of your niche review website that is original to you – none of your heart and soul. It’s almost too lazy – almost like a get-rich quick scheme – with the only reason for being to convert traffic into money. I don’t think niche sites like this will ever make much money. With so much automated content, people will quickly see that there’s no real passion inherent in the website and they’ll soon go elsewhere.

In addition, there is another glaring obstacle that I believe will prevent you from making much money through Commissions Mogul. There are only ten niches to choose from once you’ve signed up: ‘You pick the niche you want from our 10 handpicked, red-hot moneymakers’. This is severely limiting. Despite the claim that Brett will only sell so-many websites per niche, it wouldn’t take too many people to have the same niche as you before the competition on Google is as saturated as a typical British Spring-time. And that’s before you take into account other people independent of Commissions Mogul, that have similar websites based on similar niches. To stand out from the crowd, you would really have to think of original ways to approach your niche, and that rather negates the whole point of the product. I think passion is a necessary ingredient for any successful website, and unless you target a niche that you actually feel passion for, and inject this into the site, ignoring any automated content, then your affiliate clicks are going to be few and far between.