Gaz Cooper is the founder of the Amz Training Academy. The biography on his website states that Gaz has been involved with Internet marketing since the 1990s. That’s quite some heritage! After time away making a lot of money through leisure and tourism, he went back to Internet marketing and once more began to make money in that field. He noticed how people were complaining in forums that they were not making any money online and he thought: ‘How is it that I’ve only just got back into this Internet marketing thing and I am already making a nice income while these people are still struggling to make their first $1 online without any success at all? If I can show people what I do and teach them step by step exactly what I do, I KNOW they will begin making money on the internet the same way that I have’. And so, he set about creating a web community where he and others would collaborate and help one another become successful Amazon affiliates. The Amz Training Academy membership site was born: a membership site offering all the training you need to make money online using Amazon.

Gaz is right to realise that ‘the beauty of physical product marketing is the fact that MILLIONS of people are going to buy this stuff each and every day whether it’s through us or not’. Herein lies the attraction of being an Amazon-affiliate: you can get paid for every one of those sales if they visit Amazon through one of your sites.

The membership site is aimed at beginners and intermediates, but experienced Internet marketers might benefit too. The site offers a step-by-step series of courses to set your affiliate websites up and earning commissions; an active community and forum; full support form Gaz and his team; complete WordPress training for building websites; an ‘Authority Site’ course to show you how to build larger multi-product sites; a Facebook course to teach how to harness the power of Facebook for selling Amazon products; a YouTube course to take advantage of video-marketing; a growing library of videos and PDF reports; and free hosting and WordPress theme, optimized for selling on Amazon. All this amounts to an arsenal of tools that will help you stay motivated to put in the required effort to see good returns, potentially shaving months off your learning curve.

To see just how much information there is on the membership site, you can get a 7-day trial for $4.95. After that, it’s $37 per month – which would mount up if you weren’t happy with what you’re getting. You can cancel anytime and all payments are reassuringly through Clickbank. There are the usual testimonials from satisfied members, of which Gaz comments: ‘All the testimonials below are REAL members of the Amz Academy. All the testimonials are verifiable and are on file. In fact, you will meet them in the Amz CommunitySupport Forum’. Fair point, that. I had a quick look in the seemingly active forum and though I did not contact any of them, there were a couple of names familiar from the testimonials. Gaz is active in the forums too, as he also is in such places as Warrior Forum. Also, refreshingly, there are no screenshots of any earnings on the sales-page, as Gaz (rightly) says they can be faked.

The 7-day trial period is ample time to have a good look around the website and decide if it is something you want to invest time in. However, jam-packed with info though the site is, it could really benefit from being presented in a better way. It sometimes feels like a mish-mash jumble of articles, videos and PDFs. So much so, that it can be overwhelming as you lose your way through the many pages of information on offer. The courses are fine to access but if there were a more concise way of accessing some of the peripheral nuggets, it would make for a more user-friendly experience.

I heard that Gaz recently sold several sites sitting in the number one spot of Google to some of his Academy members. He therefore asserts that they can confirm that he knows what he is doing as far as Amazon is concerned. Amazon supposedly makes $1084 every second. If you want a sliver of this gargantuan pie, then you could do with gaining the insight of someone who knows what they’re doing on Amazon. Is Gaz Cooper such a person? I am impressed with the information inside the website, and for the modest trial-fee, you can be your own judge of that.