In case you missed this, a quick recap…

Last week I revealed why everyone who starts an online business has to use content marketing in some form or other. Click here to read.

This includes blogs, emails, videos, eBooks, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks – all great for building your business and getting customers.

I also explained that not all content marketers are the same.

There are different types, each requiring different approaches, styles and skills.

And to help you work out which one you are, I profiled three types of content marketer – The Enthusiast, The Seeker and The Reviewer.

Today I’m going to look at the final four…


From clothes and furniture designs to watercolours and fantasy novels, The Creator shares their love of what they do: the process, their inspirations, the techniques, the challenges and the joys of turning ideas into a reality.

EXPERTISE: You’re creative, writer, artist, photographer, crafter, designer, singer, musician, software creator, flower arranger, architect, filmmaker, up-cycler, garden designers, chef, cake makers… it doesn’t matter how successful you are yet, as long as you are already doing it.

PERSONALITY: Creative, enthusiastic, open minded and happy to share your work processes, techniques and insights with others.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “Look what I’ve just made!”

CUSTOMERS: there are two audiences: people who enjoy looking at, reading or using what you create, and also people who create similar products, or who want to learn how.

This part of the audience is fascinated by the creative process and wants to get the same inspiration, skills and knowledge so that they can do the same.

MARKETING TOOLS: A blog with an email newsletter for private updates and insights. Plus social media platforms to build an audience and share their work:

  • Twitter – popular with creators, especially for making connections with other creators. A great way of networking and sharing your work
  • Facebook – to build a closer more personal following, sharing films and photos
  • Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest – for photographers, painters, designers, architects and anything with a strong visual element
  • Soundcloud – a place to share music, sound files, radio broadcasts and interviews – for anything with a strong audio element, this will be important
  • YouTube and Vimeo – for films, music videos, live demonstrations.


  • Selling your own creations
  • Recommending materials, tools and resources on an affiliate basis
  • Selling your processes, techniques and skills in the form of an information product, tuition or consultancy.

Is this you? Or have you come across great creative businesses that you admire?


The Champion is so passionate about their product, service, business or industry that they are compelled to share it with others.

EXPERTISE: You run an existing business or you have a lot of experience in a business or industry sector.

PERSONALITY: Enthusiastic about your business enough to shout about it.

You are proud of what you have to share.

You want to help customers and much as sell to them.

You believe they should know all the facts and have all their questions answered.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “I love my job!”

MARKETING TOOLS: Social networks to spread the word.

Twitter is perfect for spreading your message.

A Facebook page is also a good way of making connections.

LinkedIn will be vital for hooking up with other business champions, influencers and potential customers.

Storify is a good way of gathering and presenting business information, events news and unfolding stories.

A blog as part of your business website, plus an email in order to share more sensitive insights or offer personal practical help direct to their best followers.

COMMERCIAL BACKEND: The Champion is a sales magnet for their business: they help attract more customers, encourage them to buy more and retain them for longer.

The Champion makes money through increased sales of their own product or service.

Have you come across Champions in your field of business you could model yourself on?


The Persuader is a not-for-profit crusader looking to solve a social, environmental, spiritual or political problem.

EXPERTISE: You might be a lone crusader, or part of a pressure group, charity, club or political party.

PERSONALITY: A deep connection to a cause, with ideals, passions and ambitions.

More concerned about the outside world than they are about themselves and motivated by the goal, not the financial pay off.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “This is worth fighting for.”

MARKETING TOOLS: Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, publicise the cause and gather followers.

A blog and email in order to establish their own platform and convert that attention into action. or Storify are ways of gathering and presenting campaign information, events news, conference discussions, and unfolding stories.

COMMERCIAL BACKEND: Although you’re not primarily interested in making money, you can attract investment, funds and other sources of income by communicating your subject matter to the right people.

Are you a persuader? If so, what are you biggest worries and challenges? 


The Professional is a distinguished expert willing to share their story and insights freely with those who are in the same field or industry.

EXPERTISE: You are paid for your high level of skills and expertise.

For instance, CEO of a company, a published author, a professional accountant, a bookmaker, a university professor, a marketer, doctor accountant, architect, educator.

PERSONALITY: Skilled, Confident, knowledgeable, experiences. Happy to pass on what you learned and help others.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “In my experience…..”

MARKETING TOOLS: You will undoubtedly have you own website, or company website, with blog and email.

An ideal platform is LinkedIn, then Twitter, which allow you to keep in touch with other professionals and also your audience.

You may use something like  and Storify for sharing information to a more serious-minded audience.

COMMERCIAL BACKEND: Likely to be business to business, The Professional can make money through many routes including consulting, mentoring, membership sites, live events, online courses or their own company’s products.

Are you a professional?

Who are your biggest rivals?

Is there anyone similar with a great website and online presence that you admire?

Now it’s over to you…

So that’s now all 7 content marketing types profiled.

Which is closest to you?