I want to crush a few myths for you…

I’ve finally managed to persuade one of my most trusted business contacts to share details of a Facebook marketing formula that helped him generate £500,000 in 2 years.

Much better he’ll show you how you can use the same strategy for your own business.

You don’t need to have any interest in using Facebook yourself as a social media network or have even visited the site before!

But if you want to start driving qualified traffic to your website or are just starting out this is a must attend event.

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Get Qualified Traffic Fast & Cheaply

In the past, Google Adwords was the first place you’d go to if you wanted to buy traffic.

But in the last few years Facebook has established itself as a worthy and in some ways more exciting alternative.

With the right approach, Facebook really could help you generate thousands of qualified leads, website traffic, email sign ups, sales…

And all without the need for a huge advertising budget, digital marketing experience or social media skills.

Let Damian show you how on this free webinar

In 2014, almost half the UK population had a Facebook account. That means it’s pretty much a certainty that your ideal prospects are using Facebook. And to be honest, if you don’t use it your competition will.

Join Damian and me on this free and you’ll discover:

* How to get started for less than a fiver! (Damian will show you why every single penny you invest in your ads is NEVER wasted but provides vital market data)

* How to create Facebook ads that convert like crazy BUT only cost you a fraction of what other people spend

* How to avoid the #1 mistake 97% of Facebook marketers make – ignoring this can kill your conversion rates

* 10x ROI Strategy – Damian reveals how he turned wasted website traffic into repeat buyers that average him a return of £10 for every £1 invested.

* PLUS 2 FREE resources of “insider information” to help laser target your ads. (Companies spend £000’s compiling this data – you can access it for £ZERO!)

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Damian risked £70,000 so you don’t have to

Damian is a great guy and I’ve known him for almost 10 years. He’s an entrepreneur, successful property investor, publisher and marketer.

He’s also the author of 3 best-selling marketing books.

Like many property investors the financial crisis back in 2008 forced Damian to look elsewhere for new opportunities.

And so he embarked on a journey to crack Facebook as a way to drive qualified traffic to his other businesses.

For a year he attended virtually every single Facebook course, seminar and workshop. He invested £20,000 in training… then another £50,000 in testing.

But his gamble paid off…

After 12 months tweaking and testing he generated over £500k worth of sales.

And now he has a system that consistently works in virtually every market and niche.

Once I heard about it, I knew I had to find out more.

And thanks to a bit of gentle persuasion, I’ve got him to put on this webinar just for me (and you if you’re interested of course!)

Seriously, if you want drive qualified traffic to your website, then this is a must-attend webinar.

All you have to do is click here, sit back and listen to Damian explain his story: