You’ll be inundated with emails today from all the usual bunch promoting everything under the sun. This week it is a program that tells you how to set up a niche social networking site and then ‘reap the rewards’ through Internet marketing. Thing is, Niche Socializer is by two guys with sterling reputations, so is it worth it?

As far as niche marketing is concerned, can you really be the next Facebook?

The answer to the above question is no, you can’t.

I’ve been receiving tons of emails over the past few days from the Internet marketing Brady bunch (who’d happily promote the opening of an envelope) telling me: “Yes Jon! You really can duplicate the success of They have one hundred and fifty million users. Imagine the money that could make you!” Give. Me. Strength.

If you don’t know already, Facebook is a social networking site where people can integrate with their friends online and do all sorts. The money the site is turning over is insane. The reason for that is because they nailed the market. They overtook, which was the original leader in social networking sites and dominated the market.

For some of these gurus to be saying you can just copy their success and duplicate it is nothing short of embarrassing. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

“Here, spend five hundred bucks on this and make one hundred and fifty million”. That is the foundation of some of the emails I’ve been getting which is just plain sad. These gurus need to grow up and realise they’re not speaking to a bunch of kids.

Now I need to state here that the guys behind it are Tim and Steve of They are genius marketers and their products are top notch.


You just knew there was a but coming didn’t you…

But I have a horrible feeling that they’re starting to fall into the same trap many people do who go from nowhere to guru superstardom overnight. They seem to be releasing a new product every two months, so I genuinely hope this doesn’t mean the standard of their products will drop. As long as the products are good I don’t care how often they promote.

These two guys are completely genuine, of that I have no doubt. But I’m not that impressed with their latest offer if I’m honest. Brilliant marketing by them, but I don’t think the whole social network phenomenon will be successful enough for niche markets.

For example they say that rather than create a social networking site for everyone like Facebook did, you use their new software to create a site for just, say, dog lovers or just gardeners. You make money through advertising by placing adverts relevant to the content on the site.

I think the idea there is a potentially sound one. However you’re going to need a hell of a lot of users to see profits that are worthwhile. The marketing of this so far makes it sound as though it’s going to be easy. It most certainly will not. Facebook grew because of the fact people could invite their friends to join. It grew virally. People invited their friends to join Facebook so they could “hang out together” online.

I have my doubts as to how well this would work with just gardeners. For example think of your main hobby, how many of your friends have exactly the same interests? Four? Five? Maybe a little more or less, but it certainly won’t be the dozens or even hundreds of invites per new Facebook user.

I don’t want to bang on about this too much because my answer is pretty simple and if you don’t know what Facebook is I’ll just confuse you. For me personally I don’t think this is as big an opportunity as is being made out. At all. The usual lot are promoting it for big commissions but I’d be very, very surprised if you saw them build their own social network using the software.

Steer clear. The creators are great, trustworthy guys. I just don’t think this is worth the money (unlike their previous Commission Blueprint course)

PayPerClickFormula – the verdict

Last week I told you I had just signed up to Gauher Chaudry’s Pay Per Click Formula. This course is all about using pay per click marketing to drive traffic to a cost per action advertisement where you get paid if someone enters their email address for example.

As I mentioned over the past few weeks, cost per action marketing is the next big thing online. It’s been around for a long while but only recently with The Arbitrage Conspiracy (which flopped big time incidentally) and now the Pay Per Click Formula has the “underground” cost per action industry been brought into public view.

And let me tell you something that is very, very exciting.

I for one have been stunned over the past few months as I have researched this opportunity at just how much money can be made. We’re talking tens of thousands every day. Ok, admittedly that’s not going to happen overnight, but it can be done. And it’s like no other opportunity I have seen in a long time.

So onto Gauher’s course…

Like the guys behind Commission Blueprint I trust this guy completely (at the moment anyway). He comes across as a genuine guy and as I said last week he actually told people on the sales letter not to buy it if they didn’t have much money to spend. That’s the kind of honesty I respect.

Having gone through the course I must admit I’m half and half. I think the course is very well thought out, structured and put together. It’s a tad frustrating when some of his videos are just three minutes long and you find yourself clicking from one video to another so often, but the content is very good.

Unfortunately one of the most important parts of the cost per action business, picking the right CPA offer, is covered way too briefly for me. This could leave a lot of people wasting a lot of time and money on the wrong type offer.

It’s a goodun though. And for me it was worth the investment. But only because it opened my eyes to a different route with this business model.

At the weekend subscribers to my Digital Upstart printed newsletter saw me show them how to use a little “loophole” on the Internet to drive traffic to cost per action offers in a way you virtually can’t lose. The feedback has been awesome:

“Fascinated by the business you revealed in this April issue!”

“Just read the blueprint WOW what a concept”

“This is one of the first blueprints I know even this old man can work. Thank you”

I showed people a great way to earn from cost per action where you get paid as much as thirty quid (as opposed to fifty pence) from cost per action. It’s a little bit crazy, but boy is it a powerful concept. If you’re not yet signed up to the printed newsletter check out

And this is what makes me umm and ahh about Gauhers course. It shows you about cost per action but it shows you how to drive traffic using pay per click, which as you will know I am far from fond of. Gauher admits that the reason he likes ppc is because it’s so quick and he hasn’t really got time for the other traffic generation methods.

I know a hell of a lot about traffic generation and there are far, far better ways to generate huge amounts of traffic without pay per click marketing.

Over the next few months I’m going to be testing the new concept I have had for this cost per action business. I am pretty much certain that if I use a certain strategy (I won’t let you know until I’ve tried it), I can get as much traffic as I want to any cost per action offer on the internet without spending a penny. It’s a bit, shall we say, “out there” but if it works it might just be the coolest little money maker around.

And I mean if it works. It might fall on its backside like a drunk baby. But I’m going to give it a crack, and I’m pretty sure I’ll nail it.

So my advice with cost per action courses like Gauher’s is wait a little while. I promise you there’ll be a ton of these cost per action courses coming out as people start to realise just how much can be made from these offers. I urge you to wait a couple of months though. Let me try out this system and idea I’ve had, because if it works it’ll blow all the others out of the water.

Cross your fingers and toes for us all. It may be a life changer.