Drop whatever you’re doing and read this week’s eletter right now. It is very, very important, especially if you want to know how to make pay per click advertising work for you.

Google Shadow? My honest opinion of this pay per click advertising model

Today sees the launch of yet another product that promises to “change the game forever”. It has been created by the same guy that has promised to change the game forever numerous times before, Chris Mcneeny of Day Job Killer fame.

A few years ago Chris certainly did change the game with his first two products – Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer. His tactics for promoting products as an affiliate were cutting edge, proven and resulted in all sorts of clickbank records being broken with his sales.

Since then we have seen a whole host of products being launched by him. All with the names such as “nemesis” to try and make it seem as though he’s stumbled upon a technique Google never wanted anyone to know. Some of these products were ok, many were under par, and for me he hasn’t been able to hit the peak of his original products.

So does Google Shadow warrant the dozens of emails I have received already in the past week about today’s launch?

No. Not in my opinion.

You see Google Shadow is based upon the old Google cash techniques. This is essentially where you link from a pay per click advert directly to the site you are promoting. This is a huge time saver because it means you don’t need your own site or products to sell. You just bung up a few adverts marketing a website and sit back and count the cash.

Or so the DJK people would have you believe. Truth is it isn’t that easy. Firstly as I have said time and time again, pay per click advertising is not, I repeat not, easy. The claims that you can get started for a few bucks in pay per click are true. However it costs a lot in time and money to get it right. You need to test and tweak adverts until they’re perfect or you’ll lose money. So yes you can start without a lot of money, but you need to spend a lot before you get it perfected.

Another factor to bare in mind here is that whilst the “Google Shadow” might make one hundred grand in thirty days he might have spent eighty grand in Adwords costs. Obviously this is just a hypothetical number but people seem to forget than with Adwords you need to spend money to make it.

Finally, and here’s why I recommend you steer clear before I’ve even seen it, whilst Chris says you need to buy it because the shadow has figured out a way to market affiliate products through direct linking, that’s the exact reason why I say you should avoid it. Yes it may, and please take a note of may, work for now. But all it takes is Google to change their terms of service, which they do regularly, and this technique will be dead in the water. You could spend months setting this all up and just as it becomes a little profitable boom, Google changes and your ads are no longer accepted. That’s a lot of time and money down the drain.

When you add this to the fact you are not building an asset of your own, such as your own affiliates or an email list, I can safely say this should be avoided. In the past I have received emails from subscribers saying things like “I know you said not to buy Google Nemesis but I did and now I can’t get my Adwords ads to make profit”. Don’t be one of these people sucked into this one. You could just end up regretting it in a few months.

Mark this date down in your diary

With all of this in mind you may be thinking “well, what should I be starting Jon?” My answer is, and always will be, build your own email list. That way even if Google does change, even if the economic climate is in turmoil, you’ll be able to push a button promoting a product to your list and you’ll make cash.

What do you think Chris Mcneeny, Rob Benwell, Mike Filsaime, Eban Pagan, Frank Kern and all the other people sending you email are doing? Whether they claim to be expert affiliate marketers, product creators, business growth experts or whatever – all of them, without fail, have an email list of people hungry for information.

Do you really think Chris is launching Google Shadow because he wants to get back at Google? Hell no. It’s because he will add tens of thousands of people to his email list. Which means more money. Simple as that.

So how do you go about building your email list? That’s simple as well. You do what I tell you.

Before Christmas I sent out a couple of blueprints for building your list. Did you take action and use the information, or twiddle your thumbs and make excuses why it wouldn’t work for you?

Digital Upstart subscriber Stuart had the balls and the get up and go to make something happen rather than just daydream. Here’s an email I received from him on Sunday.

“Hi Jon,

Hope you’re having a good weekend mate.

Just wanted to tell you that I am having a little success with the email plan you have mentioned over Christmas! I have a few subscribers and am enjoying the process of writing the report to give away and the feeling that hopefully some people are getting some info that they were looking for. It makes sense when you think about it that you only need to help people and over deliver in order to keep them happy. I am well on the way to 60 articles so I hope that will help increase numbers of subscribers.


If you haven’t yet seen that blueprint, I’ll tell you where you can read and watch it (comes with videos as well) shortly. But first let me tell you about the news you’ve been waiting for.

My new product that shows you exactly how to build an email list into the tens of thousands and then pull money from them like a virtual cash machine is launching on Friday 20th February. That’s just over a week and a half. And you need to be ready for it.

I’ll repeat that. Friday 20th February.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are a very limited amount of copies available at a launch price which is cheap. Way undervalued in my eyes. But it is only available at that price until we sell the limited amount of copies. Then it goes up by a few hundred quid.

Now from the amount of emails I’ve had since Christmas about this I know this is going to sell out fast. How fast I really couldn’t tell you. But it’ll be quick. Real quick. So if you want to get your hands on the eformula that I used to make thirty grand in a day from a tiny, tiny email list (you could build your own list to that size in a few weeks) you need in on this. It’s a chunky manual and ten live video training CD Roms.

The great thing about this is not only can it be just copied, so you don’t need to do any thinking yourself, but it can be copied from my live training CDs. I know from experience that just reading a manual or watching a guy speak on stage is not an easy way to learn. So instead you’ll see me build a site, use unheard of techniques to build a list and much more before your very eyes. All you do is watch what I do on screen and copy it for your chosen niche market (I show you tons of ways to find markets where people are spending big as well).

The point is this is a killer, killer product where demand is outstripping supply. Please don’t email me asking me to reserve you a copy or if you could pay now. I’ve had an avalanche of people asking me to do that already and I’ve had to say no. Instead just make sure that come the afternoon of the twentieth of this month you’re ready to snap up your copy.

Of course you don’t have to buy it then. You can wait, but you’ll have to pay almost double the initial launch price and I can’t be sure how soon we’ll re-launch it. So the bottom line is if you want to learn how to make huge amounts of cash, fast, then you need in on this.

How much cash? How fast? What about thirty grand in a day? That’d be pretty sweet right? Well go to the link below for a blueprint on how to build a list plus videos showing me make that cash right before your very eyes.


Next week I’m going to give you a video that will show rock solid, undeniable and absolute proof that my new eFormula product has a very real value of over twenty grand. And it actually has nothing to do with the fact I made thirty grand in a day using the system. No sir. You’re going to want to see it. It’ll be an eye opener to say the least.

And don’t panic you won’t have to pay twenty grand or anything like it. In fact, it won’t even be close to one grand. And that’s why you’re going to have to act fast.