Every now and then I feel the need to use this newsletter to rant and rave about the current state of the business and Internet opportunity industry. Usually it’s about an internet marketing moron or so-called expert selling rubbish and hyped up dreams to people. Unfortunately this week it might just be about you!

Do you have the balls to read on? We’ll soon find out…

Last week I recieved an email from a guy who I shall not name for obvious reasons. He emailed me saying: “You take ages to get to the point. I don’t have the time to read 1500 words just to find out what you are talking about. Unsubscribe me”.

When I get emails like that my blood boils somewhat. Not because I am offended, but because this is a prime example of what is wrong with the Internet marketing and biz opp industry.

To explain this, I shall give you an analogy.

The Pitcher Plant – keep it in mind and you too can become an internet marketing expert

The pitcher plant is a very unusual plant. Like the venus fly trap it reverses the usual process of nature and consumes insects rather than vice versa.

The venus trap works in the same principle as a bear trap. It lures the prospect in and then shuts tightly round it, trapping it before consuming it. Blimey!

The pitcher plant is far more clever and subtle than that though. It is akin to a drug addiction.

As the name implies it is shaped like a pitcher. The inside of the plant is covered in a sticky nectar. The smell from this surrounds the plant and draws insects to it like bees to honey. It smells and tastes so good that droves of insects are drawn to the plant.

Big mistake mr insect sir. You see, what happens is whilst the insect thinks he’s getting a meal on the house it’s the other way round.

It is no coincidence that the slope at the top of the plant is almost imperceptible. And that the tiny, nectar coated hairs on the inside of the plant slope one way: downwards towards where the plant digests these little insects for food!

Gravity, the tiny hairs and the nectar all mean that the fly will travel further and further into the trap. The poor fly is so intent on enjoying the good, addictive food, it is oblivious it is being lured to a slow death.

Why should the fly worry? He was wings – he can just fly off. Well that’s the thing. Eventually he see’s the partly digested remains of insects that did exactly what he did and met a grisly end. So he tries to fly off. Unfortunately he has gorged himself so much that he is twice his normal weight. His wings and legs are coated in a sticky nectar and the more he struggles the more he gets stuck. In other words he is now screwed and is going to end up the same way his pals did. Doomed.

Ok, so what has this got to do with you?

If you read this far…

Then don’t worry. You are not too far “in” just yet.

I have no doubt that I will get someone emailing me accusing me of being sexist because I referred to the fly as a “he” and not a “she” or “it”. No matter how hard I try I will always have people too far in the business opportunity pitcher plant.

If we think about the fly is lured in by something of promise. A gorgeous meal that is so easily accessible it seems too good to be true. Even when the fly can see that it is a trap it is too late. He is too far in.

The same can be said for business opportunities. When I received the email from the guy who said that he could not read 1500 words to find the point, I got angry. Not because he offended me, people like him could not, it was because people in this industry have got to the point when they think everything should be handed to them on a plate.

I calmly and politely emailed the guy back saying “I find it sad that you cannot read 3 pages of words for the sake of yours and your family’s financial future”. And it is sad. Very sad. People seem to have lost sight of the fact that making money is not the easiest thing in the world. They don’t realise that business takes work, motivation and persistence.

The reason internet opportunities are like the pitcher plant is because before you started on the internet you, quite rightly, thought that making money was not easy. Then as you progressed into the internet business scene more you are exposed time and time again to promises of overnight millionaire status. You start to believe wealth is the easiest thing on the planet, in the same way that the fly believes eating the nectar that is so readily available is easy.

The problem is the more you buy these hyped up dreams, the longer you spend waiting for the “perfect” opportunity the further away from reality you are getting. Soon you find yourself buying products and if they don’t make you a fortune overnight you give up. Recently I had someone email me saying they had made one hundred pounds from a technique I taught them. I had said it could bring in five hundred quid a week. They told me the technique didn’t work because they didn’t make the five hundred I said it could.

That is a prime example of someone too far into the internet marketing pitcher plant. Like the fly they are looking at things from a false reality. No one deserves instant wealth. No one deserves to have things handed to them on a plate. And if you think that very soon you will come unstuck. By the time you realise you may have to actually put a bit of work in to make a fortune you will have wasted time on the “nectar” of get rich quick schemes and ludicrous guru promises. I want you to promise yourself that you will get out of this “I deserve to be rich” mindset. You only deserve to be rich if you put the work in. Otherwise you will end up like the rest of the suckers, broke and angry.

I am somewhat of a clever (not to mention modest) git and if you have read this far you can pat yourself on the back.

You are not yet too far into the internet marketing pitcher plant. Because you have read this far you do not expect wealth to just be handed to you and know you need to work at it and learn it and are willing to do so.

And that my friend is where I can genuinely, hand on heart, help you. I do not care for the people who are not willing to work, let alone read three pages of content, for their future. For those who are, and who genuinely want to make a change, I am working on something very special. Just for you. For those who are not too far into the pitcher plant and are still in touch with reality and the fact business and wealth needs work I am updating my much acclaimed Niche Success videos.

These won’t cost you a thing and will be with you either next week, or the week after. But they are updated and better than ever for this year.

And for those who didn’t read this far. Well, you look exceedingly ugly today.

Can say what I want if they don’t read it can’t I!?