It’s not often that I can comfortably recommend something before I’ve even seen it. However today see’s the launch of an internet marketing must have. John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 is a course that changed my life forever, and can change yours too.

An internet marketing must have – John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0

You may know the story of Roger Banister. Before this guy everyone said it was physically impossible to run a mile in four minutes. However Roger believed it was within reach and on May 6th 1954 Roger ran it in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

After others had witnessed this all of a sudden many other people started running a mile in under four minutes. It no longer seemed impossible because they had seen someone else do it with their own two eyes. It’s amazing how the mind works.

The same thing happened in internet marketing just a few short years ago. John Reese, an “unknown” at the time launched his Traffic Secrets course and made over a million in sales in one day. One million. One Day. Jeeze.

After that others started doing it too. It no longer seemed like an impossible dream because others had witnessed John’s launch and seen the proof. John had set the bar really high and now others were able to see that kind of success as a realistic target. It has since been done many times in different markets.

Today sees the launch of John Reese’s new course Traffic Secrets 2.0. Over the past few weeks he has been building up to this day and has given away some amazing video content with some new traffic strategies that I really like. One was on “Owning more of the internet” and one, which I’d never heard of before, was giving away software tools to generate traffic.

Anyway as I got to the end of the videos I was truly shocked when John started to talk about the price. His original course was a grand. That was a few years ago. So before you read on I want you to do an exercise. If his original course was a grand, and that was (I believe) launched four years ago how much should his new course be? Seriously, this is a great business exercise so have a think?

Don’t read on until you have thought of a price he’ll probably be selling it for. It’ll be worth it.

…Got an idea yet?

A marketing shocker

In today’s internet marketing world of false promises and inflated prices John Reese has decided to do something different. Really different. Instead of selling the new Traffic Secrets course for more than the previous one, which would make sense (is that what you thought?), he is selling it for just below four hundred dollars. It’s a large CD Rom set, a large workbook, access to a support community and more. And he’s selling it for a price that is criminally low. Why would he do this? Is he off his rocker? No. The guys is an absolute genius.

You see when John first sold traffic secrets no one was really selling anything for a grand. People saw that it was an expensive product and rather than thinking “this is too expensive” a hell of a lot of people thought “if it’s this much it must be something special” and took the plunge with it. In other words it was different. John had a unique selling position by offering something at a price that was pretty unheard of.

Now John is going the other way. People are now consistently bombarded with offers of high end seminars, DVD programs and online workshops and will have also been burned by these offers. That means that when you see another offer for “the next big thing” at a grand you think twice. John has realised this and is instead offering a huge package of materials at an insanely low price. In other words he’s making sure he stands out from the crowd. Again. And that my friend is how to earn big in any business. Brian Tracy calls this “having the big idea” and it’s a great way to differentiate yourself from others.

Regardless of how good his marketing is will the product be any good? My answer to that is an unequivocal yes!

I plumped up and bought the original traffic secrets course around two and a half years ago. At that point I had made money, but nothing like I am capable of now. The DVDs walked me through a step-by-step process for getting traffic to my web sites. And boy did they make a difference!

In any online venture the most important part of your business is your sales process. For example if you have a sales letter selling your product and your sales letter won’t work you’ll never make any money. All the visitors in the world to your web site won’t bring home the bacon because no one will buy. So firstly, your sales letter and process needs to be bang on the money. For this reason I always, always urge students to put as much effort into their sales material as possible, or hire someone who can do it for them.

Next up is visitors to your web site. If you have a web site that converts visitors into buying customers, and you know how to get tens of thousands of visitors a month to your sites then you can make it big online. Even if you are selling the worst product in the world, if your marketing is good and you can know how to get mountains of visitors you can become rich on the internet. That’s not to say a useless product is ok though. There’s no long term success strategies in selling rubbish.

Is Traffic Secrets 2.0 for you?

For me personally I will be snapping this up without reading the sales letter. Along with Eban Pagan I think John Reese is the most ethical and brilliant guru out there today. The course will be mind blowing, of that I have no doubt. And at this price will be worth it for anyone who already has a web based presence online. Be it through info products, affiliate marketing, blogging or whatever. This is a must have if you are looking to make more money from your online business. If you don’t make more than the price of John’s course it’s a safe bet that you just haven’t put what he teaches into action.

So who isn’t this for? Well if you are a complete internet newbie you might want to concentrate on learning the basics first. If you want to learn about how to start your own info product business, or just learn about how to build a web site and the basics you can watch my videos without cost here:

John won’t be covering any of the basics in his course and he himself has said that it’s not really worth signing up if you are yet to learn the basics. If however you have a grasp of internet marketing, or have your own online business, this could be the course that takes things to a whole new level for you. I can’t recommend this strongly enough.

One last thing. This isn’t one of those launch offers where John will “raise the price shortly”. He states that the price will always be four hundred dollars, but that the quicker you get in and buy it the quicker you’ll get the course. Thousands and thousands of people will be buying this over the next few days so if you don’t want to have to wait a long, long time whilst they catch up with orders I’d get it as soon as possible.

Please note the link below is not an affiliate link and I won’t earn any commissions from recommending this to you. I’m telling you to check it out because quite simply it is well, well worth the money:

A closing word on Google Nemesis

I’d like to genuinely thank everyone who emailed me last week thanking me for telling it how it is about Google Nemesis and the hype around it last week. It seems I saved a lot of people wasted money and emails like the ones I got always make my work worthwhile for me. If you want to read it like it is stick with this newsletter. I can assure you I will only ever bring you the best blueprints, the most honest reviews and the highest quality information.