There’s a very important lesson to be learnt in today’s eletter as well as some great products, and some really poor ones!

I honestly believe that the reason so many people fail online is not because it is difficult to actually start an Internet business and get it profitable. No the real reason is that there is such a mish mash of information about what it really takes to earn online and so many self-proclained Internet marketing experts that you never know which way to turn.

A one way ticket to failure: bamboozled by Internet marketing experts

One week you’re told about affiliate marketing, the next ebooks, then search engine optimisation… before you know it your heads ready to explode with all this info.

The truth is you can never have enough information in your arsenal. No matter what walk of life you are talking about. Business, cooking, teaching… the more info you have the better person you will be with regards to that area of your life.

Unfortunately when it comes to making money from the net there are so many people out there who are just looking to make a quick buck from people that you can end up buying so much rubbish you give up and think it’s only the lucky or the con artists that earn from the net.

Let me reassure you of something. I know how it feels to get that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you buy something that it just hyped up rubbish and doesn’t deliver. Next time you feel that be reassured that the person selling the hoo ha will eventually feel it too. When they realise that they’re business is dead in the water.

Think about this for a second. When you buy something from someone once and it’s poor you’ll think twice about buying from them again. If you do buy twice, and both times the product is rubbish, you won’t be buying again unless you’re some kind of internet sadist.

Why is this important? Well as you’re going to find out shortly, many of these gurus online simply don’t understand this simple concept. I could rattle off tons of names of marketers who become big one year and the next they’re business is in tatters and they’re struggling to get their lists to buy their products. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a few people consigned to the internet marketing graveyard pretty quickly if they don’t change their ways.

Rob Benwell update

Recently I reviewed Rob Benwell’s Niche Annihilation ebook in this eletter. It was unfortunately a product that lacked in so many areas. Yes there was some cool info, but the sales letter was a massive misrepresentation and I know from people on this list who bought it anyway (tut tut. You should listen to me!) they were disappointed too.

Unfortunately Rob’s gone and done it again.

His latest product launch was IM Annihilation. In other words how to dominate the whole “make money online” market. This for me is the final nail in the coffin of this marketer. When he first launched his ‘Blogging To The Bank’ product I couldn’t have sung his praises enough. Now though with one average to poor product after another this one takes the biscuit.

I bought this product not quite knowing what to expect. When I got to the download page I realised I had in fact already got it because I bought through his affiliate link Mike Filsaime‚Äôs “Seven Figure Code”. This was one of his bonuses for that product.

The first thing that struck me when I started the videos to have a rerun through was that, shockingly, he had done this massive product launch and probably sold tons of product and the videos themselves have a massive amount of interference. As I said a few weeks ago, Camtasia’s update meant anyone who had recorded videos using their software had videos that sounded like a chipmunk in the throes of passion. To change that all you needed to do was download the update and make a few changes. It took me minutes.

Rob hadn’t updated the product and a week later he still hasn’t. This means that throughout the videos you get an annoying chirping sound which makes it difficult to listen to. That’s strike one. He clearly doesn’t care about his customers if he is happy to launch a product with that much interference, and then not even update it and make it easy to listen to.

Strike two comes in the format of the product itself. I am completely serious when I say that in two articles I could write what is covered in the videos. There are no major “ahas” along the way. It’s obvious stuff like “get JV partners” and “create a great product” (think he should take a look at himself with that one). And no, he doesn’t go into any major detail on either of them.

I can’t go into any more detail here because there really isn’t much to say. I’m desperately disappointed with this guy because I think he had so much potential.

Unfortunately, like so many, it has become all about the cash for him and he has no regard for the quality of the products or the happiness of his customers. Strike three Benwell. You’re outta here.

Finally someone who gets it

Brad Callen is a guy who understands that quality products, great service and repeat customers is the key to massive long term success. Anyone can experience short term success through the net. But long term success is the real thing we all should crave for.

I own pretty much everything that Brad Callen has released. All his software products, and now this cracking little ebook on how to top the search engines. For around twenty-five quid it is an absolute steal.

This guy is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of hot air. is where Brad sells his 128-page ebook on how to pick up traffic from the search engines. He starts with what he calls the seo (search engine optimisation) mindset and talks about long term success from the search engines and why black hat techniques are only a short term success strategy. He even explains why this is and why you should start thinking in the long term rather than “overnight rankings”.

I have said for ages that black hat search engine techniques are over hyped rubbish and should be ignored. I couldn’t agree more with what he covers. And I like the fact he’s impartial too and doesn’t say don’t do it, just not to expect any real success from it. I on the other hand am not impartial. Black hat techniques will work for a little while, and then you’ll lose months of work when the search engines black list your site. Steer clear.

The entire course itself is heavy, heavy reading. I must admit that I had to read it in three chunks because seo bores the bejesus out of me. It is not one of these books that will get you pumped up and excited, that’s for sure, however it is probably the best course on seo available on the net today (for such a low price anyway).

Brad covers everything you need to know about seo… Why sites rank, how to set goals, keyword research, site architecture and so on. Everything is covered here in meticulous detail. Screenshots really drive home his points on how, when and why to use certain seo factors that will increase your rankings.

Now with Brad being a clever, clever guy he has a few up sells involved in the whole process. First off when you buy the book you see a one time offer (bookmark this page you can still come back to it at any time) with an offer for his “live version” of the ebook. In other words rather than reading you can watch his explain everything using screen capture tutorials. I am going to go back and purchase this myself on the strength of the ebook.

Also in the course when he talks about things like keyword research or tracking your search engine rankings he talks about his software products and how they make things easier for the seo marketer. I haven’t got a problem in the slightest with that he’s right they do make things a lot easier. He also shows you alternatives to paid stuff so you can get started without having to get his software.

So who would this ebook suit? Well as I have said this is heavy stuff and it’s not for those new to internet marketing. However if you have an existing product or web site this is worth a look. But only if you take action and are not expecting results tomorrow. This is a long term honest to goodness strategy that will get you results if you follow it. But it will take time and effort and if you’re one to get disheartened easily I’d avoid it.

That’s your lot for this week. One last thing though. I get tons of emails asking me when I’m going to do a seminar, or when will I sell a DVD product you can really get stuck into.

Watch this space for more information. I have let a tiny group of people see one of my seminars and they are going crazy for it. More info in the coming weeks. Lets just say if you are yet to make it online, everything is about to change.