Last night I watched a film called Open Water. It got me thinking.

Open Water is a true story about a couple who go on a scuba diving trip and get left behind by the boat they went out to sea on. Pretty soon sharks start circling them and they have nothing to do but hope and pray. Don’t worry I won’t tell you the ending.

Anyway I’d text my friend Adam to tell him it was on and he text back a little way in the film saying “I’m not scared of sharks”. A text conversation followed with me telling him he flipping well would be if he saw one of the buggers up close and him saying that he’d just punch it in the nose. His last text before I gave up said “It’s all about the mind games Jon. You need to show a shark who’s boss”.

Bare in mind I’ve seen him soil himself when a Jack Russell started nibbling at his shoe, I think it’s unlikely he’d have the stones to swim with sharks let alone go all Lennox Lewis on one of them.

So what am I getting at?

Well it’s easy to say things, but blooming hard to carry them out. I mean I could say I’d swim with a great white with a steak strapped to my genitalia, but would I do it? Hell no. Words come easy, but action is quite different. To succeed in your Internet marketing business, action is the best strategy.

Internet marketing strategy – do not be afraid to take action

Now when it comes to the internet and business I’m the first person to hold my hands up and say that sometimes I can say to myself I’ll do something and then I’ll find an excuse not to do it. Hey, I’m only human. Unfortunately the difference between success and failure can often just be taking action.

On the flipside if you sign up to every single product offer that arrives in your email inbox, you can also get so caught up with the next idea you never end up putting into action the last great idea that you signed up to. Again I’m guilty as charged with that.

There are a lot of sharks in the internet marketing world just out to empty your pockets. There’s also a huge problem of all talk and no action from people (check out any internet marketing forum and you’ll see what I mean). It’s down to you and you only to get started. Start anything. Stop waiting for that golden opportunity. Stop making excuses of why you can’t start and stop saying you’ll do things and just do them. Sharks are constantly circling in the form of people trying to flog you the next must have. Use me and email me if you’re unsure of something and I’ll check it out. But most importantly stop the talking and start taking some action. I’ll make sure I do the same more often.

Is Mike Filsaime losing his golden touch?

If you’ve been online for any time you’ll have heard of the marketer Mike Filsaime. He’s the guy behind the hugely popular Butterfly Marketing course and more recently the very success Seven Figure Code home study course. I own both of these and I’ve got to say I love them. The Seven Figure Code is certainly a cracker.

However last year I reported back on a website he promoted called Sal The Site Stealer. This was one of his “buddies” who pops up time and again in The Seven Figure Code called Harris Fellman and quite frankly the guy’s a bit of moron. He kept trying to be funny in the seminar (and failed miserably) and then in Sal The Site Stealer he pretended to be a gangster in videos during the product launch. Butt-clenchingly cringe-worthy are probably the words to describe his performance.

Anyway Mike promoted it and the course was pants. It was essentially about using other people’s sales copy that’s working to create your own sales letters. This has been done for many, many years and you don’t need to dedicate a course to it. Mike promoted this, obviously because he was good pals with Harris, and in turn there were a lot of disgruntled people who thought that Mike would never promote rubbish. Myself included.

As the months have passed since then I’ve seen more and more people getting annoyed with Mike’s ways. Recently he did something which I found pretty shocking. He is the owner of the web site which enables you to set up an affiliate program using your paypal account. I use this and it works perfectly well.

Unfortunately in recent weeks site owners have become aware that Mike has started to email the affiliates of site owners using paydotcom. In other words if you are selling an internet marketing product using paydotcom, he may be getting your affiliates to promote his products or selling his products to them.

For me this is totally unethical, even if it is in the terms of service when you sign up, which upon close inspection it’s not. Now I wouldn’t worry if you are with paydotcom. I am and I’ll be staying with them. However it may be worth your while emailing the support team there and seeing if you can be taken of the list an stating that you don’t want your affiliates being contacted or that you’ll take your custom elsewhere. Will it work? Not sure. But it’s worth a try.

In the mean time be a little wary of Mike and I’ll be reporting back on more as and when I find it.

Product review: PQC

I’d been receiving a number of different emails from marketers promoting the course found at I’m always a little wary of anything that promises easy and quick money so I was pretty sceptical from the outset. I trumped up the money anyway and got stuck in.

Firstly the book is written by a guy called Alok Jain. From what I can gather he seems to be a pretty genuine guy and I think he put the course together with good intention.

But does it deliver?

Well for seventy seven dollars I’d have to say no. If he priced this lower than it might be worth a look but at this price I can’t really say it’s worth your hard earned moola.

The course is about affiliate marketing and using techniques such as forum marketing (big wow this is age old and there was nothing new), riding the wave of product launches (again old hat thanks to Day Job Killer and all it’s followers) and a few blogging techniques that quite frankly will take so much effort for so little reward that they become pointless.

Thought this was quick?

I don’t like knocking these kinds of products because unlike some of the recent launches this isn’t too bad to read and I think Alok genuinely tried to put together a quality product. The content is a bit dated though and I’m yet to hear of anyone who actually thinks it’s worthwhile, apart from the habitual testimonial givers who say any product is great in exchange for a mention on the sales letter.

Verdict: If he lowers the price, dramatically, and you’re interested in affiliate marketing this may be worth a look.

Coming soon due to popular demand

Recently I provided you with a blueprint on how to become a private label broker. In publishing this newsletter for over a year I’ve never received as many emails about a blueprint as that one. It seems that it’s something that really got a lot of people fired up and so it should, for just a couple of hundred start up costs you can make over twenty grand in the next year.

I received so many requests for more information on this cracking business model that I’m currently in the process of putting together a complete business start up kit. You’ll get everything from hours of video training, audio seminars, proven sales letter templates, and joint venture email proposals to ensure that you can start your private label broker business in record time. This will be going live on Friday the twenty fifth of Janaury. Make a note in your diaries because those who act fast will also get a very, very special bonus.