I was planning on sending you a business blueprint today. But at the last minute I received an email that has finally made me snap. So sod it, instead of sending you a blueprint you need to put into action, how about I build a business for you. Interested?

As I said, I was going to send you a business blueprint today that showed you a simple way to make some cash on the net. But then I received an email from good ol’ Rob Benwell.

Now if you are a new reader of this eletter you won’t know how many times I have ripped apart Mr Benwell. After coming out with an absolutely cracking product in Blogging To The Bank (which I quite rightly praised him for) he has unearthed one pile of dung after another, each claiming to be the next best thing in Internet marketing training. He has also promoted pretty much every average clickbank product that comes out. In other words he epitomises the internet marketing “Brady Bunch” I so affectionately refer to. He is in this only for the money, and couldn’t care less if he actually helps anyone.

In his email today Rob talks about the website Maverick Money Makers which I warned people off earlier in the year. The guy behind it, Mack Michaels, also appears to be a guy called Michael Jones. And a lot of the techniques in Maverick just don’t work.

These so-called Internet marketing training products are getting beyond a joke

So you can imagine I was somewhat annoyed, although not surprised, when I got an email from Rob that he had sent out to his entire list talking about how great Maverick Money Makers was. It isn’t for a start, but that wasn’t what really got me.

What really wound me up was his line at the end. He states “Right now there are only two spaces available in your area. If you’re interested you should act quickly”.

It’s techniques like this that give marketers a bad name. What Rob has said there is complete and utter balls. It is a ploy and a scare tactic to try and get people to sign up.

I’m fine with using scarcity tactics to get people to buy quickly. It’s a legitimate and proven marketing technique. But you should only use them if they’re true. To say there are only two available in your area is just a blatant lie.

So why would Rob say that if it wasn’t true? Hmm, couldn’t be that he is getting fifty bucks a month per subscriber who signs up through his recommendation could it?

He then goes onto say “These two places could be snapped up in minutes if you don’t act right away”.

After reading that I started to bang my head against the desk. And, thankfully for you, this head banging malarkey gave me a bloody good idea.

The common enemy

Like you, I am sick and tired of the endless stream of crap that is spouted from these ‘experts’. They are like reverse Robin Hoods, taking from the poor and giving to the rich. I’m not saying you’re poor. But they certainly don’t need the money, yet are happy to rip people off who actually do need to bring in some cash to pay the bills.

One thing that drives me every week to research these opportunities and bring you bang up to date information is the thought that I might stop someone who really can’t afford the cack that these guys promote. I know that all over the world people are seeing the emails from guys like Rob and spending money they can’t afford to lose on products that won’t teach them anything.

And quite frankly in my book that’s just not on. So I’m going to do something about it.

NB: Before you read on brace yourself for a rather furious bout of blowing my own trumpet.

I get a hell of a lot of emails from people who tell me that finding me and the way I teach and my no B.S. approach is what they have always been looking for. And, without sounding like too much of a cocky sod, I know that. I know that there aren’t many if any marketers who can come close to my way of teaching and my strategies.

My problem is that I’m too busy actually doing what I teach, ie creating email lists and info products and making bucketloads of cash from them. For example I am just putting the finishing touches to a book I have written about a special area of confidence and a unique confidence building technique I have developed that is like social dynamite. I am extremely proud of the book and can’t wait to get marketing it.

On the other hand there is a niggling part of me that knows someone needs to stop the rot in the internet marketing niche and that I am the guy to do it.

And that, my valued reader, is where you come in.

Let me build you a business

As I have said, I am extremely proud of my new confidence book (I can’t give away too much because it’s a very specific area and in an untapped niche) and people across the world desperately need this. So it is my priority. It has taken months for me to get this right. It’s my magnum opus. And it would be criminal to not get it out there to help people.

My conundrum lies in the fact that I have also nearly finished my brand new Niche Success seminar which is six hours long and blows away anything else on the net when it comes to rock solid money making information. People also need this information desperately. Once they watch this all the other “experts” won’t have a leg to stand on. Especially when you consider the fact I’ll be letting anyone watch it without paying me a penny.

So as I was banging my head against the table and inventing swear words for the way I felt about these heartless gurus, something dawned on me. I could get both books out there, help a ton of people who really need it and at the same time help my valued internet income detective subscribers make a small fortune, scrap that a big fortune, on the net.

I can’t give away too much this week. But the basic gist is that I will build you a business selling my products.

I will handle the website creation and uploading.

I will answer all customer service emails so you don’t have to.

I will give you ninety five percent commissions on products ranging from five hundred quid to a grand and at the end of each month. I’ll even send the products out.

In other words your sole job is to generate visitors to the website. But don’t worry I’ll handle that for you as well.

In the next three weeks you will find out exactly what I am going to do for you. And you will find out how together we can help people across the world and save them from the common enemy, the reverse Robin Hood internet marketers.

You’ll know by now that I can make tens, and even hundreds of thousands, in a day online. You’ll have seen the live proof and so on. And finally here’s a way you can piggy back on my marketing expertise without the usual hassles of building sites, uploading sites, creating products, answering emails etc. I’ll do it for you.

I’ve snapped. I’m going to take the internet marketing Brady Bunch down once and for all. And you can have a lot of fun and make a lot of money helping me do it. Or you can witness the event from the sidelines. I’ll help you make the right decision over the next few weeks.