In this article I want to speak about something very close to my heart. I’m going to teach you some NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques that you can use in business and will help you to overcome your addiction to failing online. Want to know how you’re addicted? Read on…

How NLP techniques in business can overcome the ‘Failure Conspiracy’

As you probably know by now I’m a pretty opinionated person. If I think something needs to be said I’ll have no qualms at all in saying it.

Recently I was speaking to someone who knew about my success, where I live and so on. And he said the words “Man, you’re lucky to live this kind of lifestyle”. We were playing pool in my penthouse apartment just after I had finalized the deal on my new Porsche. So he wasn’t far off.

However it grated me when he said it. I looked him in the eye. “Hang on. I’m not lucky to be here. I created all of this. It didn’t just fall into my lap. I worked my backside off to be here. I made myself a winner” I said, as he potted the black and beat me at pool.

We then had a really interesting conversation about his views on life, compared to mine. And I thought what came up would be of great help to my valued readers because I know so many think this way.

Essentially his views were that celebrities, millionaires, and (bizarrely) ugly men with good-looking girlfriends relied on luck to get where they are. Or, at the very least, it was seventy percent luck and thirty percent talent.

I explained to him that his comment was utter balls. His girlfriend is gorgeous and he has a face like a bag of walnuts. And he considered himself to be one of the unluckiest guys around. Always moping about things just “happening” to him.

When it comes to success at least things just don’t “happen”. You, and you only, create it. Yes an element of luck will come in now and again. But ask any genuinely successful person and they’ll tell you that they created their reality. They didn’t wait for their reality to create them, which is what most people do.

The sad thing about internet marketing and business opportunities is that people expect things to just “happen”. And let me really blow this up in your face so you can see what I mean.

Imagine if Richard Branson started an internet business. Imagine if he bought one of my marketing courses (First thing I would do is rollick him about the name Virgin Airlines. It implies they never go all the way). But once he’d gone through my course on, say, creating information products, he would put it into action.

Now do you think that if he didn’t see instant results he would give up within four days, claim it was “just another scam” and continue waiting for that perfect opportunity? Hell no. Branson wouldn’t get in a pickle about it. He would keep plugging away until he made it a success. He is addicted to success.

Now on the flip side ask yourself, honestly, would you be like that? Or would you be like this guy/gal….

The generic person in internet marketing buys a course. They take a quick look over it on day one and say “I’ll come check and it out later”. They do, a few days later, but it’s the weekend. Barry is having a barbecue that weekend. Barry always throws good shindigs. You’ll go to that and come back to the course later.

A week goes by and you finally decide I’ll sit down and take a good look at that course I bought. You skim through, realise it takes a bit of effort and that you only have a week or so before your refund period runs out so see it as “safer” to ask for your money back.

So which one are you more like? Richard Branson, or the generic internet marketer who likes to think they are taking steps forward when really they have no intention of creating their own financial reality?

Bit of an eye opener that isn’t it! When I first realised this, yes I used to be a person number two too, I felt a tad embarrassed. Maybe you feel that way too right now. There’s something a bit sad about it.

Fear not though! I am not one to leave you sad. Far from it. Let’s reprogram you to think like Richard Branson…

Borrowing Branson’s balls

Let’s face it. It takes balls to be an entrepreneur. It takes guts and persistence. And Richard Branson has that in spades. So what we are going to do is use a cool NLP trick to transfer his way of looking at business and opportunities in life to ourselves.

Firstly, I advise you read one of his autobiographies.

Oh oh. You just sighed didn’t you! “I have to actually do some reading and put some work in?”. Shame on you. If you want to be a success it takes work remember.

Read through one of his hugely inspirational autobiographies so you understand the mindset of the man. You will get a clear indication to how he see’s the world.

Next close your eyes and envision Richard Branson on your mental movie screen. Pay close attention to how he walks through the world. Imagine him in a business meeting. Imagine how he feels and thinks when he comes up with a new business idea. Imagine how he speaks to himself in his head. Make the movie big, bright and up close. Turn the sound up all the way so that it resonates with you.

Next step into the movie as though you are stepping into Richards body. Take on his entire being. Feel what it’s like to see the world through his eyes and feel what it is like to completely immerse yourself in this brilliant, motivated, persistent entrepreneur who creates his own reality rather than letting things happen to him.

Finally imagine yourself stepping outside of Richard’s body and back into your own, taking with you all the feelings of complete confidence in your entrepreneurial self, the motivation and drive he has.

I’ll hold my hands up here. The first few times I did this it felt a bit weird. However after a while something strange happens. You really do start to see the world in a different light. It takes repetition, and won’t happen overnight (which means most get-rich-quickers won’t even try this. Oh well, stay being broke slow) but you will start to see business and opportunities in a different light. Rather than buy something, not start and give up, ask yourself “what would Richard Branson do here?” and you’ll find an extra surge of motivation.

You can apply that technique to any area of your life. In one of my niche businesses I teach people how to stop worrying about what people think of them. I tell me to follow that technique with Tom Cruise. Women may want to follow Oprah’s success mindset and drive. Whatever. As weird as this all sounds this stuff works.

By the time you have read this newsletter you will probably know which type of entrepreneur you are. Are you the dreamer, not willing to try anything and hoping success will fall in your lap. Or are you the doer, someone who is willing to try anything if it means financial security.

The decision is yours…