This annoyed me…

Like me, you may have received a ton of emails last week about Russell Brunson’s latest product. My experience of Russell and his products has been so so. Some were good (The Lost Files) and some were pretty average (Affiliate Inferno).

Anyway, fellow Brit Michael Cheney, who I did rate around a year ago, sent out an email promoting the product. He said if you buy Russell’s product, which incidentally wasn’t meant to cost anything, he’d give you a twenty-two minute video entitled “Nine Newbie No-No’s”. Fair enough. But apparently this video was worth two hundred dollars? Where on earth did he get that price from?

I sell products for that price and they are either eleven-hour seminars, or licences or huge info products. Not a twenty-minute video.

I said this about Andrew Fox a little while ago. He promoted a product that was selling for less than a hundred dollars, but he’d give you a product worth a grand if you bought through his link.

These are the people who’s marketing you should watch if you want to know how NOT to build relationships with your email lists. Treat your subscribers like they’re stupid or try to be too ‘clever’ and you’ll just annoy a whole lot of people. Rant over.

Let’s get to the good stuff. Let me tell you about a website that allows you to target the right customers for your niche and build your email lists with relevant recipients.

Listopt – the saviour of the clock-watchers will help you target the right customers

Ok. So it’s been three years since I first started helping people start a business on the internet. Blimey that’s gone fast.

Anywho I’ve seen all the excuses under the sun of why someone couldn’t start an online business. And yes, they’re excuses. Not genuine reasons.

One of the most common is “I don’t have the time”. Another is “I don’t have the marketing experience”. Well firstly, no one has marketing experience… until they start marketing. Just like riding a bike you need to take steps to learn or you won’t get anywhere.

But the time issue I can kind of understand. It makes sense that if someone is working in a full time job they don’t want to be strapped to the PC after work or at weekends. And in recent weeks as the excitement of my new eFormula course starts to reach fever pitch, I’m getting the same question time and time again. “How long each week do I have to spend working on this Jon?”

My answer. “As little or as long as you want.” Bit vague isn’t it? So let me prove to you now that you could run this business in a whopping hour. A week.

List building using without paying…

If you’ve got limited marketing experience and time then there is a little technique you can use that the greatest list building experts on the planet use. Matt Bacak (my new favourite guru), Corey Rudle (Rest in peace), Tellman Knudson, Jimmy D Brown, Mark Joyner… these guys are the cream of the crop and the genuine experts. They all use a site called Now please don’t go sharing that link everywhere or you’ll drive the prices up. At this moment in time you pay just thirty-seven dollars a month to build your email list.

Here’s what will happen…

You sign up for a list opt account, go through a few basic steps, and then you submit your email newsletter link.

Listopt will then blast your newsletter link all across their network so that people can see your email newsletter advertisement and get a choice to sign up. You only pay when they opt in to your email list (about twenty six pence per name).

For example, let’s say you wanted to build an email newsletter list in the fitness market. You could sign up to and have them blast your email newsletter advert (they’ll even help you write it when you sign up) all over their network of health and fitness sites. In other words your advert will get in front of hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in health and fitness.

Then if someone signs up to your newsletter you pay twenty-six pence. So if you wanted to build an email list of a hundred it would cost you twenty-six quid. A thousand = two hundred and sixty quid. And so on. Bare in mind I pulled thirty grand from six hundred and seventy people. Spending a couple of hundred quid to build a list of a thousand is a sound investment. Your work on this? Well once it’s set up (a couple of hours) you need to work on it just an hour or so a week. And that list will just keep on building, automatically, without you lifting another finger.

Here’s what two marketing legends said about

“Co-registration can be a really great way to sign up tons of quality subscribers to your newsletter. It’s a widely accepted and highly successful method of reaching a broader audience than you might be capable of on your own.

Even if your site generates minimal traffic, it gives you the opportunity to build your opt-in list quickly and guarantee that you are targeting the right market” Corey Rudle

“ListOpt is an absolutly great way to get tons of subscribers super-fast, Just sit back and relax will ListOpt fills your autoresponder for you” Matt Bacak

You can also read of a guy who built his email list to six thousand in a few months using

Bottom line. This works. Big time.

Ok. So now time is not an issue. Marketing is not an issue. Listopt builds your list for you. So the final issue might be spare cash to spend on signing up to listopt and actually building the list.

Fear not! I have the answer to that also.

Listopt will automatically subscribe people to your opt in email list and build it for you. You own the list so can send them email promotions whenever you want. You can also set follow up messages to go out automatically as soon as people opt in to your email list.

Now here’s the killer strategy. Find an affiliate program in your niche market that offers a no cost trial for seven days or so. For example, let’s say you were building an email list in the health and fitness market. You could find a web site that offered a weeks trial to their membership site which had a members area of fitness videos, diet programs and so on. Add your affiliate link to one of your follow up messages that people get automatically when people sign up to your list. After that week is up the person who signed up gets charged a monthly fee, for example fifty dollars, if they don’t cancel their trial membership (few will).

These types of offers convert like crazy. But let’s be conservative and say just fifteen people out of the thousand people on your list signed up. And let’s say you earn sixty percent commission on the fifty dollars monthly fee so you get twenty quid. That’d be three hundred quid you earned. You were actually paid to build that list, covered your costs and can market to your list forever more.


If you need to read that last part do so. I understand it may seem a tad hard to get your head around but when you do you’ll realise just how crazy it is. Get paid to build your list in an hour a week.

Launch date announced

That technique I have just taught you there is one of the techniques I’ll teach you in my monthly list building training updates. You see, not only do you get a monster workbook and ten live video training CD Roms, but you also get a new training video every month as I show you some really “underground” strategies you can use to build your list.

And no. Unlike the nasty American gurus you won’t be locked into paying a monthly fee. You’ll pay a one off small amount (if you get in early that is) and that’s it. The monthly updates are just my way of making sure your list goes through the roof.

Now don’t sign up to listopt just yet. In the monthly update I’ll show you a crazy trick you can use to build your list into the tens of thousands within a few weeks. So when do we launch? Three weeks time. And you need to get in on this. I’m not just saying that because it’s my product. This is IT when it comes to earning huge cash windfalls, fast, whenever you please and working just a few hours a week.

There are going to be limited copies available at a limited price when we go live. So make you read the next few weeks worth of eletters. I’ve got a crazy video you’re going to love coming your way.