Sorry this eletter is a bit late this week – it’s been a manic week! Late or not, you’re going to want to read this…

Do not buy the below products (one on private label rights and one on selling turnkey businesses on eBay) until you’ve read my review…

Reselling private label rights product review –

Source Code Goldmine is a bit of enigma for me. At the same time as loving Jeremy Burns’ private label sales, I bloody hate them. The reason for that is I have bought every single one, and never actually used any of the products properly. Instead they gather cyber dust on my hard drive. This time I vowed to sign up and see if the products he was offering licences to were any good.


In case you don’t know, Source Code Goldmine is a site which is heavily promoted every now and again and sells private label licences to ebooks, software, sometimes videos and so on. You can rebrand them and sell them as your own. So far so good, in fact great. But where it falls down in value is that you are allowed to sell them on to other people with private label rights. And this is where what could be a great offer falls down.

You see Jeremy offers the package of licensed products for one hundred and ninety seven dollars. He makes a point of saying he will only sell five hundred (which I don’t believe anyway). But what happens when other people start selling the private label rights to each product? Every year I have seen it happen and every year the market gets saturated with thousands of sites selling the same products and struggling to earn anything at all.

Are the products themselves any good? Well in the past I have liked them, a lot. But this package makes me think Jeremy is starting to run out of ideas. For example one of the products is “Internet Marketing Music In A Box” which is basically made up of royalty free audio clips to use on your web sites. Not only will you struggle to sell any of them at all – the market is virtually non existent – but you can get the same thing without spending a penny elsewhere. Most of the other software products are all pie in the sky too.

Private label rights are only ever going to make you money if you put some effort into them. Get a set of private label books and turn them into a video series or even just a bundle of books. Create your own sales letter. Have your own graphics made up. That way might earn you some cash. But just shoving up these average products with average sales letters will not make you anything. Trust me on that one.

I can only say that there are two products on this package worth having. Clickbank Affiliate Cash and Follow Up Fortunes are two ebooks which are, well, ok. You could turn them into a video course, maybe add in a section on product creation or web site building and you’ve got a unique product. But to be honest, I’d save your money and spend it on something more worthwhile. Source Code Goldmine seems to be gradually dying a slow death.

Selling turnkey businesses on eBay product review –

I promised last week to review this course that was launched on a big scale last Tuesday. I had a feeling it would be a good one as I said, but told you to save your cash and let me spend mine so I could make sure. What I found upon signing up to the course will interest you.

Firstly if you read the sales letter and pre-launch emails you could easily miss what the course is all about, because they didn’t actually tell you. There are no real mentions of exactly what the course is on so really when you sign up you’re going into it blind. I however told you last week it was on eBay because if you check the earnings screenshots they’re from an eBay account. You could easily have missed that one if you weren’t scrutinizing it like I was.

For seventy-seven dollars you can basically learn the secrets of an eBay seller making a lot of money. There’s the usual hype about the price being launched to nearly two hundred dollars but remember as I have said in the past, rarely will clickbank (the sites merchant provider) let you sell a product for that price, so I wouldn’t worry about the price hike.

I also bought the up sell which included some “advanced” videos and more secrets. More on that shortly.

I was really sceptical when I first bought this. The fact that the creators didn’t give away anything at all in the sales letter made me think they were trying to trick people somewhat. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Thankfully though, this course really does bring some new ideas to the table. Rather than the usual drop shipping, wholesaling techniques others teach about eBay, the creator has come up with some pretty cool ways to earn a living from the site. For example, he talks about a way he set up deals selling expensive watches on eBay. It’s clever, although I think for the most part it wouldn’t be something people are comfortable with doing.

For me though, the part of the course that really stood out was when he walks you through selling turnkey web sites and businesses-in-a-box on eBay. I covered this myself a few months ago in the printed version of the IID newsletter (see with my own little twist, and it’s not far off what he teaches. I genuinely think there is a lot to be earned selling these kinds of things on the auction site.

He also covers things like selling cars on eBay, copywriting and sales letters (wasn’t too impressed here), classified advertising on eBay for affiliate products (very clever) and even selling actual property on eBay as a kind of go between.

All in all this isn’t just another course with the usual information on selling on eBay. It’s clever, packed full with techniques; fluff and filler free (which isn’t easy at 145 pages long) and is all pretty easy to understand.

You’re waiting for the but aren’t you?!

Personally, I think this is well worth the money. But (there it is) too many people will take everything that is taught on face value. When you read about selling watches don’t dive in and start selling watches, because everyone will be doing it. Take his techniques to other niches in eBay where possible. So many people just copy the exact niches outlined in courses like these and the result is tons of people competing against each other with the same offer. Make sure you don’t fall victim that that mistake. If you buy the course take his strategies to differing niche markets.

If you are going to buy this then the up sell is probably worth taking a look at. The videos are clear and concise and bring what is taught in the manual to life and make things a lot more easy to understand.

A word of warning. The ebook isn’t exactly the best written info product I have ever seen. IID reader Paul emailed me (thank you Paul) saying that it actually started to annoy him as he read through with all the spelling mistakes and errors. I have to agree. I know I make mistakes a fair bit but in an actual product there really should have been a bit more proof reading going on.

So is this for you? Well it’s one of those courses that promises massive returns quickly, when the truth is a few hundred quid is more realistic. Six figures a month, no. The creator might make that but for the life of me I can’t see any techniques in the course that could really provide that much. To be fair the creator does say that you need to repeat the process time and time again to earn the big money he promises. However I think a few hundred quid a week with time and effort is within reach.

I think the information itself is good. I think the techniques will work, although for how long depends on how many people use them, and I think if you are at all interested in eBay it’s worth a look. If it’s not for you you have eight weeks to get your investment back.

A ‘thank you’ from me

Next week I want to ask for your help a little. If you are willing to spend just three minutes telling me exactly what you want to learn about online, I’ll give you a three hour online video on a special area of online business and you won’t have to pay me a thing. All I want is a little feedback and as a thank you I’ll give you a tasty video series. So watch out for next week’s eletter. I’ll be sure to make it worth your while.