In this article I’m going to show you how you could become a guru in the make money market within the next few months using some nifty niche Internet marketing business ideas I’ve come across.

People in all niche markets want a quick and easy solution. That’s why get rich quick programs do so well online. People also want a realistic solution. And that’s where you can come in and become a guru.

The first thing you need to do is focus on a specific area of making money online and get some results in it. No one said this was going to be easy. But it’s doable if you have the motivation and get up and go.

Choosing the right niche marketing business ideas

So first and foremost you need proof of earnings. We’re not talking crazy money here either. Rob Benwell was only making a few hundred dollars when he launched Blogging To The Bank. Now he’s a millionaire. The reason for that was because he came out with a product showing people a quick and easy solution for earning cash through blogging just as blogs were becoming really popular.

The second thing you need after providing proof that you’ve made cash online (even just a little) is that you’ve done it using a coming trend. Something that is just getting big on the Internet.

So right now if I wanted to become an overnight guru I’d go out and try to make money from, Facebook advertising and Facebook applications, or the real big one – cost per action advertising. They’re the areas that mark my words are going to explode this year. If you can go and earn some cash using those three strategies and write an eBook showing others how to do it you’ll blow up the market.

If you don’t know what they are, go to and search for them. Search for “making money from twitter”, “making money with Facebook advertising” and “making money from cost per action advertising”. Read up a little and go and implement them.

Also no one is yet teaching you the strategies for making cash from using the blueprint that was in my Digital Upstart printed newsletter (as per usual you get information before it even registers on other “experts” radar). I know a few of my subscribers are generating a good affiliate income from that. There’s an eBook idea right there.

As I said it won’t be easy, but achieving guru superstardom isn’t easy.

Facebook advertising for me is going to be huge. No one is quite talking about it yet, or teaching it, but Eban Pagan of Get Altitude and is using it to advertise his products, as are many other well known niche markets. Another one is Vince Delmonte of

If, like Rob Benwell did with Blogging To The Bank, you can come up with a strategy from earning for the next big thing it is virtually impossible to not make a killing. That’s because all of the big boys like to promote something that’s different. Something that no one else is selling. Something that is new.

That brings me to my next point…

Don’t be a dollar sheep

Every single week we see a “brand new” system for earning from Google AdWords. And every single week it’s just the same stuff rehashed. You get the odd good product slip through but most of the time they’re rubbish.

Let me ask you something. If you wanted to open a fast food restaurant would you open one in between McDonalds and Burger King? No. You’d inevitably lose customers to one or the other as you have no real differentiation point.

The same applies online. If you want to become a guru don’t do what everyone else is doing. People think that because there are so many AdWords courses coming out that must be where the money is. Hell no. You’ll just be getting a piece of the pie shared between you and every other person selling an AdWords related product.

If you create the pie you get all of it! And that’s why you need to create a course on something that is going to be big, but isn’t yet in the “mainstream” public eye of the Internet marketing crowd.

So remember what I am saying here., Facebook advertising, Facebook applications and cost per action advertising are the areas of making money online that people are not yet releasing courses on. Even if the odd one or two do come out and you create a course on these subjects you’ll still be able to rake it in because you’re at the forefront of the new wave of making money from it.

If you create a course on one of these subjects you’ll make a killing.

What format?

So what format would you sell the course in? Well the easiest format is an eBook. You can make an absolute fortune with eBooks still, despite what others say. The big money won’t come from sales of your eBook anyway. Your real big pay days will come from the email list you build. If you create a product on the subject of something that’s going to be huge, all the top gun gurus will promote you and build your list into thirty thousand or more. I know of a few unknowns who personally went into the Internet marketing crowd with nothing but an idea that was new and build a list to that size within a few months. That’s where the real moola is.

So you can write an eBook outlining your strategy. It needn’t be too long providing it works. People prefer to read a forty-page eBook with solid information rather than a two hundred page beast full of fluff. Sell at thirty to forty seven dollars for just an eBook.

You could create videos showing the process and sell for sixty seven to ninety seven dollars.

Or if you have something really special you could create a high end five hundred dollar plus printed course with a manual and a few video CD’s.

This system works. Period.

Let me recap how this system works.

Firstly your product needs to be about earning online quickly and with relatively little effort.

Secondly you need to have proof that your system works.

Thirdly it needs to be on a subject that no one, or at least very few are talking about.

Something that is becoming huge but not quite there yet – such as the examples I have given you today.

This will work time and time again for as long as the Internet is around (i.e. forever). There are always new ways to earn online through new developments. You just need to have the balls to try something out when it’s new and work at it till it works for you.

Something that not many people know is that I have been behind a number of people going from nowhere to being recognised gurus in the make money niche. Each time I’ve helped them do it I have followed this system. I did the same myself with niche information products when people started to realise that niche marketing was the way to go. Was it easy? No. But if you want the good things in life you need to put the effort in. Am I happy I did it? You bet I am.

Listen to me. Achieving guru status in the make money online niche is a licence to print money. It is not easy, but follow this formula and you could well be the next big name in Internet marketing.