I’ve got some important personal news I’d like to share with you . . .

As you’ll know as a regular reader of this eletter my goals in life are to make my own sitcom and independent film.

On top of that I also have set myself a new goal of getting basic self-defence taught in schools up and down the country.

And my final goal is to try and see my girlfriend a bit more to ensure she doesn’t dump me for always working.

Due to all of this I’ve made a decision . . .

You see, writing this email and researching all of the Internet marketing products that are launched every week is a full time job. Over the years I’ve spent well over fifty grand on marketing products so I could let you know what was good, what was bad and what was complete dross.

And that’s the thing. If I continue the way I’m going I’ll be spreading myself too thinly and won’t achieve all my goals. And lose a girlfriend to boot!

Either my scripts will falter. Or my self defence business won’t grow as it should, or I won’t be able to provide a quality internet detective service. Or even a combination of all the above!

But don’t panic. I’ve come up with a solution that will benefit both of us.

As you probably know I’ve decided to take a strategic step back from the frontline. Let me make this clear: I am not retiring from my Internet businesses full stop. Think of it as an extended sabbatical. I’ll still be running my self-defence and martial arts businesses. And that means that I will always be figuring out new ways of making money from the Internet as my team tests new traffic and marketing strategies.

What this all adds up to is a new and improved Digital Upstart service.

From mid July, the Detective newsletter will have a new Jon Street approved and vetted team headed by editor-in-chief Nick Laight. Now I’m sure you know Nick, he’s the guy who inspired me to get into this business in the first place. He’s generated close to £25 million in sales in the last 7 years and much of that from Internet marketing.

The new Jon Street approved IID newsletter service

So if anyone knows how to make money online, it’s Nick.

It was Nick who first invited me to start the Detective eletter and newsletter, so it seems fitting that he’s getting involved.

And Nick has handpicked a team of experts, each a specialist in a specific Internet related field, including email marketing, Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, eBay, website optimisation, ebooks, ezines, social media, membership sites and more.

And to make sure everything runs smoothly, Nick is aided by his super talented eBusiness editor, Sara Baugh. Sara has worked in the Internet marketing field generating traffic for web sites for 5 years. She has extensive experience of SEO, Google Adwords, websites, ebooks and email marketing techniques. She knows her stuff (probably more than me!) when it comes to building solid online businesses through traffic generation.

Sara is the new editor for the Detective services and will be taking over for me at the end of this month. Nick, Sara and the new team of contributors will be tasking over the good ship IID from the end of June. They will continue providing you with unbiased reviews and quality home business blueprints that you can implement and follow.

Here’s where it gets really cool…

Don’t think I’ll be leaving you completely. Oh no! I’ve built up too strong a bond with you and my other subscribers. I will still be writing blueprints and providing videos to share with you as I find new strategies you can use for building a successful online business.

You see when I was writing the Detective my time for testing out all of the hundreds of ways of making moola online was limiting because I was writing and researching products so much. Now though I will be able to get in the trenches, so to speak, and really figure out new and exciting business opportunities and report back my findings.

For example over the next few weeks with my self-defence business we (me and my office team of scientist like traffic experts) will be testing out banner advertising on a pretty big scale.

Last year when I wrote about banner advertising my subscribers went mad for it, desperate for some more information. The problem was on the little amount of testing I managed to do on banners the results varied massively. So I couldn’t teach people any more about it for fear people would invest in banners and lose cash. That’s just not my style. So despite hundreds of emails from people begging me to create a course on banner advertising I had to say no because I hadn’t found a workable system yet.

Well now, with my time focusing on the self defence business, I really can find a workable banner advertising system. And when I do, which I will, you’ll be the first to know!

The same can be said for Cost Per Action (CPA), social media, Facebook advertising, iPhone applications (I have an iphone app being created as I write!) and much more. My team and I will be constantly testing out new ways of starting and growing an online business and I’ll be reporting back my findings to you.

So please, don’t think that I am just “doing one” and forgetting all about you. This new exciting set up is the best for all of us. It’s best for you because you get even more advice from more experts than ever before and it is best for me because I can follow my dreams and still help you out.

Now I promised myself I was going to do something really, really special when I “retire” from the Internet Detective position. And boy have I got something amazing lined up for you. Watch out for the final few eletters from me over the next few weeks.