This is a very, very important email. Delete at your peril! I’m going to share with you information usually reserved for what I sometimes call the “Internet Illuminati” – marketing tips that will blow you away.

The Missing Module – Internet Illuminati marketing tips

What I am about to reveal to you is not some hype or B.S marketing ploy like so many others use. I genuinely mean that I never, ever planned to release this information.

Illuminati is a word often used in conjunction with some of the most powerful people in the world. Often there are also conspiracy theories regarding these people.

I have been researching online opportunities for two years now. And by that I don’t just mean buying up the odd course here and there. I mean studying the marketing people use to promote their products, learning what they are doing and how they are doing. And on top of that I bought their courses and learned the contents of what was in them.

Over a period of time I started to notice something interesting and at the same time disturbing. Something that I found fascinating each and every time I saw it being used.

To the naked eye, what all the gurus and millionaires online are doing goes undetected. And to be honest that’s the way they like it. However due to the fact I saw these techniques and strategies being used over and over again (the result being millions in sales in days through their product launches), I started to pick up on what these guys were doing. And that’s why I call them the “Internet Illuminati”. Because they want to continue using their strategies to make a fortune and go undetected by the general public.

Balls to that idea!

As soon as I saw what they were doing I started to test it myself. I wanted to prove to myself that it worked. And when I used it my product launches went from thirty grand in a day to generating hundreds of thousands of pounds in a weekend. Seriously.

Now I had intended to put this in my original eFormula course, which shows normal people just like you how to make tens of thousands in days from the comfort of your own home. However something bugged me a little bit. In the wrong hands this module that revealed what the multi millionaires online were really doing could be used unethically. In the hands of the wrong person this could be a little, shall we say, dangerous.

You see I figured out a way you can ethically motivate people to give you cash. However this only works if they are congruent with you and what you are offering.

In other words what that means is that if you are promoting something that will genuinely help someone you can use these methods to give yourself a HUGE chance of making the sale. And when you apply this thousands or tens of thousands of people using my eFormula course the result is profits that most of the general public can’t quite get their head around.

This module has become known to us in the publishing industry as “the missing eFormula module”.

At the last minute I lost my bottle and just couldn’t include it in the main course due to it’s crazy power.

Until now…

Join the Internet Illuminati this Friday

What I have discovered is something very cool and hugely effective. Something that is taught to master NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioners throughout the world. These are marketing techniques, but the most powerful marketing techniques on the planet.

So how powerful are we speaking? Well what if told you that President Obama uses them? Seriously.

The most powerful man on the planet is using these techniques a hell of a lot to influence the masses. And when you use them for promoting products online, be it yours or someone else’s, the result is just nuts.

This Friday I will prove it to you. Before hand I made £30,000+ in 24 hours from a small group of people (around six hundred). When I did it, a lot of “experts” said it was a fluke. No one could make that kind of money.

You sure about that chump?

To prove these morons wrong I went and did it again. Only this time I applied the new techniques I had cloned from the most powerful marketing men and women on the planet.

The result? Twenty six grand in three hours and nine grand a month in recurring income. Oh and a whole load of gurus running off with their tail between their legs. All of a sudden they started asking me for advice on how I did it?

“Fluke, smart ass” I’d tell them.

Of course, it wasn’t a fluke. It is a genuine formula I have developed that pulls money from small groups of passionate people like there is no tomorrow. Genuine, life changing money by helping people. And you can make it in a few days.


Due to the success my eFormula students are having (you’ll see some amazing success stories this Friday) I decided to release The Missing Module.

If you are already an eFormula student the missing module will be sent to you very soon. You know me by now on how much I am over delivering. Didn’t think I’d leave you out did you? Thought not.

For those of you who are yet to sign up to the eFormula I had planned to release it as a course in itself. The information is that powerful I was going to charge an extra two hundred quid for it.

Instead though I’ll give it to you as part of the eFormula final launch.

However there are only fifty of The Missing Module bonuses available. So you’ll have to be quick if you want in.

I’ll be honest with you here. Yesterday I moved into a new set of offices. It was time to take my business to the next level. However despite working from home I still have managed to generate numerous days where I’ve made tens of thousands of pounds. I live in the penthouse apartment in possibly the most sought after location in the south of England. And I have done this all within a year of perfecting the eFormula. The exact formula I will hand you this weekend.

There is a problem though. I genuinely want to help all mentoring students make their first big bumper pay days on the net. And I am now hitting the point where if we accept too many more students in I won’t be able to devote my attention to people’s questions as much as they want me to and as much as I want to. Unlike other coaching programs you don’t just get one word answers from me. I don’t care if it takes me half an hour to answer your questions I’ll do it.

Because of that we will soon be either pulling this offer completely or changing it so that mentoring isn’t included in the price (the price will stay the same though). So if you want in you need to be around this Friday at 2pm when we open just fifty more spaces for The Missing Module offer.