Today, I’m going to show you a cool little trick for turning private label or public domain information into a part time income stream.

As you’ll see it’s actually really quite straightforward…

Why Private Label Podcasting could provide you with great little part time income stream

There are tons and tons of private label web sites out there. Private label, in this sense, means you get access to a raw product that you can sell or do with as you please. For example you might get a word document of an ebook that you can do with whatever you want, providing the perfect passive income source.

Public domain books are essentially private label.

You can find tons of public domain books at the link below:

Here’s what you can do to generate some leads and an email list using private label products.

Step One. Get a book and read it out!

Get a private label book and read it out. Use audio software like audacity ( won’t cost you a penny. You will need a microphone though. I use a simple logitech USB microphone you can get from for about twenty quid.

Alternatively hire someone at to read the book out for you. That won’t be cheap though.

At the beggining of the audio say something like “To gain access to more books on (niche) please visit (a link to your web site
or blog).

On your web site or blog you will have an opt in form to build an email list. Once they get on your email list they get access to
other books in that area.

Step Two. Get the audio book on

Download the Itunes software at Itunes is a searchable software that enables people to search for and buy downloads of everything from songs to video to books and much more.

Watch the videos below on how to get that audio book (podcast) onto itunes

Step Three. Create a collection of audio books and burn them onto audio cd’s. Promote them to your new email list.


So for example you get a set of the Sherlock Holmes books from the public domain, Read one of them out. At the beginning of the audio and in your description in Itunes you say “For more Sherlock Holmes books at no cost please visit”

They land on the site and opt in. They get instant access to the download book versions of the books. But you also offer them the audio CD collection for a paid price.

It takes a bit of doing this one but it’s a cool way to build a list and make some sales of a brand new business.