After covering the public domain and how you can start your own broker business in recent weeks I thought I’d expand a little and show you the vast opportunities that lie waiting for you with resale rights in the public domain.

Ideas for public domain and resale rights ventures

Let’s start with a quick recap. The public domain describes creative works in which the copyright has expired, or there was never any copyright at all. A basic rule is anything published before 1923 in America is in the public domain. This means you can grab these ready-made products and do literally anything you want with them.

For example you may have heard of the classic book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This amazing book is in the public domain, has sold over thirty million copies worldwide and is considered to be the greatest success classic of all time. Over the past couple of months I got the book, updated it, created an audio version and a video version and voila, I have an updated version unique to me (so I own copyright) and I’ll be selling for seventy odd quid. Hardly any hard work or thinking needed whatsoever.

Another example. I’ve got hold of a book from the public domain that teaches people how to play guitar. I’ve grabbed that book and turned it into a video product, and coupled it with a book I got from the public domain on reading music.

One thing that you can do with the public domain is grab them and just read them into a microphone and you have an audio product. Turn that into video using Microsoft PowerPoint and all of a sudden you have a home study course.

That’s one simple way to turn ready-made products into an info product. Simply change the format. Hardly rocket science, but can be an amazing way to get your hands on a ready made publishing business.

Public domain membership sites

I’ve actually handed the guitar business to my cousin who’s a keen guitar player. I’ve explained to him the importance of back-end revenue so he’s currently out sourcing more guitar based books in the public domain, as well as songs that are in the public domain. He’s creating a membership site packed full of content on guitar playing, and the majority of it is coming from the public domain! He’s also adding his own videos on how to play famous songs.

You can grab a whole host of public domain products and then chop them up into articles, audio and even better a little bit of video and put them into a members area. Using sites like you can create a membership site without any technical knowledge. Recurring revenue is an amazing feeling, knowing you’ll get paid month in month out, and it’s even better when you’re just grabbing ready made products from the public domain and using them to create a membership site.

Viral integration

The idea behind this is like word of mouth advertising, which is the best kind. We’ve all visited (or avoided) restaurants because we’ve been told they’re really great or bloody awful. This is the same kind of thing. If something is good people tell others about it. Viral marketing works in the same way.

Now here’s the trick. By grabbing ready made public domain products which don’t have any copyright, inserting a few links to related products, and then contacting people who have sites on the subject we can make commissions for recommending products inside the ebook. You don’t need a web site or any marketing skills. You just need a little bit of creativity. The site owner can add the book to their site as a bonus for what they are selling. Or they can just give it away. It’s all about providing people with value to give to their customers. Mark Joyner (often referred to as the godfather of internet business) calls this “integration marketing” and uses this with pretty amazing results.

Think about it for a second. Lets say you were selling a product on rose gardening. Someone sends you an email and offers you a chance to add a complete (and quality) ebook to the package you are selling and you won’t have to pay them a penny. Would you do it? I know I would.

Without any effort you can add a higher perceived value to the product you’re selling. Add it as a bonus for people who sign up and it will increase sales (in most cases).

On top of that anyone who gets their hands on your ebook can pass it on to others. They can add it as a bonus to their web site if they have one. They can send it to their email list if they have one. They can send it to friends and family who have an interest in the subject of the book Very soon you can see a viral effect start to happen and your book will spread around the internet and you too can get sent click bank cheques every two weeks the lazy way.

Article marketing

This is another little cracker. Like integration marketing you’ll be recommending other people’s products for a commission. What you can do is get hold of some books on, for example, building a pond garden. You can chop the books up into interesting articles of around seven hundred words or so. At the end of the article you have what’s called an authors resource box. In the resource box you link to an affiliate product related to the article.

So for this example you could find a pond garden ebook at and link to it in your resource box. Then you can go to article directories like go and and start submitting them. It won’t cost you a penny, and your article can be picked up by web site owners or eletter owners with lists interested in gardening.

Now a lot of article directories don’t accept affiliate links. The best thing to do here is set up what is called a “redirect” on a domain name you own. Essentially people will click on your link which can be your own domain, and they will automatically be redirected via your affiliate link to the product. offer this service if you get a domain name from them.

There are so many opportunities with the public domain. All you need is a little bit of creativity. Why not incorporate all of these strategies into one info publishing empire? Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Private Label Broker – early feedback

Last week the much-anticipated Private Label Broker home study course went live. As you know this is all about turning a small amount of work into tens of thousands in the next year using the public domain and other people’s effort.

Well I’m delighted to say the response so far has been overwhelming.

People are loving the course and the content, and most importantly they are seeing how truly easy this all is. Here’s a couple of comments from people who have signed up:

“Your course content digested so far has really got me going.” Hugh Wheelan

“Just finished your Private Label Broker course and I wanted to say thanks. It’s full of such great tips and ideas that I just can’t wait to get started. The best thing is that you cover everything in so much detail that anybody can get into this quickly and with only a tiny amount of starting capital – and it does not need nor involve me constantly working! Not sure where else you would find a business idea that offers so much in return for so little. Stunning work Jon thanks a million”. Ruth Talbot

As promised the original fast action bonus was taken away this morning. I’m not one of these marketers like Eric Holmlund (I spoke about him last week) who says they’re going to do something and then doesn’t. I’m not here to trick anyone. When I say I’ll be removing the fast action bonuses I mean it. If you wish to get your hands on an entire online seminar on information publishing and using the public domain, as well as the core course of how to become a private label broker and flip businesses for huge returns, you need to sign up to the course before Friday. After that the info publishing seminar bonus will be removed.

Don’t get me wrong, the private label broker course alone is worth much, much more than I’m charging, but if you act before Friday the info publishing seminar will be thrown is as well. And as you’ll find out this will be selling for a few hundred alone in a week’s time.

So don’t dally.

Visit the link below before Friday: