If I told you that you could have hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people making you money every day without you ever having to pay them you’d call me nuts.

In around five minutes you’ll call me a genius.

It is possible to virally advertise your business on the web for free, and I’m going to show you how.

‘Viral vantage marketing’: free advertising on the web

In the past few weeks I have taught you the concepts of market Fusion and market Genesis. Basically Fusion is the concept of making another online business an irresistible offer in order for them to promote for you without you having to pay them a penny. And Genesis is the idea of creating a market or moving it forward. In other words doing what has yet to be done in the market.

Those two concepts alone can make you a fortune. Next we add in the final killer ingredient…

I have spoken in the past about the concept of viral marketing. Let me explain briefly again.

The internet is founded on word of mouth marketing. If you look at online giants like youtube.com, facebook.com, hotmail.com and many others they have built billion dollar businesses by getting people to tell other people online about their services…without ever having to pay them. And all of them created the market in their niches.

Take hotmail.com for example. When hotmail first came out they gave away email addresses to anyone who wanted one. This was at a time when most email accounts were paid for. So they used Market Genesis and created the market. They did things differently to everyone else.

Any email that was sent out from a hotmail account automatically had a link at the bottom that said “To get your own hotmail email account click here”. What happened was hotmail’s marketing message was spread around the internet like wildfire without hotmail ever having to do any advertising themselves. People did it for them. I call this Viral Vantage marketing.

Once hotmail’s message was all over the internet as people spread it around for them they “fused” business partnerships with other web sites who paid them to advertise in their emails. They eventually sold the company for hundreds of millions. Sweet!

I’m now going to teach you how to incorporate Fusion, Market Genesis and the idea of Viral Vantage marketing into one business model you can start straight away to make hands off cash for the rest of your life.

The easiest way to do this is to give you an actual real life example you can take away and use today.

Self-help five-minute money system

The self-help niche market is one of the biggest industries in the world. People spend cash like crazy on self-improvement products and programs. The book Think And Grow Rich has sold over thirty million copies alone. It is as popular today as it was when it was first written.

This classic is actually in the public domain, meaning it has no copyright on the original book. You can do whatever you want with it. So here is the idea. Get the book and read it out into a microphone (I showed you how to do this last week in the video). You will have an audio version of one of the bestselling self-help books of all time.

Now there are tons of audio versions of the book already online. So that alone won’t make you stand out. But as of yet the self-help niche market is virtually untouched by online video. You can create a video ebook, and therefore create Market Genesis. So download Microsoft Powerpoint from the net, make some slides that match what is being said in the audio and use camtasia.com to record the slides and the audio together.

Bingo. Within a few days you have a Think And Grow Rich video course.

Now go and find a web site like this that is in the same niche market (in this case self-help and wealth mindset) and sign up as an affiliate.

Use ebookgenerator.com to turn the video into a brandable video ebook. At the bottom of the video player add your affiliate link. Say something like “For more information, videos and audio on the wealth mindset click here”. If people click on that link and buy the SGR Program you are promoting as an affiliate you make crazy amounts of cash.

Finally go out and find online businesses to “fuse” with in the niche. Tell them that if they send this interactive video ebook to their email list, or give it away on their web site, you will allow them to add their link to the book. Explain that they have giveaway rights to the product and that anyone who gets their hands on it can pass it onto others. Therefore their web site brand can be spread all around the internet without them having to do any more marketing after the initial email which provided their list with the video book.

Think about this. They win because they get to start a viral vantage marketing campaign without having to do any real work. They can explode their business and web site traffic with a few minutes of sending out an email to their list encouraging them to watch the video and pass it on to others.

You may think, “Why would they promote a competitor?”. The key here is to find web sites that are suitable for what you are promoting, but not direct competition.

You also win because your affiliate links gets spread around the internet by hundreds, eventually thousands, and maybe even hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in the self-help niche as it gets passed on to tons of people. If they click on the affiliate link in the video and buy the product you are promoting you make commissions. And this is without you ever having to own a list or web site or even do any marketing of your own.

Still think I’m nuts? Can you see why this will be spread around the internet without you having to lift a finger once it has been set up? You can literally set these deals up within five minutes of you completing the audio and video program. And once it is set up you can make money for the rest of your life automatically as other people spread your affiliate link around the net making you hands off commissions whilst you sleep, play with the kids, tan on the beach or whatever you like. And you never need to pay them a penny.

Hard life isn’t it?

Now I’ll be honest with you. As exciting as it is it takes a lot of time and effort to get the video ebooks created. Once they’re done though you can make cash in five minutes.