Andrew Fox is currently in the process of launching his Affiliate Millionaire course. In the launch he bragged about making four thousand dollars from three hundred and thirty people in a day.

Andrews’s stuff may seem impressive to those who don’t know how marketing should be done. But for those of us who know my eFormula his results are pretty laughable.

So what’s the difference? How can I make ten times more cash from a list double the size of his? Simple. I treat my subscribers with the respect they deserve and only ever recommend something that is worthwhile.

As you probably know by now I made thirty thousand pounds (not dollars) in a day from six hundred people. More recently I’ve managed to blast past that and make six figures in a day from small lists. This could not have been done without the use of online video marketing.

He on the other hand promotes pretty much everything that comes out. Good, bad and downright rubbish, Mr. Fox will be there promoting it as a “game changer”.

In fact, I’d be willing to eat my hat if he doesn’t make a claim about his new Affiliate Millionaire course he’s about to launch.

But mark my words. It won’t be a game changer.

A launch a day finally a reality? It could be so with the use of online video marketing

One of the ways I am able to make such crazy amounts of cash online is through online video marketing during my product launches. Over a period of three or so weeks I will provide my potential customers with ALL the information they need to know about my product in an honest way. I provide enough information so that even if someone chooses not to buy they still get a ton of useable content.

In recent months I have done six figures in a day and then six figures in an hour (yep, over one hundred grand in an hour) using nothing but video. In other words I didn’t have a sales letter. I just had three or four short videos that explained what I was selling.

Every big launch I have done has never had a sales letter. The last launch I did with a sales letter made ten grand in a weekend. Not bad going. But to go from ten grand in a weekend to one hundred grand in an hour is quite a jump. How did it all happen? Online video my friend, combined with my eFormula launch strategies.

I was speaking to one of my business partners recently and they asked a question. “Is there any reason why you can’t make one hundred grand, every day?”

When he asked the question I have to admit it sent a shiver down my spine. A good one!

You see I figured out that there was no real reason why it couldn’t be done. All I’d need is consistent traffic.

Let me explain…

The way I’ve made one hundred grand in a day or more is by building an email list of subscribers who have the same problem. Be it they want to make money, be more confident, learn self-defence etc. They all have one common problem they want solved.

I then drip feed the list quality content that helps solve that problem. In other words they see results that helps them start to solve their problem.

Then, six weeks after they subscribed, I launch a product to that list. So hundreds of people see the same offer on the same day. Boom. It’s like a cash avalanche coming in. They have seen the content that I have given away and are desperate to get the real juicy stuff that is my paid products. Also my paid products are always high-end stuff selling for two hundred quid or more.

It dawned on me that when asked if there was any reason I couldn’t make one hundred grand a day, every day, the only reason it wouldn’t be possible is traffic. I.e. getting visitors to subscribe in the first place. My launch process works like clockwork. So all I’d need is consistent traffic to my web sites every day.

It would work like this…

To keep things simple let’s say it’s January the first. I get five thousand visitors to my web site. One thousand of them opt in to receive my videos. They don’t have to pay a penny.

Over the next six weeks they get new videos that help them to understand their problem and help solve it to an extent. They see results. They trust me because of the quality of what I am giving them without them having to pay me a single penny.

Then on the thirteenth of February all the people who signed up on January the first get the launch email selling my high-end program.

All the people who signed up on January the second get the launch email on February the fourteenth.

All the people who signed up on January the third get the launch email on February the fifteenth and so on.

This can all be automated using software like to send the follow up emails.

Alas. Whilst it all sounds good on paper getting a consistent amount of new subscribers each day is bloody hard and takes tons of work and effort. And, being honest, I’m pretty lazy. I can make do with a hundred grand in an hour every couple of months. So traffic is stopping me from doing it every day. Bugger.

But guess what. I think I’ve figured that out as well!

The Banner Ad Monster

As I predicted correctly last year the biz opp of this year is buying media such as banner advertising. Banners are the image adverts you see on other peoples web sites.

So far this year I have bought The Middleman System from Aymen of Abitrage Conspiracy (God knows what is happening with that. I bought it six weeks ago and the course still hasn’t started. Shocking!), Magic Bullet System from Ayment (bit better) and many other courses on banners. And no one is really revealing too much about exactly how it’s done. They always seem to leave out vital parts.

Now I’m a bit of an evil genius when it comes to marketing online. So rather than doing what they are teaching I tested doing as they were doing! I started looking at their banner ads, their web sites and their set up. And I tested doing it last week.

For a cost of twelve quid I added sixty-two subscribers to my email list within four hours.

On that basis it would cost me two hundred pounds a day to add a thousand people to my list every day.

Now remember in six weeks that one thousand people will get my offer of my high end product that will cost at least two hundred pounds. One sale and I’m in profit. The reality is because of the launch process I have perfected dozens if not hundreds of people will buy.

And that situation can happen every single day. Every. Single. Day. Banner ads can drive unlimited traffic to any web site when done properly. I’ll keep testing and tweaking this and when I perfect banner advertising I’ll create a course for my loyal subscribers showing how it’s done.

It’s exciting though isn’t it! Without a sales letter and using solely online video you can make a fortune by building a list using banners and promoting yours or someone else’s high priced products for huge commissions!

The old direct marketers are probably squirming right now. People who have been involved in mail order or direct mail will probably be saying “nonsense, you have to have a sales letter. Also you have to sell people a low priced product and then sell them the high priced stuff down the line”.

My answer to that? Move over Grandad. There’s a new boy in town!

I jest of course. Direct mail and mail order is different to online marketing. But I truly believe that this launch a day concept I have come up with will eliminate the need for sales letters. People find it hard to read sales letters online. And people love online video. It doesn’t seem as salesy.

Also with online video you can scrap the need for them to buy a low priced product from you. Instead give them a video at cost, which is the equivalent of a cheap front end product. Then they are much more likely to spend the big money with you!

Mark my words if you’re not using online video in some form you’re missing out. Get in on it!