This week I want to walk you through a very cool system I use to come out with one killer product idea after another. Follow this blueprint, and part two next week, and you’ll make a killing as well. It starts with effective advertising. . .

Just For Men (and women) – effective advertising to promote your product

I want you to start to pay attention to advertising everywhere. TV, radio, magazines, billboards. Everywhere.

I see clever little advertising tricks nearly every day. If I’m at home I write them down. If I’m out I’ll send myself a text message, save it in my phone, and write it down when I get back to my apartment.

Offline advertising companies pay insane amounts of cash to people to come up with new fangled advertising ideas. You can learn a lot from these marketing experts.

For example when you think of Ferrari what do you think of? Stop and think for a second before moving on.

If you’re a guy you thought of wealth right? Wealth, status and women purring over your new motor.

If you’re a woman you might have thought “that’s a guys car” but also thought of status and wealth (and possibly a male mid life crisis).

That’s very, very clever positioning on the part of Ferrari. They have engineered that position in the market.

Now think of a Skoda. What do you think of? Take your time.

You think of jokes like “How do you double the price of a Skoda? Fill up the tank”

The cars essentially do the same thing. They get you from A to B (despite the Skoda jokes). But they have a different public perception.

Let me give you another example. I saw a Just For Men hair dye advert. Look out for it – it’s on TV a fair bit at the moment in the evenings. The advert shows two children approaching their father and handing him a packet of Just For Men telling him “Dad this will get rid of your grey hairs and get you a date” (or something along those lines).

The screen then changes to the dad, now on a date with a good looking woman, taking a picture of himself and his date and sending it to his kids who are overjoyed at it.

I’m assuming that he’s a single dad, or that he has the most understanding wife ever.

Either way, the undertones of the advert are “get rid of your grey hairs and become more attractive” and even on a subtle level “get rid of grey hairs and your kids will be happy”.

Both Ferrari, Just For Men and every other successful marketing campaign is positioned in such a way to demonstrate that purchasing this product will result in the buyer attaining their dream quickly and easily.

Ferrari: Buy the car and get status and women overnight. Just For Men: Dye your hair and become more attractive and confident overnight.

Quick and easy solution.

Dominating the IM niche

One of the most common emails I have got over the years is “I’ve got the resell rights to a product but just can’t sell it. Can you help?”

Erm. Probably not no.

The reason is because if you try to promote something that everyone else is promoting to the make money niche (called the Internet marketing niche) you’re going to struggle. That’s why I don’t rate Jeremy Burns’ Source Code Goldmine offer (I won’t waste time talking about it here. Avoid it).

Yes you could make a little cash here and there. But full time income? Not a chance.

To make a full time income in the Internet marketing niche you need your own product first and foremost. But more importantly than that you need to hit the dreams of people in the niche market. And, like all markets, people want the solution to be quick and easy.

If you look at all of the most successful Internet marketing products they offer a quick and easy solution.

Traffic Secrets: How to get mountains of traffic virtually overnight.

Product Launch Formula and Mass Control: How to get tons of people to give you money during a product launch overnight.

Stompernet: How to top the search engines quickly and easily.

My eFormula course: How to make tens of thousands as and when you want to from small email lists.

Traffic Evolution: This is my latest software product that allows anyone to generate tons of visitors to their web site without spending a penny or lifting a finger. And they can do it quickly.

You may remember my Gold Rush Broker course, which Dave Gale went on to sell very successfully. This was all about quick and easy cash.

The point here is this. The dream for people in this market is to earn a living online without doing much work. And to do it quickly. Give it to them and you will become an overnight guru.

The overnight guru

Virtual Property Tycoon is the latest Internet marketing course to be making big waves online. The guy behind it is a former customer and mentoring student of mine and he’s come out of nowhere and turned the whole market on its head.

How? How has an unknown become a respected expert in the space of a few weeks with a number of well known gurus promoting him?

Simple. He gives people what they want in the market. Quick and easy cash.

Ed’s course is about getting public domain content (which you won’t pay a penny for), using his templates to turn the public domain content into ready made websites and then selling them for big profits within a couple of months. We’re talking tens of thousands (I’ve seen his proof, it’s pretty damn impressive).

Let me break this down for you to show you why it’s doing so well.

His headline talks about being able to turn content you get online (without spending a penny) into thirty to sixty grand in a couple of months. That’s a pretty damn powerful headline.

If you compare that to other headlines currently in the Internet marketing niche you’ll see why Ed is dominating it. He is offering the dream of the people in the niche, while others aren’t hitting their dream closely enough.

His product is at an irresistible price (around twenty eight quid).

It works. I used this myself last year to make twenty grand in a weekend selling licences to the public domain book Think And Grow Rich.

But that’s just the first part of the jigsaw. You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, you’re not going to sell a thing.

Ed is giving people seventy five percent commissions and ready-made materials to market his site with. It’s not just customers in this market who want quick and easy cash, so do the gurus. So they’re promoting Ed’s course because it pays a hefty commission and because it converts people they send to the site into paying customers (because he offers a quick and easy solution for what the market wants – money!).

This specific formula is what every single guru out there has used to become a sensation in the market. You create a killer product that offers quick and easy cash, offer people big bucks to promote it, and offer it at an irresistible price. Do this and you’ll make a killing.

I know what you’re thinking. “Jon, this is all well and good but how do I come up with that killer product idea in the first place?” Well that’s what I’ll be showing you over the next two weeks. I’m going to be giving you some actual ideas you can go and run with and become an overnight guru just like Ed did.

Incidentally I do strongly recommend you check out Virtual Property Tycoon. This whole process wouldn’t work if Ed was selling rubbish but the feedback he’s been getting has been pretty phenomenal and it’s quite rightly causing quite a stir. Best product I’ve seen in a long, long time.

It can be found at