Don’t worry. I haven’t joined the dark side of empty promises and bull turd. This is actually a very funny story.

If I told you that I could show you a simple way to become a ClickBank millionaire in a few seconds you’d think I was nuts. Or joining the ever-growing band of morons who sell useless hyped up products.

But it’s true.

How to become a ClickBank ‘scam millionaire’

I came across the video below the other day. In the video the creator shows how you can log into ClickBank and instantly change your earning levels from zero to thousands a day.

The reason I want you to see this is so you can see just how easy it is to fake earnings over at good old ClickBank. Doing so is illegal and it’s a nasty scam of a trick. I’d like to think most of the product owners there don’t do it, but this was an eye opener.

The video is below:

I think you’ll agree that’s both amusing and pretty shocking. It shows that anyone can just knock together a fake screenshot and be off claiming that they’re an expert the next day. Often at Clickbank it’s just a broke person selling junk to broke people trying to make some money.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not by any means saying that all who sell at ClickBank are shysters and scam artists. No way. There are some very, very good marketers there. However when you see screenshots of ClickBank earnings in future keep that video in mind. All may not be as it seems.

The Return Of Rob Benwell…

Ok. I hold my hands up. I haven’t yet seen this one first hand because it was only launched yesterday and I just haven’t had a chance. The general consensus in the community seems to be the same as it usually is with Benwell.

All hype and no trousers.

Google Annihilation is a new piece of software from UK Whizz Kid Rob Benwell of Blogging To The Bank Fame found at Regular readers will know I have reviewed this guy countless times and none of them have exactly been too pretty. Which is a shame. As I’ve said before if he put as much effort into the actual products he sells as he does to launching and putting money in his pocket he’d be one of the best in the business.

Google Anihilation promises to reveal a “Loophole” in Google which allowed him to drive two million visitors to a web site of his. He shows a screenshot of graphs showing two million visitors. Hmm.

Rob starts with the sales letter with: “Are you absolutely sick of all the get rich quick hype, losing your hard earned cash on Google AdWords and finding it hard to even make a single dollar in profit online?”

Erm. Yep.

He then goes into his story of how he’s coming “out from the underground to reveal all”. Out from the underground again? He’s been underground longer than the entire fleet of the London Tube! And each time he does come up for air he claims that he’s going to reveal something that will change everything forever. Inevitably, it doesn’t.

And do you want to know why that is? Because there is no Google loophole, backdoor, holy grail or any other balls these people spout. You cannot annihilate, destroy, conquer or blow up Google. It is not your nemesis, enemy or any other “cool” word these people use to try and make their sites look good.

This is essentially a three way linking membership site you pay thirty seven dollars a month for. No it’s not a unique strategy and no it’s not a loophole. Like most of this garbage it won’t work for too long in Google anyway.

I have said it time and time again. Google will not be tricked by a piece of software for very long, if at all. They have the smartest guys and girls on the planet at that company who won’t be outsmarted. And if you did outsmart them would you then release it to the world so everyone knew it?

Erm. No.

So firstly the idea itself is, once again, pretty poor from Benwell. No real surprise there, it’s what we’ve come to expect. I’ve also heard the software is far from newbie friendly and there is no support forum or real detailed instructions.

What really grated me though was the “virtual agent” you get when you try to close the site. It pops up saying hey, don’t pay thirty seven dollars a month pay just four dollars”. I bet a lot of people got sucked in by that. If you don’t look closely you’ll be charged that for seven days, and then the monthly fee of thirty seven dollars a month after that.

I personally have no problem at all with the strategy of offering a cheap trial. It’s the way it’s done that gets to me. It’s very misleading and newbie’s will have fallen prey to that and will be charged this time next week with money they might not be able to afford to lose.

As always if I am in any way wrong about this I’ll hold my hands up once I’ve had a good look around it. But after looking through hundreds of these types of products over the past three years I know when one’s just hype. And this falls into that category. Avoid.