Maybe it’s just me and I have a bit of a temper. Or maybe a lot of people feel the same way… But I’m sick of so-called Internet marketing experts plying you with lies.

The “retirement” sales of Internet marketing ‘experts’ – no more!

Ok. So I admit this might just be because I’ve woken up like a bear with a sore head, but this really does annoy me. I woke up today to find three emails from marketers claiming they were “getting out of the game” and were finally releasing the secrets they never thought they would. Another guy was claiming it would be his “last workshop this year”. The same guy retired about four times last year. He’s made more comebacks then Elton John’s hair.

What annoys me about this is, most of the time, it’s just plain dishonest. Just another marketing ploy to get people to part with their money. And for me, it destroys credibility.

The main type of “retirement” sale you’ll see is when people sell licences to products they’ve created or got the rights to over the years. The whole “take over my business” kind of thing. Nothing wrong with that. In fact it’s a brilliant business strategy. But it grates me when they say they’ll never promote products again, and six months down the line they’ve come out of retirement promoting the same kinds of products they sold you the rights to. Only these products are newer and better, whilst you’re struggling to sell the old ones.

And yes it’s happened to me. Back in 2005 I spent five grand going to a seminar by a very, very well known direct mail marketer. I got my hands on an “arsenal” of products to sell that he just didn’t have the time to.

A few months later he was promoting the products, only under a different name.

Not on.

There are exceptions here. Entrepreneurship is like a bug. Once you’re in it’s very hard to get out. Making money is a challenge, a challenge that I personally love. I’ve tried to take weeks off from my business before to refresh myself. I find I just can’t do it. I’ll hear my PC calling me saying “Jon you devastatingly handsome young man. Come and use me to make money at once!” And I’ll be sucked straight back into the “game”.

So some of these guys “retiring” may just get pulled back in for the love of it. And for that I salute them and have nothing but respect. I’d be the same.

For those people who keep retiring and having “last ever workshops” (until the next last ever workshop a few months later that is) please, give us a break. I’m bored of it now. I hope you choke on your gold watch.

Wow. That was a bit of a rant wasn’t it? Feel better now though.

“You only work two hours a day?!”

I went back to Essex for a week last week. My beloved football team Charlton Athletic had two home games so I went over there both times with my dad (we lost both times. I must be a sadist).

Anyway I bumped into a guy I know who I hadn’t seen for four years or so. Last time I saw him was when I first started my Internet business. He was one of the many people who laughed at me when I told him I was starting my own Internet company.

Now I am as far from an arrogant person as you could meet. Most people I know have no idea of the money I make because I’m not one for flash jewellery or flashing the cash (unless there’s a good looking women near by in which case I’m dropping fifties all over the place – kidding. Kind of). However when I saw Bazza I made sure he knew about my success. He asked me what I was doing and I told him about my online business he chuckled.

“Oh yeah. Haha. You rich yet?” he said with a smug look.

“Well…. yeah actually”

I told him about my successes, such as the £30K Day, and he didn’t believe me. Eventually he got his iPhone out and I showed him my proof of income. To say he was shocked was an understatement.

He then said “To be earning that much money you must be working your (swear word) off”

I then explained how I was working just a couple of hours a day. And that I didn’t even need to do that if I didn’t want to.

Within ten minutes Bazza had gone from laughing at me to being an Internet convert desperate for me to teach him how to make money online.

Will I teach him? No.

The reason I won’t teach him is not because I’m a heartless sod. It’s because I know that he won’t be willing to put the effort in, yet he’ll expect immediate cash. Then he’ll blame me for his failing to do anything. I’ve seen it numerous times before. This is called “projection” where someone blames you for something they have/have not done.

Don’t become one of those people who blame everyone else for their own life. Take control of it yourself and go after what you want to. Don’t let others affect you and your dreams, because at the end of the day only you live your life. No one else.

Oh oh. I’m going a bit Jeremy Kyle on you now. Let’s move on.

Buying email lists. Avoid!

I’ve been getting some amazing feedback for my eFormula course found at

I got an email from a subscriber who was considering buying it but asked the question: “I just got an email saying I could buy 70 million email addresses for hundred bucks. Why should I buy your course when I can get a list that size!?”

Oh dear. I hate these kinds of offers.

You cannot buy an email list. Period. These kinds of offers are just selling spam email addresses and are useless. The reason they’re useless is because marketing to people in this way is not targeted. I have said time and again I’d rather have an email list of 500 people who know who I am and trust me, rather than one hundred thousand people who won’t spend a penny.

The other reason these “offers” are so bad is because in order to send emails to these lists you need to be able to import the email addresses into email blasting software. When you do this you have to pay per few thousand emails you send. I know of one service where it costs you five hundred dollars to send fifty thousand emails.

So, not only will the email addresses be useless but it will cost you a fortune just to send the emails themselves.

Make no mistake. The only way to make serious money from email marketing is to go about building the list yourself, or paying others to do it for you. Don’t think about buying a “ready made” list. It’ll be money down the drain.