This week’s blueprint is on how to become a private label broker. This proved to be a big hit and rightly so; it’s pretty simple to set up and the profits can be pretty huge.

This system is incredibly easy to understand. You can actually see how and why a target of around thirty grand is a reasonable goal and step by step what you need to do in order to get there. I’m now going to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that this is the opportunity for you.

Essentially you are going to become a private label broker. This is a name I coined for putting together private label product packages. Private label means you sell the source code to a product with resell rights. So if you were selling an ebook with private label resell rights you would sell the ebook in a word document so those who bought the package could make any changes they want. This is a huge, huge opportunity. Everyone wants loves the idea of a home based business and you can make a killing providing them with turnkey packages.

You are going to provide people with:

Ten private label ebooks with resell rights

A sales letter for each ebook (don’t worry this is easy as you’ll find out)

However, and this is the really amazing part, you need to do hardly any work whatsoever thanks to the system that I have put together for you.

How to sell private label products with this system

The system is simple. You are going to purchase ten books we know are in the public domain (ie you can “legally steal” them, repackage them and resell them to others with resell rights. Clever huh!?). You’re then going to have a company turn these books into word format, use a piece of “fill in the blanks” software to create a sales letter for each book and then create a web site that sells all ten private label packages for one hundred and ninety seven dollars (a proven price point. The dollar is the universal currency of the internet so always use it).

How are you going to get visitors I hear you ask? Well it’s simple. You find people with email lists of subscribers you know are interested in starting their own internet business and you pay them fifty percent for every visit or they send you that buys a package. This is called a joint venture.

Now here’s the key. You create urgency by selling only five hundred packages. Now you can do the maths on that once they sell out you’ve made a very tasty amount for doing very little. This whole business should cost you no more than two hundred quid.

Private label packages are hot! People want to get started on the internet overnight. By providing them with turnkey business packages you can make a great deal of money. And with this system you can do it with little investment and even less work.

Finding Public Domain Products To Broker

The public domain is the secret of multi-million pound companies. It’s great because it allows anyone to legally steal ready-made products, repackage them and sell them their selves. Product creation is usually such a costly, not-to-mention time consuming, process. Now though thanks to this blueprint not only will you be able to do it overnight you’ll also be able to profit wildly from it.

Before I go any further, there is a great product I recommend that gives you everything you need to know about the public domain – click on for details.

Essentially the public domain describes books and other creative works whose copyright has expired, or perhaps they were never copyrighted at all, and no one has better claim to those products than you.

Public domain works have no copyright on them yet they can (and will be) as profitable as an opportunity that you created yourself. Why pay four hundred smackers for someone to write an ebook for you when you can pickup a free one, repackage it, and sell it to others?

So how do you know that a work is in the public domain? Well each country has its own set of guidelines to determine whether a work’s copyright has expired or is not valid. Here we’re concerned with copyright law in the United States. There are three general rules you can use to evaluate works and decide whether they might be in the public domain. The first rule is fairly straightforward: if the work was published in the United States any time prior to 1923, it is now considered public domain. Of course there are other rules to this but that’s the one we are concentrating on here.

So how do you find these public domain works? It’s our old friend again You want to click on the link that says “Advanced Search”. Then where it says “Keywords” type in a niche market. For example put in golf. You can put in literally anything here. A tip though, is rather than create ten ebooks in different niche markets, create an entire package in one niche market this will add even more value to your private label packages. An entire trout fishing package for example. Put 1922 into the “published date” max box and “U.S.A” in the booksellers country box. Remember this is because any book published before 1923 in America is in the public domain (make sure it is published then).

Remember all you’d need is ten in a package. Ten books with private label rights is easily worth one hundred and ninety-seven dollars and that’s what we’ll be selling them for. Other private label brokers have had huge success selling at this price.

If you type in golf in abebooks using our criteria, you get nearly one thousand results. The top result is “The Complete Book Of Golf”. It costs a dollar. Wow. This would be perfect if I was putting together a private label golf package. All I’d do now is scroll through the results finding other books related to golf (you’ll get the odd one in there that won’t be suitable) and add them to my basket. Once I’ve got ten I’d checkout and phew that’s the first part of the business done.

You can expect to spend around thirty dollars on abebooks (based in the states), and then there’s usually around a two-week wait for the books to arrive on your doorstep. Then it’s time for the next step.

Turning Your Books Into Word Documents

I recommend using a scanning company. They will get your books and turn them into word documents for you. This is the lazy but effective way to do things.

Now be warned, most scanning companies will take the book cover off in order to scan so only ever send them books that you are happy for them to pull apart.

Turnaround on these types of jobs is usually a few days. They’ll then send you the books back (pages) and a CDrom with the books in word format on. Brilliant. You’re nearly all set to go.

How much should this cost you? Well here in the UK the company I recommend is They charge around eighty quid per one thousand pages. So for a couple of hundred (depending on how long the books are) you’ll get the books sent back to you in word. Now all you need to do is write a sales letter for them.

Creating Sales Letters For Each Product

You want to create a sales letter for each product the lazy, fast and effective way. For this reason I don’t expect you to learn copywriting and write a sales letter for each product. Use the software found at This is a great piece of software. All you do is fill in the blanks and it will churn out a nice sales letter for you.

You’re not trying to create world-beating copy here. People who buy resell rights products know the score and know that the sales letters will never be written by a world-class copywriter. However using this technique you cannot only create sales letters that are good enough, but you can do it quickly and easily.

Creating Your Web Site

If you don’t know already I’m a lazy b word. I look at what people are having success with and copy it. One site that you can use as a kind of swipe file for your own sales letter is This is a site by Jeremy Burns who has made an absolute killing from being a private label broker. Look at Jeremy’s sales letter and model your own around it. As you can see there are no real sales techniques here; just in-your-face this is what you get kind of marketing.

Now you want to set up an affiliate program so that people can sign up and send you visitors. Each sale they make is tracked by affiliate software so they know the sale came from them. I advise using Set the price at one hundred and ninety seven dollars and 50 to 75 percent commission. Sounds high but if you have it lower, very few people will be willing to promote.

Now go to google, type in “private label” and start hunting down web sites that sell private label packages. Look for web sites that have some way of picking up peoples email addresses they’ll have ready-made customer lists.

Email them and explain about your web site and send them to your affiliate program, then move on to the next potential joint venture partner.

How long will it take you to sell out? People have sold out in a week before; it might take you a few months. But hey, when you sell out you’ll have turned a few hundred into over twenty k. Not bad. Not bad at all.