I’ve got a treat for you over the next couple of weeks. I’ve managed to get in a genuine up-and-coming UK guru who’s going to reveal to you some pretty cool techniques he has used to generate pay days of ten grand pretty much starting from scratch.

You may have heard of Ed Walters before. If you haven’t you sure will very soon. A lot of the big time marketers such as Chris Cobb are promoting his courses and people are standing up and taking note.

Take it away Ed…

Carlsberg don’t make online businesses. But if they did… Hey. Ed Walters here.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how the big-guns make so much cash by selling info-products online. I’m also going to show you why and how you should be getting involved in this highly profitable home-business sector.

How to make money by selling info-products online

Let me start by first giving you a simple tangible business example. (By tangible I mean it involves a product that you can actually touch as opposed to downloadable information). Stick with me with the maths, you’ll be amazed by what I’m about to show you.

Take business people Jack, Jim and Jane…

Jack manufactures car tyres which he supplies to car centres. By the time he has paid all his production and distribution costs it costs him twenty five dollars to make each tyre. He then sells these to car centre owner Jim who buys them for thirty dollars each. Jack makes five dollars profit (or seventeen per cent) per tyre. In order to sell the tyres on, Jim has to pay for his shop, marketing, wages, etc which costs him around an extra ten dollars per tyre so Jim’s total cost per tyre is forty dollars. Jim then sells them on to customer Jane for fifty dollars each, meaning he makes a profit of ten dollars (or twenty percent) per tyre.

Pretty basic stuff hey…

If we were to ramp up the numbers to one thousand tyres, Jack (manufacturer and supplier) and Jim (retailer) would obviously make more money – Jack would make five thousand dollars profit and Jim would make ten thousand dollars profit. Great. But just imagine how much more time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears would have been involved in producing all those tyres.

Although Jack’s profit increases to five thousand, his costs sore to twenty five thousand so his percentage profit stays the same at seventeen per cent (give or take a slight saving for bulk production). The same is true for Jim whose profit remains at around twenty percent. The point is here, it doesn’t matter how many units are sold, the profit margin will always stay roughly the same for most tangible products.

Now let’s compare this to an information product sold online. This can be in any niche market, golf, fishing, self-help, muscle building, etc. And it can be in any format, such as an ebook, audio, video seminar, home study course, etc. The start up cost for creating you own information product can be anything from zero to say a thousand dollars, depending on how much you are prepared to do yourself. But there are several gigantic advantages of selling downloadable information, most of which come in the form of profit.

One. High Perceived Value

Information products have a high ‘perceived’ value. For example, if you went to a book-store you probable wouldn’t pay more than twenty dollars for a book on golf. But if that book was presented to you online in a modern format, perhaps with workbooks, audios, etc, that would motivate and stimulate you to learn from it, you would be much more likely to pay say forty-seven, sixty-seven or ninety-seven dollars for it.

If it was packaged as a home study program with videos, etc you might even pay up to four hundred and ninety-seven dollars. It could even come with some information in a locked members area for which you’d be willing to pay a monthly fee of say ninety-seven dollars. Now I haven’t just plucked these figures from nowhere; they are proven price-points that actually work with downloadable info-products.

I know this is getting you as pumped up as I am about this industry right now. You can see the potential and you can do the maths. You don’t need to be the next Anthony Robbins or Mike Filsaime to make big money online, just a fraction of their success and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Two. Instant Money – One hundred Per Cent Profits

Now I admit there are certain advantages of being an affiliate marketer and selling other people’s products for a commission. But there are also certain drawbacks, such as trying to find the best products to promote and having to spend a lot of money on marketing despite only being paid a percentage on each sale you make.

However, if you have your own info-product to sell you are in full control and you keep all the profits. Going back to my Jack, Jim, Jill scenario you effectively promote yourself to Jack’s position at the top of the ‘food chain’. You become manufacturer, supplier and retailer and you, therefore, get rewarded one hundred per cent of the profits, which would otherwise be distributed amongst all the other people involved.

Even if it cost you a thousand dollars to start, once you’re up and running, you get to keep all the profits. The only costs are some small marketing costs and many of these are free (such as getting traffic to your site by submitting articles to article directories). Therefore, even if you reinvest some of your profits you’ll still get to keep ninety-five to one hundred per cent of your profits. There’s no other industry on this planet where you can make such insanely high profits – unless perhaps you happen to find a gold mine in your back yard!

Three. Info-Product Multiplier Effect

Once you have created your product and have your web site up and running you can sell your product as many times as you like without costing you a single extra penny. This is called the multiplier effect and this is how your wealth can sky rocket.

Remember info-products are downloadable and that’s the beauty of it all. Unlike if you were selling tyres where you would have to invest more money to make each and every single additional tyre, with downloadable products it doesn’t cost you a dime. There are no extra costs no matter how many thousands of products you sell. People pay you the money, download the product at their convenience and everyone is happy. Simple! And with this in mind you’ll recover your start up costs in no time at all even if you spent a few hundred dollars to begin with.

I remember when my first info-product took off. I’d been making a couple of sales a day here and there. Then one morning I logged on to my computer and bang, one of my email promotions had kicked in and I’d made over a grand in the night – whilst I’d been snoring in my bed! Money for sleeping, it doesn’t get much easier than that. And you can soon be doing the same.

Four. Skip Out Or Keep In The ‘Middle-Man’ – Either Way You Win

Skip out the ‘middle-man’. Using my scenario you can be Jack (product creator) and sell directly to Jane (customer), thereby missing out Jim (the ‘middle-man’). By selling your product online your ‘shop window’ is quite literally the entire world. I’ll leave you to do the maths on that one but, put simply, the profit you can generate by selling information products online is probably beyond your imagination at this stage. And that’s a good thing.

Use a ‘middle-man’. Yep you did hear me right. It’s a double sided coin and the ‘middle-man’ scenario can be used to your advantage both if you don’t choose to use one (see above) or if you do. There are two main ways you can use a middle-man to your advantage.

Firstly, instead of selling directly to the customer you can package you product up and sell fewer units at a higher price. These are called private label products where people by the resell rights to your product. Anyone who knows anything about business will know that licensing is big business especially online.

Secondly, you can use a middle-man in the form of a broker who you pay to set up joint venture deals with other companies. You have to sacrifice a small (and I mean tiny) percentage of your profit but a JV Broker could net you thousands from just a single deal.

Five. Fun, Constantly Changing And Always Evolving

I’m referring to the online info-product business sector if you haven’t guessed 😉 and that’s something you definitely can’t say about most other industries. Nuff said!

Recession or no recession there’s no better investment that you can make, in my opinion, than to set up your first online business. Be patient, be prepared to put in a little effort and stick at it even if you don’t succeed first time. The potential for financial security is just around the corner if you’re motivated enough to get up and look for it.

Next week I’m going to give you a blueprint showing you exactly what to do to get started online, how to find your niche, quickly create your product (or source a ready made product for peanuts) and how to ramp up your profits. I’m also going to reveal some surprising information on untapped markets that are ready and waiting for people like you to enter and reap massive rewards from.

Speak soon,

Ed Walters