So you’re trying to post a link on Facebook of a blog or website article that you’ve just written.

The only problem is it’s showing an older version of your headline, image or preview text.

If you tweaked the article slightly after hitting publish and this is happening to you – don’t worry, this is completely normal.

(And by the way I am a master of meddling, so I have to do this all the time).

Because of some boring, technical reason (that I won’t go into) Facebook insists on showing the old one until you do this ONE thing – no matter how many times you refresh your browser or try to copy and paste it back in.

The good news they make it super easy to fix.

Here what you do:

How to update a link on Facebook so that it shows the current headline, image and preview text

1. If you’ve already posted your link, delete it (or edit it out of the post). Facebook won’t refresh the existing one once we’ve done the fix, so we’ll need to paste it in again after.

2. Copy the link (or url) for the article or post that you want updating

3. Now head over to Facebook’s Sharing Debugger tool

4. You should see something like this near the top of the page:

Paste your article or post link in the box provided and hit the blue ‘Debug’ button.

5. The next screen should look something like this:

Now hit the ‘Scrape Again’ button (as arrowed).

6. That’s it! When it reloads you should see it refresh with the correct (most up to date) version of your article preview.

You can now create or re-edit your Facebook post and it should show up exactly how you wanted it.

Want to make further tweaks? No problem, just repeat the process again.