I want to make sure we deliver you the best marketing advice possible here at DU.

To do that we have to plan way ahead.

Next week, we’re all going to sit down and plan out what we’re going to do after Christmas and New Year.

We all want 2018 to be the year in which you break through with your online marketing.

Big social media follower lists… growing email databases… plenty of website traffic and successful new product launches.

And because we all LOVE Christmas and want some time off for that week, we really need to get everything done, set up, edited, proofed and ready to rock in January.

So we need to get cracking now (excuse the pun).

Which brings me to you…

Can you do me a favour?

We’d like your input into what we should be covering in 2018.

We want to bring you new tools, reports and blueprints that help you succeed online

It’s really simple…

All we want is an email from you, letting us know what you’d most like help with.

It’s not compulsory of course! We won’t force you to help us help you.

But if there’s anything pressing you need to know about… anything you struggle with… any tools you need… any elements of your business you think could be better… now’s a great time to ask.

It will make for an even better Digital Upstart service and should translate into results for you – and by that I mean:

• An engaged and growing social media following who react to your posts, share your content and click on your links.

• An email list that’s full of red hot prospects who respond to your offers.

• Loads of traffic from Google and other search engines

• Headlines for your blog posts that get attention on social media, with plenty of shares and comments

• Great, stand-out design for your website that also makes it easy for visitors to find what they want

• More publicity and awareness of who you are, what you make and what you stand for.

• Useful connections with powerful players and influencers on social media.

• Great copy for your emails, blogs and social media posts that’s compelling and full of personality.

• High open rates for your emails, with plenty of clickthroughs, queries and sales

• Content that’s fresh, relevant and original to share with followers and subscribers

• New products and services that really hit the mark when you launch, delivering lots of upfront sales

• Loads of conversions – of social media followers into blog visitors, of blog visitors into email subscribers, of email subscribers into customers, of customers into REPEAT customers.

• Better organisation of your time and resources so that you avoid information overload, stress and massive distractions.

Those are just some of the results we’d like to achieve for you.

Which areas would you most like help with? Which do you find tricky or time consuming? Which do you feel most unsure about?

Leave a comment below or drop me a line at the usual email address with a line or two about what you’d like us to help you with.

We’ll then take all of these into our big meeting next week and start planning!

Some examples might be…

• I struggle to find content that I can share on social media

• My followers lists are barely growing and I rarely get retweets, shares, like and comments

• I hate writing sales copy and need some shortcuts that work

• Does my website look right? I worry that the design is wrong

• Google’s just not picking up my website or blog posts and it’s like I’m invisible

• I’m getting loads of traffic from Facebook but they’re not turning into customers

• I spend far too long on social media, it’s really distracting. How can I save time and hassle?

• Where can I get decent photos to use on my site (on a really low budget)?

• What’s the best platform for doing webinars?

• How do you make a sales video?

• Why’s my email list barely growing?

• What’s a good place to outsource work, and what prices should I be paying?

• I need design help on my website, products and emails – what do you recommend?

These are just a few – but I’m sure you must have specific bugbears, frustration and snags that you could do with help on.

Let me know and we’ll put our heads together on the best way to help after Christmas.