Video MarketingAs you should know by now, if you’re a serious student of what we teach, a video marketing campaign is an integral part of any online businesses sales and promotion strategy.

While shooting, editing and uploading footage may seem easy enough, avoiding some simple mistakes will increase your return on time invested through increased viewing and ultimately contact conversions.

The 5 common mistakes you must avoid when implementing a video marketing campaign:

1. Not Including Links:

One of the biggest failings that I see is the omission of links in the description box. This is one of the biggest ways to waste a highly desired customer contact opportunity. When people want additional information they will visit your description box to click a URL – if there is no link present you have lost a visitor.

When adding the description of your video, take the time to include your web address.

Similarly, at the end of your video there should be a call to action. The easiest way to do this is to create a simple graphic that says “For more information on XXX please visit where you can download a free gift.

2. Not Making Your Links Clickable:

When site visitors have to cut and paste domain names and URLs to visit related sites they often move on to the next point of interest, thereby costing you a contact. As such, make sure all links provided are clickable.

The http:// preface is an important part of the address and without it a live link will not appear.

3. Typos:

Accuracy is one of the biggest areas limiting traffic to your related sites. Incorrectly spelled website addresses, even by only one letter, will result in a page not found error or worse still, could send visitors to your direct competitors. Unfortunately most visitors have neither the patience nor desire to research and solve the underlying issue – and why should they?

4. Neglecting to Include Tags:

YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. Tags are like keywords, they will help the search engines and users find your valuable video content. If you don’t Tag your videos with relevant words then uploading your video is pretty pointless.

Let me be crystal clear here… failure to include tags will eliminate your postings from all relevant searches.

Tags are the tools that connect visitor searches and your video offerings. Take the time to create meaningful, relevant and useful tags in your videos.

5. Omitting a Title:

Just like in your blog posts and articles, where headlines are very important; in your videos the title of your video is just as vital. All of your videos should have meaningful titles.
Omitting a title will also exclude your video content offerings from searches.

Some cameras will add default titles; these should be avoided at all cost. Nobody will search out a cryptically assigned file name. Instead, visitors will be seeking out thoughtful and well-crafted video titles. Use some imagination and creative marketing strategies to devise stellar titles. Putting keywords and common customer search terms will increase the online popularity of your offerings.

Two words that will have a massive impact on the popularity of your video are “How To”… include these in your video title wherever possible.

If you’re not using video in your marketing mix then you should because it’s a stellar way of getting free traffic and also building your presence online.

Get started today.

Neil Travers
Online Video Champ

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